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Loving what is not meant to be

Is a lot more detrimental than holding

on to anything hurting you.

Spare yourself from the pain

That is undeserving of you and your moral character.

Why people remember what, make them feel a certain way?

Over what we, make them think?

If hatred could be consumed like nutrition
would you poison yourself?

To satisfy nerve-ending hunger or undying thirst?

Why must we endure the worse of times?
Testing a will under elements to be broken under merciless conditions

Just to have a taste of the pleasure we ultimately deserve!

What is love?

What is life?

How do we seek truth?
If the world uses spells
to spell our demise.
Looking into mirror
I see more than one face
and a story following multiple timelines
as our human eyes convert electronical text
using our brain to decipher encrypted codes and signs

What is there to me?
When I have been to places
that most eyes cannot even see
Never needed deep meditation
or any form of super drug as a pill.

In a world where reality and fiction stand still

If I am living my dreams. Then why must my
dreams question my living, therefore  is existence even real?

How can one connect to others emotionally?

If few of us, have emotions we have yet to feel?

It's too late to move forward.

Why you keep turning back?

If you never gave it a try in the first place?

Why complain about an outcome that is not even a possibility?  

Doing the same routine for the longest

have not changed the process of your decision making?

If you know your worth
Why you feel worthless?

Do you even know
what is the meaning behind your own purpose?

Why are you still questioning yourself?

When you have most of the answers?

Stop over thinking.
A name given to the strongest and

healthiest of all earth's angels!

Designed for more than greatness!

A mixed martial
An actress
A model
A tv personality

Received the blessing of birth
To be born with one
of the many heroic names

You have strength beyond dimensions

You Possess magical spiritual energy.
Responsible for maintaining balance, and aids in the restoration for perfection.

We have a chance, for survival on our current home planet.

Take care of the Earth, for there is only one!

Do not fear what the fall brings
It will pass like any other season!
Don't not give up on love
It brought you into
our eternal home
Through your mother's decision
to accept pain and give anything!

She served more
than one reason
To prove you both were everything
I pray the world, sends  continuous reminders
That are vivid and true
You have no reason
To be gloomy and blue
I want you to hold
your head high
Enjoy the sweetness of the rainbow.

Like your favorite candy.
Life might try to bring you down
Believe in yourself, mother, the love you have for your family.

No matter the obstacle
You will pull through!
Descovia Feb 24
"Daddy. Wake up. You had a  big fall! Don't leave please, can you see me? You must come back! Don't look into the light, it will take you from me!"

The only sad part of this world is our languages serve no purpose!
Everyone and everything made no sense. Besides my own child. His appearance, not effected by this place.  All friends and family presented before me, were grey and  the weight of sadness was strong, with the stillness from silence filling the air. For some odd reason, I could scream and rage. But couldn't speak my son's name!

No, other place felt like home!

From the day, my visit with the realm of white

was short-lived.

My son's gentle voice

Strong enough to shatter the silence and brighten the dimness of environment. Floating in the abyss, until my soul established connection...

Back to this living hell once again! Flying through timelines, to ensure my detached spirit  have it's reunion with my body!

My guardian angel told me

"Release yourself, from all that hurt you.

The pain is only an illusion and it is temporary."

I hugged onto my savior. Feeling my light fade, remembering how beaten and broken I was.

Every word dripped with blood, fighting against the pain to stay awake. Breathing was forced, this is NOT to be of the life

I once had love for...

I could hear my voice and perpetual thoughts, along with that of family members,  running and slamming into another!

Breaking the atmosphere of this unearthly dimension. All in high efforts to reach out to me! No documentary or biography on a big screen compared, to seeing multiple lifelines flash before your eyes. Knowing it's all coming to an end, although the checkpoint served as a deciding point for another rare chance.  Just for that desired taste, for a bittersweet victory.

Regardless, if I would have fought back during battle.  There would have been a war.

What would have stayed the same?  

Would any difference have changed the outcome?

Is there an escape from this pain?

I never asked for this!

I didn't even have, a chance to make a fist! Two fools wanting to be Mr Big Dog, Mr Big S*, all in hands of my disposal,  were aimless words in my defense!

If I knew then what was known now. I would have,  gave you no option to call anyone willing to help you on your checklist!

My eyes were brimming with tears of anger. The glow from
my new found home slowly leaving me as while peacefully carrying myself away.

"Free myself? In a world shrouded in darkness. I lived for light! Empowered by Faith, and Hope to make amends so Karma will not interfere with destiny!
Forgive and accept, I am the one  left with regrets to bring the strongest of angels to their knees, to have a final moment to wept!"

Do you wish to be free? You may not come back as the same. The world is not ready for you to fall." The angelic voice soothe the sound of commotion of the thoughts and voices. It became background noise, instead of overpowering.

"Perhaps, I won't fall. If you let me go. It's fine. It was my decision! I am ready! I do not fear the fall, sorrow put a deafening hold on aspirations.  It's all or nothing. It was Isaiah I needed to protect. This wasn't possible as human, I was ready to surrender any part of myself!

I give my light in just to master what was feared most.


It was my turn to fly!

Seeing the alarming expression on my guardian's angel's face shift from confident to worried, and then accepting.

Falling so fast, even an angel of light
could not respond quick enough to save me.

My grasp purposely broken, to save and prove "Love" can save in all terms on any magnitude.  
I  realized, it's best to compromise and be a sacrifice!

My vision was consumed by the black energy, pouring from my overworked heart.


"Hey wake up....
You fell asleep Mr....
Are you okay?"

an innocent voice of a loved one filled my ears once again.

It was my son! I was lost in his glowing and reflective eyes, unaware on how he speaks, to me as if he didn't know of my identity. Fascinated with the fact my appearance increased in muscle mass, my eyes appeared more vicious and intimidating.  
Even my clothing were different, in a place where you never believe clothing would exist!
I was in a grey shirt, and blue jeans stained with blood. When I first encountered, Isaiah and my guardian angel.  Now, I am wearing all black button up, paired with black formal dress pants, along with matching shoes.

My height was equivalent to Slenderman and felt like my hands were strong enough to pick up people like marbles.

The painful breaths subsided.
My essence felt stronger.

"Be free but don't allow yourself to fall. If light fails to convince, we can give the darkness a try."

The duality between a gruff voice a masculine voice combined with a feminine nurturing voice in unison. Played like my favorite symphatetic melody, singing beautifully in the back of my mind.

I knew I was alive. The complexities of my body, were running in adrenaline mode.

Everything felt, powerful and responding to all my worries suddenly, felt instinctive.

My hand gently placed on my son's shoulder. I kneeled down on one knee, staring into the eyes of my beloved son. Feeling my own voice running, with the flow of new found energy revitalized in my stronger body.

"Isaiah...remember my promise?" I said with flowing waves of happiness, while smiling carefree.

Isaiah said with a surprising smile, his eyes glistened with tears of happiness.

"I will always be free." I started

Without you, I will never fall!"
we both said together, with a brief laugh, we hugged each other and the light from the realm finally returned us home.
Descovia Feb 23
If I am honest, I would not know where to begin.

I fly by the seat and pray for a soft landing.

Life can be rough, I'm pretty tough
Hit or miss, all I seek is my best first kiss..

Tough being me ha

It's tough being me. This is why I never pretend.  Can't say I have been holy, in a world full of sin.

I know what's it like to be without joy.  So, this why my undying love reaches in volumes which never ends.

Flying by the seat
My eyes replay
All of my memories
Graphic in the form of movies on repeat.

Plummeting down faster than the speed of sound
Remembering grace will embrace me after
my crash-landing, just wish I was in a more stable place.

Where we were able to sit down and talk.
I would bribe the world for more
than just borrowed time
Our words might fly off course, clash and collide
Patience never mixed well with pride
What could have been everlasting
Was forgotten and abandoned.
Even at gunpoint, never would I place you
In a position to be perplexed or stranded.
Throwing myself against the wall
Because I rather take hurt, before seeing you fall
will you still make effort to have an understanding?

Moments before the impact
Remembering it was too late
To turn back (time)
What more can I say?
It's not easy being me.

Miss & Descovia
Descovia Feb 23
Carry forth and deliver salvation

In my presence even if my departure is created by the hands of my own demise!

Save your world and this universe! I will see to it. It happens as so, in spirit or flesh!  

I believe will, you hold many capabilities in mind and heart, you are not aware of!

If my blood, is needed to honor your dream. Forgive me, for my selflessness! This world can take every part of me. To bring us close to TRANQUILITY.

This realm has raged against the opposing forces for generations.

Good and Evil.

Light vs Dark.

Love and Hate

War and Harmony.

Black and White is all we see.

When so many colors, of our soul reflects in others around us.
More than just the world around us.  These extravagant shades of  joy,  spread everything around with compassion and love.

I refuse to let my home die!
This is your home too!

Although it's deeply rooted in our nature, to be animalistic instead of realistic. Another reason, for constant conflict.

I question myself.

Will we ever,  be able to properly, resolve complex differences without violence?

Poem dedicated to my son. Combined with journal entries and quotes mentioned in dreams related to my calling. I will end **** culture and human trafficking.
Descovia Feb 21
Magnificent eyes that contain countless ancient mysteries

This world alone is not ready to accept or embrace

You wield a will stronger than any other.

Your power impacts the universe heavily!

Graceful with endless blessings

You ever had a kiss from an angel?

She shows mercy as a queen

Until circumstances present undesirable events.

She has no problem, protecting her kingdom

even with the fall of another.

Her human body restricts her to being a queen

Until Destiney calls for her to be a Goddess

She possesses a universal weapon, more dynamic than any

Force living of nature, or any elements of this dimension

That could shatter Excalibur into pieces...

Careful not to cross her

Deadly with disaster

Ready to descend oblivion upon us all!
Descovia Feb 21
I opened my heart

To someone who would

Never even open his

Eyes To see me.

You were all

But it was

So easy for you

To watch me fall

I refuse to let you

Carry the pieces of me

Even if I break

I will build myself

From the ground up

with everything you

Fail to Take

My heart is open

My eyes they can see

As long as I keep

Striving and Growing

There will be far more left

Than just mere pieces of me!*

Descovia & Rein
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