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I just want to live and
see what love brings
I not asking for it all
but together we can
have everything
A very powerful tool to sustain relationship,  explore ideas, to express feelings, to settle differences, and to reach an agreement!

Being able to communicate your feelings helps your partner, family, people you love, understand the subject at hand causing you pain.

It's weightless, priceless and anyone can afford it to build, and save the relationship always from going into the depths of undesired conclusion.

Communication is a way to show the other person means a thing to you and that you have feelings for them.

S p e a k t o m e.

It's very simple solution to complicated matters.
Can we please normalize, women having character of an intellectual and professional decency?

Regardless of jokes used in any setting? If they do contain ***** or mature content.

It always felt like I was trying to reach an itch, impossible to reach

Picking at a wound, not meant to be explored.

Is nothing compared to leaving the unknown explored and questions unanswered. When we are suppose to learn from our mistakes.

A man makes a ****** joke and people laugh.

A woman does it. It deems her as everything else insulting under the sun.

We cannot forget that the moon is keeping balance.
My sisters are we right?

Why is it? Knowingly, we would not have existence without opposites.

Through intervention just prolong suffering?
Why is it we choose to belittle and underappreciate our strong women?

My sisters are we right for this?

It's a man world. HA. 46 Presidents even failed to even prove that. If this is the case, then how are women surviving in it? Perfectly! If you ask me, they are better so than men.

You forget a mother brought you this world? You forgot where you come from? Is it not or is the essence and energy source of Earth feminine energy in the first place?

It would make sense for it to be factual. Women are natural creators!

Perhaps, that is why the world blessed them with the ability to live longer with both sides of the brain working in order to do so.

Yet, we find it needed to pick on them for not having thick skin.

Be reasonable, having one less layer to tolerate our *******
is nothing compared to childbirth. Period. I am not going to stress that matter. For I did not ask for consent entirely with my boundaries to do so.
Women are we right?

When it comes to voicing concerns or requesting permission.
Something, That would not hurt any of you men to learn.
Stop allowing your pride to make your deathbed from unneeded stress.

She results to being apparently "toxic." Learn to accept no. Rejection will always follow where acceptance decides to depart from cruelty of human nature. Everything and everyone will not accept you as it comes. Naturally.
  Abuse is confused for love
and blinding by confusing PTSD
My sisters, are we right for this?

If I said this
in the body of a woman, instead of temporary one I am residing
would I be still be deemed as overly emotional or too sensitive?

I believe this is not the case on any standpoint.

Women rights have restored more peace through communication than wars.
Women rights have saved more lives than doctors.
Women's Rights are protecting more children than financially dependent parents desperately enough, whom use a child's life as a pawn. Chest of life, twisted game at that, where everyone has to play and have FUN but minimum strategies to accommodate keeping the Queen protected
from all vile forms of danger threatening to her presence?
The audacity to fail in many life times.
When will we learn?
We should not devalue our precious treasures.

I ask of you
My sisters are we right?
I decided to rewrite a poem for National Women's Day.
Dedicated to all the strong female role models close and distant!
I love you
Descovia Oct 7
Sound the alarm!
Please, give time to share a post
or a prayer! It save lives!

Dear beloved and oh precious child.
May blessings surround and protect you
From the abductor's attempt to
diminish your sacred light.

We will search high and low.
Near and far.
Scanning the lands to
bring you back safely
no matter where you are.

The alarm never stops screaming
in my heart. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.
Brain feels like it's frying
Frequencies beaming messages to my mind
"Get them to safety!  It must stop! Enhance security"
"The ugly in this glorious world is on the attack

Stop preying on vulnerabilities and differences
Innocent people whom are not fully mature enough to make
life changing decisions on their own.
The storm is approaching and blessings be to child
that he, she or they return safe to home.

I will never stop praying and finding ways to help.
I will always search for peace even if I have to fight in war.
The law is not stopping me, from going after you "crisis-creators"
Karma does not have any convictions against my favor.
My mortality is all that is holding me in place.
Wish the same concept held yours in position.

I will not give up on these children.

This world cannot destroy our children

I will not give up on these children.

The light lives in joys of our children..

Sound the Alarm!
I will be ****** if we lose another soul!

In the name of love and grace.
May the abandon return to the rightful passage
life destined them to be on
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Trigger warning: The following contain matters on child abduction and wishing to cause harm towards predators.
Descovia Sep 30
Death before dishonor. My mindset is intricate. Trauma trapped in terror, taking toll, lost from destiny's control, this soul carry scars, from my ancient lineage!

Our hearts creates the art, empowered by our voice, we wield foundational instruments!
Breaking through depression since, as an adolescent, resisting and reversing the barriers of resentment!
Momma told me. "Power is present in your mind. Do not believe your human body is impaired or limited!"
Beyond the eyes, that foreseen demise. Do not perceive these lies, which altered the design, that'll strip you away of your abilities and privileges!

The conquest to eradicate prolonging diseases. Just to keep all adjust to maintain a fit!
The virus is eternal, for I refuse to allow this hatred, to make me sick! She says "You wield too much pride in your influence"
  I will carry on, strong, sharpen as the sword of might, for him as a savior of the light!
Battling. No matter, if both wrists slit!
Descovia Sep 29
In another mindful confession. It may be true blood, is thicker than water.

Nothing else matters, and is sweet like victory, if I flow with you!

It does not matter how many times, it takes you to start over
Keep yourself going forward, as life was designed for you to do so.

Continue going until, it takes you to get your errors correct.
You might have to move obstacles and clear your path.

No journey, pleasant as it may be, will ever be fair. You do not have to bring difficulties to yourself. It's all on your choices, for it to be easy.

We are part of a learning, growing, evolving and loving experience to continue to impact others in meaningful methods.

A life is not a pile of unwanted vegetables.

It blossoms more truth than any fruit ever desired.

Suicide or death does not deserve you, as your life is treasure and you should value it!
Descovia Sep 23
Been moving around
block to block
Lost child with heavy thoughts
battling every paradox
This is life for a hardknock
Many ways to connect the dots
You gotta think outside the box
Making moves with trick shots

Blame It On The Streets
He shoulda gave it all he got
Thinking he was a sly fox
Foolish *****, hit him with the Criss-Cross
Kick a ***** off, like flip flops
Grinding with team
We all have to play our part
Throwing coins in jars
just to fill the ***!

Catch me all day on the lot
I know the boys back at home
been goin' through alot
Keep the grip in my socks
Never need to touch a rock
Never **** with any cops
I move muscle, I don't move with ops!

Life in the jungle never stops
So **** the snakes
Before they **** the crops!
My aim is 007
Going for his ******* top
Dash before the body drop...

****. He's leaking. Get the mop!
My bros got dogs that eat like sharks!
It's vital, you don't try me
unless you have the heart!
Nowhere for you to run
Third eye watching you in the dark
You wanna play with luck
watch it all go to rot, I suggest you NOT
My magic has advantages to twist the plot.

Here's a reminder incase you forgot.
Click-clock. Time flows, personality
match a glowing wrist tho
I'm all about that smoke
long and heavy with it
Call me Mr Extendo
feeling myself like
Your grandma sportin crocs
Crazy **** got me
runnin on my hands
But ain't doing it for no Tik-Tok!

Sitting back, racking up, I am counting knots.
I do this for moves nothing else to prove.
All ya'll gimmie gimmie babies.
But little Jimmy got shell shocked.
I can put the entire block on lock.
Don't have to believe me.
Just sit back and watch!
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