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Descovia May 13
Donkey Kong SWING!
I'll jump on a krool
Got nothing to lose
Already got a few screws loose
Duck, duck, foo I am going ghost
If youu think I am the goose.
Big Bird. What's the word? I hate Amber Alerts!
I got idiots driving wild
kids out here, they gotta hit the curve.
I rather it be them before my babies
cause life, aint so sweet if you only crave deserts.

Salty saps trying worm they way in
on the surface, I am not breaking
anymore promises within my purpose.
The distance, you don't deserve it.
I can feel the pain, you feel so
trust me, I know what you mean
when you say, "I been hurting"
the scars only go so deep.
Dispell the malice
For it will haunt me
in my sleep. I got many destinys to fufill.
obstacles fall to be obsolete.
Evil will pay for every soul
it decided to reap, that's one of
the promises, I made to keep!
I am not lyin, I am a beast, I am a Lion!
We will all feast, sure of that, better believe
anything for our liberty, cause I always
been head over hills for justice to bring peace!

I am a warrior,
I am a spellcaster.
I got magic and the strength
I am not only flexin
I am going through progression.
No pawns in my way, stomp any boss
like a pesant. You peon. Crack your ****
like you if ran up on Chappelle, if you get
the reference!
I am a lover.
I am a believer.
I need him and her
To unite and save us all.
Why wonder in fault
insteading finding resolve.
I feel my power evolve!
Too many times, I have been told
You got wisdom beyond your years.
I learn from the ones with hearts of gold.
Silence the hate in this world.
Speak no evil into existence
to any enemy it's cut throat!
In my family, I was the black sheep.
Now I am the goat! Blast off like team rocket
always ready, lock and load!
I'll make you get put in place
like what I have in my stock holds.
Duality. Two sides of me.
Heading through trails, troubles on my tails.
I am making my way down crossroads!
Get smoked like Gelatto. I said it before tho.
I am going to bounce back like Demi De'Vato
Show off like a Queen
and akkido flip a man
Come on baby do
the monkey with me!
Heh. Ha. Huu! I go smooth, like Peter Pan
and make you laugh like Johnny Bravo.o
I'll hold it down like Security.
No need for 5-0
My fire is my son.
I feel my light outshines the sun
I am on the rise, yo!
We gotta live. This is more than for survival
The legends of upcoming legacy must lead
to immortalize the values of lost idols.
In the wake, of my next life
I am going to do it the same!
so remember me when I am gone
before incarnation cast my
soul to be granted another chance
through the cycle of revival!
Descovia May 3
The absence of a person very much needed
Is not the reason you deserve my frustration and to be condemned

When your life celebrated
gave me fulfillment in everything
which the blind can see, has define meaning.

I will not be the father to you.

Mine was to me.

Your essence provided blessings for my youth to remain eternal.

You never failed anyone. I promise you.

I can only live one life time. Although worlds beyond the metaverse and multiverse have brought experiences and traveled multiple in dreams, to this day that still mystifies me. As your father, I am more than willing to give my life up for you. My attachment here only serves purpose to protect, empower, heal you primarily, along with queens and kings of good heart morals.

I can only leave this life time once. You only have one life armed with endless capabilities. Use them to your advantage. Never lose sight on that concept. Everyday, I chose to live for you. Because, I refuse to phantom or imagine a realm without your existence.


Lead this world with love, which lives in you. I believe in you, and I am more than proud to be your father. You going to change something of this world with all the other babies growing to be adults.

Never stop winning!
A conversation between my son and myself inspired me to compose this.
I will provide the comical version here

Isaiah: Mom-Dad....

Me: Eh. Same difference. Your mom the pretty one. Just remember Daddy the ugly one. :/ Well, attitude wise.

Isaiah: * shakes head and rolls eyes * You're not ugly Dad.

Me: Thanks for disagreeing son. You see the good in everything huh?

Isaiah: Mom and you taught me. Remember?

Me: Hmmm..........  ( on the inside: I am so glad you're emotionally connected with everyone and logical as hell at your age ūüė≠ UGGGGGGG ‚̧ He is only 6 and he sees the beauty in everything!)
Descovia Apr 28
Please, put my respect on
my name when you think of it
or get caught up in some ****
If it ain't broken then why you're
over here pitching a fit?
I'm no easy target
So, you betta not miss
Try me and watch it go amiss
Up, up, away, in smoke. Set fire and burn all of this!
I am growing tired of cursing in my pieces
but these fools wanna play me like a *****!
I want real one by my side, call us Lilo and Stitch.
I'll be ****** if anyone takes the light from you like a sith.
I be on crazy ****. Never harm a jit. Losin my temper quick. Pop a fool like a zit! . Descovia is the name. Ha! Remember it. Play with my demons. They dismember ****!

I am with problems out the ***.  Call me the "nemesis"
**** suicide, I'll go genocide, I'm going through the tides, I am limitless!
This is for Isaiah, Charlie, Mason, Princess Genesis!
What in hell on earth do you mean? The corrupt deserves all forgiveness?!
If only you can see and feel what's in my mind as victim and witness.
I don't care what it takes, I'm breaking the numbers and chains for a difference
I am advanced at this, and you're only an apprentince.
Make change for your life if what I say catch interest!
Why is it I gotta get loud to get everyone's attention?
I need you to hear me out...
Please, just listen
I apologize for the profanity.
It was fitting for emotional release
It's better to influence others to feel and think
than to use violence to achieve a point.
Descovia Apr 19
A man been tryin
to gather his funds for fun
Making memories to cherish with my son
They prayed for my day to never come
But how can I bring life to his dreams? If I mope and ***?
I been rolling on before my even life begun
All these cycles get recycled and here we are on the hunt!

Flow so fluent it's vivid.
Details unfold before your eyes in stories.
When I have to spit it! I be going hard
without letting the tea spill, cause I keep it real.
My life as a movie and we all going through loops and reels!
Got you going through emotions and feels
Cause lately, I need a doctor, I been feeling pretty ill
I don't even know how to chill. I'm a fire element!!
I told my self in Silent Hills, I'll go in for the ****
Still, if I have to go hard as Steel!
Back me up, protect you all like a shield.
I break force fields with the weapons I wield!
There's no time to yield when there's more to build

This is the team, you look at and say
“This is our time" you opened my eyes... Shaquille O'Neal
My mindset is worth more than a couple mil
I rather see all these children get a meal
****. I need help... can anybody please call Maury or Dr Phil?

Descovia Mar 22
There are many greats out there.

Whom does not seek validation in fighting weaker opponents or blinded by his own arrogant cockiness.

A real man does not strike a woman.

Uses his demeanor to devalue what is relived as enjoyment!

A warrior, is humble as a priest, noble as a knight
and powerful in terms of insightfulness.

I have wondered many places as a father, a poet, lived through some battles myself.

You are far from Royalty.

You should not tread the grounds, as if you are mightier than one with a crown.

I may have my faults. I may need more than a God to show me a way. You are far from that or anything appealing.

I have seen many kings and warriors, of good and evil intent....suffer the same fall.

You are only a man.

Onward to find yourself, because your trueself needs you more than your journey.
Descovia Feb 23
You can help some people, some of the time.
You can't help everyone, all of the time.
i was like you once, always thinking with my heart
obstructions create from using my mind.

The pain you feel does not bother me entirely. Cause I know what it's like to be without and live in doubt. Still remain positive and prosper show everyone what you are about!

Queens like you should remain
in this realm to keep **** from going south.
i know things can get heavy, hectic.
I rather go Gadget, you can cause damage
if you decide to go Wreck It Ralph.

You're a beauty, designed by artist sources of the devine of undying times.

I do not perceive you with eyes of lust.
Forgive me, if I must. Before time turns us to dust.
I desire everything of you. From knowledge, taste, touch.
I get it tho no need to rush. I am not calling you a crutch

Immature minded boys, be hopping around acting
like they know it all but ain't doing much.

For you I would go double dutch, rope in clutch, while rolling a dutch.
I'll put anyone in a noose, ya'll be hanging by threads so thin..
Implementing your demise, and result of repetition proves truth.
It's a wonder how, some men, end up back to where they begin.

What's vibing boo?
Speaking of which, I can get pretty scary.
Universal destruction detonate! Majin Buu.
Just saying, not playing. I'll go super sayian
if you cross my NuNu.
Have faith in yourself.
Everyone needs your story.
Descovia Feb 15
Lately, it been hard for me to unwind
All my emotions are twisted in a bind
Losing my head to the war
that's going on in my mind
All I feel like I'm doing
is wasting away my time
On the grind, I gotta remain. Touch from Pain.
I need a sign. No dollar signs.
Yes, my boy is living it up!
Thanks! He's more than just fine!
If I take a ******* out, then why is that a crime?
Monsters sin more than Satan on a Sunday
Justice systems always misconstrue
What we say!

Everybody wants a change, I'm a bit insane.
These lower beings don't deserve lives.
The truth can'hurt us like a *****!
Shoot. Ha. It will cut you down to size!
While you're trying to figure why?
I'll wait... now please, show me, where did I lie?


Which side you play yo part,
standard-*** boy, do you even ride?
They want us to discriminate and to divide
Eyes in the sky, watching us on the rise
You can't **** my high...
You will never, take away what is mine!
This is than just a vibe,
this is more than just my pride!
Live by my words, every part of me
speaks and lives in these lines!
Eye for eye, ain't enough.
When the difficulty is do or die.
I'm cool as fire, yo
just let the ******* slide
Cause at the end of the day,
it's all keeping me alive!

World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See
World on my shoulders
but I'll keep my head up
Promise everyone will
See See See See.....

I been vibing the music in my head lately.
Our stories will save the world.
Yes, this will be featured in Duality album!
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