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Andrew Nov 2019
A body, like that of a classical,
Greek statue.
Voluptuous, ****** but elegant.
A Goddess.

Beautiful soft water lilies,
Dancing upon the waters of your chest.
Dark waves of hair, thrashing
Against pale shores,
Shores not of sand but of the softest,
Sweetest peach.

Fragrance on your dainty neck,
so natural and appealing to me,
The fragrance which takes hold of me,
Deep, deep down,
From between pale valleys,
A treasure hidden in this sensual land,
I find a glistening pearl,
Beneath luscious folds of velvet,
Velvet soaked in rich, precious oils,
So sensual,
Sooooo arousing.
  Nov 2019 Andrew
TS Ray
Parading a galaxy of stars,
you are the shining way to our future.
And if you were born today,
I wouldn’t be present here.

You crave a good center of attraction,
giving the mighty sun a corner of your attention.
Hazy band of light is how we see you,
even as you pack a full stream of illumination.
Will you shine a bit more on us?

Sweeping through the dark ages,
you are that marvel of creation.
Or was it design by evolution,
a masterful coincidence of mind blowing proportion.
Will you share with us?

You conceal your true strength in dark matter,
as old as universe when it was in tatters.
Maybe you have the story of the Big Bang
stored in your matter,
for it to be revealed in a beautiful glitter.

Will you reveal to us?
For Earth is where you are famous.
Andrew Nov 2019
Hair, like black rich waves,
Crashing against soft white shores,
I feel like a God looking down on his creation,
Far from above,
Fingers playing in the surf,
Thumb tracing the shore,
Eyes like emeralds gazing back,
As if stars had fallen to earth.

Kisses run along those shores,
Hours I could stay,
looking down on this beauty.
Amazed by those rose like lips.

This is were I want to be.
Nothing can compare.
Andrew Nov 2019
No other soul can light my fire,
This heart was forged for you,
Before swirling stars and atoms merged,
This eternal love was hewn.
Andrew Nov 2019
My woman

My heart flutters as I enter the house,
The expectation of seeing my love is strong.
I hear your sweet voice, then I'm in your presence. The warmth and sheer joy I feel can only be compared to being soaked in those first, glorious rays of the summer sun.

The desire you stir in me is overwhelming.
Those eyes, those powerful eyes.
Shallow pools of an exotic sea, their very shape, elegant and beautiful.
But it's what's within those eyes.
Depths that I could drown in.

Your arms open, you welcome me to you.
I do not delay in moving against your body,
my arms wrapping around your firm waist, anchoring myself to the shape of your feminine back.

Our eyes meet briefly, then close as our lips touch,
My whole body becomes alive with a delicious feeling,
The touch and taste of your lips is so unbelievably natural,
so primal, we’re made for each other.
Your tongue meets mine, tastes my lips,
And lust surges through my core.
Your hands lightly touch my chest and face,
Your touch becoming rough as you run your fingers through my beard.
As our lips release I'm struck again at that look in your eye's, that radiance.
I'm drawn to kiss again, deeply, fiercely, my heart pounding.
I find my fingers curling around your luscious hair, my thumbs tracing your cheeks.
We're lost for a while, enjoying this intimacy.
I want you, all of you. My whole body yearning to take you!

My fingertips gently claw down from your shoulders, over the curves of your incredible *******, glancing your hard *******,
I'm dying to kiss them but resist and continue down your creamy tummy,
Across the **** joints where your feminine hips meet the tops of your thighs,
I continue to trace a path over your firm thighs and past your knees,
I take a moment to kiss the cushion just above your ***, the scent of your *** overpowering me,
Your body is a delight, so ****** and sensual.
My hands are running down your lower legs, almost at your delicate feet.
I'm watching your breathing intently,
Your ******* raising with each deep breath,
I take hold of your legs and spread them wide, really wide, the sight of your flower making me throb,
I lay my body down between your thighs, kissing them, wanting you,
Wanting to ravish you.
The moment my lips meet that sweet, wet spot I'm utterly lost in lust.
The sound of your breathing and those few words you muster driving me wild.
I raise your thighs and my hands take hold of your **** hips,
As my tongue enters you. To be inside you in this way is such an ****** thing, hard to explain.
You taste of pure ***, pure woman, pure passion. Your sweet nectar on my tongue and my lips is more intimate than anything I can imagine.
Andrew Nov 2019
Your hands are bound,
You make no sound,
Other than a murmur.

I paint your skin,
With lips and sin,
Sense your rising fervour.

I lick your ****,
Your juicy slit,
Slide in my eager finger.

Sword drawn from sheath,
Pressed oh so deep,
Oh what sweet, sweet, pleasure

— The End —