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Denny Crow Oct 28
She’s not just another beautiful disaster,
She’s the end of the world.
I need 5 more minutes of sleep
Denny Crow Oct 25
I water my plants until they drown,
and this is the only way I know how to love.
I don’t want to see you cry.
Denny Crow Oct 25
You were the sea
and my heart was a ship
that left the harbor
never to return to me.
Feeling wavy
Denny Crow Oct 25
After awhile
you get used to being a shipwreck.
Some days
You get that sinking feeling
All over again.
W r e c k a g e
Denny Crow Oct 19
I tried to sweep the feeling
Of missing you
Under a rug
I keep tripping on it.

I keep falling
Through the cracks
In my heart
That a cloud
Is the only thing
Soft enough
To break my fall.

It always rains
And when it rains
It pours.
I pour myself a glass
Then another.
I need more sleep
Denny Crow Aug 25
As you stood there

With your heart in one hand

And nothing in the other

I knew I would take them both.
Denny Crow May 12
I see
I ache
I hear
I taste
I smell.

Yet nothing seems to make any sense
right now.
Truly lost
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