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Denny Jul 2020
I’m smiling
But I’m dying

I’m laughing
But I’m crying

I’m around so many people
But I’m all alone.

Nothing to turn to
Besides this phone


I feel like I’m going crazy


I don’t want to scare you

But what can even save me.
signing off for good
Denny Jan 2020
A new second
A new minute
A new hour
A new day
A new week
A new month
A new year
A new decade.

A new life.
Hitting refresh.
Denny Oct 2019
She’s not just another beautiful disaster,
She’s the end of the world.
I need 5 more minutes of sleep
Denny Oct 2019
I water my plants until they drown,
and this is the only way I know how to love.
I don’t want to see you cry.
Denny Oct 2019
You were the sea
and my heart was a ship
that left the harbor
never to return to me.
Feeling wavy
Denny Oct 2019
After awhile
you get used to being a shipwreck.
Some days
You get that sinking feeling
All over again.
W r e c k a g e
Denny Aug 2019
As you stood there

With your heart in one hand

And nothing in the other

I knew I would take them both.
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