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Dan Jul 13
Lying in the park, entangled, lost in a thoughtless trance- there is no need to hide, I shut my eyes. The sky chuckling, birds dancing, flowers whispering; bee’s listening. The moment is seductive but the present elude us - I sense memorable dreams lurking, behind trees, painting its curves, feverish, envious, persuasive in its attempt to bridge us together, today.
We are lured in,
there are no promises...
no specter of thought.
Just today, remind me its today.

“Why cant we stay?”

the earth beneath,
carrying the weight of my tender heart, unshackled by the grip of your starving hands; kind enough to let us play and share its space- once, twice, thrice...

Your hand slowly slip under my skirt, pulling down my sweet intimate,
I am wet from all the celebration,
what a ***** surprise!
A sensational rapture,
loud as the clouds, maddening sound. Envelops the day like a tension film desperate to penetrate the savage sun,
Foolish, undoubtedly foolish.
serenade me in this shade, my little fire.
Remind me its today.

I could hardly breathe..
I suffer sweetly in your hands, oh how you make me suffer sweetly everyday.

...helpless, glued to the ground, frustrated, anhilated by the movement of your hand, those fumbling fingers tracing my delicate skin... I weep my darling..

I hear the day giggle,
their piercing eyes watching us,
intently, closely...
Ignorant of the world were in.
Ignorant of the world Im in,
drowning in your gaze,
I see a reflection of mine- deafening!
She moans quietly.
She reminds me its today.

“Why cant we stay?”

You are driving me mad, my sweet darling. Im begging you to pause,
I dont want them to find us,
I remorse, I wonder, what a sentimental thrill to be close to you this way-
hidden, exposed for the taking.
what is this terror, my sweet ecstacy?

You go deeper, reach higher, my toes curling, body reluctantly surrender, melting into each other, ravishing each other, hands crawl, on my knees, my eyes start to water...
you never listen, how joyous.
once, twice, thrice...

do you hear me my lover...
Im begging, whispering, but this time
for more. Come back to me. Light me up once more, I love how you light me up again, and again, and again.

I kiss you gently, roughly, then all at once.
The sun boiling at the palm of my hands,
Im begging for its mercy,
I wish to never forget!
Your hands held me down in prayer,
once, twice, thrice...

Then all at once,
body start to simmer,
lights start to flicker,
unfolding in a twinkle,
I no longer need reminding.
Keep me alive in this place.
Dan Jun 18
about to get butterflies,
language of flowers,
unbearably tasting you.
Dan Jun 14
She came home with a reminder,
a promise, a quiet confession..
that she is no longer staying.

But that doesn’t mean I am no longer shared a kiss everytime we meet,
a dance everytime i weep,
laughter everytime we play.

Thats the beauty of connection, love, benevolence- it always stays.
It never leaves, never forgets.

Aren’t we all just strays waiting to be reclaimed, waiting to be reminded where we are tender...
Dan Jun 14
Sometimes we have to look past the wound to recognize the healing that’s already begun long before we medicate.
I wont wait for the scars to tell me how I should feel.
Varicella has a journey to accomplish- so do I. This is my body, and It has a visitor.
I have to make it clear that even though it is welcome, it is not home.
Dan Jun 14
I found movement in stillness, song in silence;
life eternally dancing inside each and every one of us... the universe is within.

Life, death, equally fascinating- but, whats in between has been beyond comprehension. The level of ignorance engrained is madly interesting....

I am insanely curious, and this journey has fired up every cell in my body, but at the same time- ignorance has brought comfort, a sense of liberation, never knowing what to ask and to whom. This place has allowed me to explore that.

Paradoxically, I have found peace in slowing down, knowing that one day the questions will arrive when my heart is ready to carry the answers.

Life is blossoming and its all around, working overtime. And so is death- which isnt really the opposite but a part of it. I look at soil and im constantly reminded of the ambiguity and polarity of existence. And, our brain, sitting at the crown of our heads- has tremendous abilities, quiet down and be curious about it. We are unique fantastical beings and we should start knowing it. We can always start again. Time is eternal and yet its never really there. Such beauty!

Understanding that we are part of a totality thats ever wonderous, calculative and frightfully clever is powerful.

A wise woman once shared that if you dont know yourself deeply, whats the point in learning about anything else?

I catch myself smiling.
Dan Sep 2017
I am a falling star who has always known how to fly, yet kind enough to fool the world that I am small.
Dan Sep 2017
I'm not one to spread myself,
But, boy, does it feel good to be tasted.
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