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Delamusiq Oct 2018
Like last time
Rather be outside , forgiveness a must
But it must be,  im not brave
Not scared but bars never bend straight
Trippy addida back on the record ,but for the record you use to say yes
Cry in the dark , where the eyes cant see
See seas of stares ,fake cares, full house full of fools and that one girl in the yellow blouse , kinda cute
Kinda blue
Kinda new
Function funk , played for trippy ima go ona trip
Cry in the dark
You use to, but is use to ,not like the use im use to
But i guess it's usefull ,truthful , told through lip gloss
****, glossy lips
Glassy eyes
Yellow blouse
You stick out
Kinda cute , but is through, we met
We meet ,its sweet ,dont sweat
eyes crept
Base in a rusted red revolver , shrink tell me im not crazy
Crazy bout a boat with her on it
Her like want it, want it but cant front it
Let's jump bus , stunt it
Hit ramp ,know what bumb it
Bunny hop jump on the cares, ima rot
Prime time
Delamusiq Oct 2018
Undertone,  the time spent on tone ,past circles where emotions ran high
Couch vibes, scary movies never missed in the pursuit to enjoy time never spent
But remeberence of that time in pink, fuschia It might have been
Times past , little pastimes shaded in sin
Nothing like the last time,  baked pizza and a smile for happiness that never hit past five five
It was too short now in a right mind, only memories left for good times
Water on the bless , your beautiful unoff for a lifetime
Yet that bullet never made it to my heart till rusted pistol never stopped time
I'm gone
I'm wrong
Now fly on while I sing along , you too cut on your don't fuvk with me flow
Delamusiq May 2018
For the thought of your dreams my mind races
Mad dashs ,shocked faces
But to stare that glint by starlight drapped the caresses of your hair
I trip to find me on your line
Oh right beautiful fields ,waisted time
Your waist on mine
Just a taste , said at nine
we set pace after that line

Picture frames on baby's painted nails
Paint me in fame, she replied your insane
Washed face paint dowm drain ,she never kisses again
Her company other then other men is my brother then i move this pen
Words are zen , cherry flavored summer flows
Grass blues and sky growth
Twisted pages on saturn sing burns and we take turns on the wave frank ocean plays
Delamusiq May 2018
Pillows lay the case to wake up past 3 oclock
Face faded in dreams make razors on cheek comfortable to me
Blond bold because i barely gave red a try
Is breakfast ready for me
Backing beauty with a blue t , turning to me all bright and free , afro messy , eyes maybe brown, maybe green
Did i mention i couldnt see
Reality just came back to me
Even tho these eyes rarely catch seas
I still see star shaped almonds in cereal bowls put before see

Meet her meteor shower plastic kungfu hopes
My mettle met with metal, she was bars for the screen
So in between things, i smell scent and add my two cents
But when change comes short,  gasoline gases up things
Thunder booms and she can never quite see was behindthe bangs
But that's another thing cause cereal is really tho
Another taste of almomd milk cheerios

— The End —