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Blackness Nov 2019
I'll give her food
I'll send her gifts
Spend time with her
Take her on trips
and even
Kiss her gently
On her lips

Hold her hands
Hug her tight
All throughout
The cold night

She needs me there
By her side
In good and bad
Throughout her life

Taking care of her
Seeing all her forms
Embracing who she is
I couldn't ask for more

That is how I love
That is how I care
I will do anything for my baby
My life with her I share
To my love, you never cease to put me in a state of awe and wonder. The best times are ones spent with you, in good and bad, in hard and easy, in any sort of situation we're put in. Thank you for everything, I love you so much.
Blackness Nov 2019
My hands
Can't stop shaking
My voice
Is slowly breaking
My sight
I feel it fading
From sleep
Never waking

Come pull me out
From under the sea
Come bring me back
To where the lands meet
Come hoist me up
From the deepest cave
Come shelter me
From the pouring rain

Oh love, my love
Rescue me
From these trials and pains
Wherever I may be
Let your hands
Be my guide
When I am lost
Be my shining light

Oh love. my love
How beautiful you are
Your presence restores me
Near or far
Let me rest in your arms
For my soul is in pain
I will never depart again

Oh love, my love
My promise I say to you
Fill me with your love
Let us start anew
You are the best the world has given me
Blackness Oct 2019
In the times of hardships
Struggles and pain
Through the storms
The typhoons and rain

You've always been there
My light, my guide
For when I lose myself
It is you I find

Thank you, my love
My one, my only
I see no other than you
Hold me ever so tightly

We've been through alot
That I am very sure
Thank you again, mahal
I know our love will endure
Sana makita mo to para malaman mo na ikaw lang, ikaw lang ang minamahal ko magpakailan.
(I hope you see this so that you will know, that it is you and only you that I will love forevermore)
Blackness Oct 2019
A glass heart dropped on the cold, empty floor
It shatters into a million pieces
I find myself trying to take back time
Taking back the huge mistake I made
I cannot restore it
A shadow of its former glory
There I see you standing in front of me
As I try to piece them together
Tears can be seen flowing from your eyes
A faint whimper heard as you cover your mouth and run away
I chase after you, calling your name
I catch up to you but it’s too late
Your eyes water up, as the color drains from your cheeks
I see how it all went downhill, steadily
I embraced you tightly, apologizing for my wrongs
You hold me tighter saying it will be alright
I breathed a sigh of relief thinking all was well
All should be well right? It’s fixed, right?
How was I supposed to foresee what came next?
Looking back at those days, before it was shattered
When the glass heart was whole and beautiful
Now put back together
But how it was before…
Do not despair over what was
Never... but what is that to us?
Restore it, we cannot
Make it better, we can
Never like how it was?
This broken glass heart still stands
A testament to our work and love
It may not be the same, never like before
But our love is still here, forevermore
How often have we had this? I happens but it never makes me want to give up. I'm sorry for all I put you through, I wish I could change the past. We're here now and I want to make things better than what was.
Blackness Aug 2018
Where are you my love?
In the corners of the earth?
Across its vast oceans?
Past the endless horizon?
Oh where have you gone?
It feels lonely without you
I miss your warm company
I miss your radiant smile
The scent of your perfume
The way you sing, your tune
Your voice as sweet as honey
I miss all of you my love
Where have you gone?
A long journey perhaps?
With friends or family?
Crossing treacherous mountains?
Or deep valleys?
When will you return?
To where I am
Give me a time and place
I just can't wait & see
When you my love
Return to me
Blackness Aug 2018
I want to know you
The person deep inside
I want to see you
The true colors that you hide

I want to hold you
For your warmth is enough
I want to be with you
When things get rough

I really miss you
Your voice & sweet smile
We have been apart
It's been awhile

I really love you
With all my heart
Do you feel the same or not?
That's the hardest part

So I probably ask
Or eventually find out
Or maybe not at all
But that'll lead to doubt

What are your intentions?
I hope they're genuine
I hope they're true
I really really do
The heart is difficult to understand...
Blackness Aug 2018
Hear me out
My pleas to you
Listen to my calls
For what I say is true

Lady of Mystery
I wish for your hand
If only for a moment
I am selfish, I am man

To solve your mystery
To understand what beholds me
Let me set you free
I'm trying to help can't you see?

What can I do to show you?
What can I say to convince?
So that you may grasp my words
What I've been saying ever since

You are truly difficult
A rose atop the mountain
Rare & beautiful
Life giving fountain

When I describe you
These words are not enough
For you are more that that
Your are girl I love
It's really hard to not think about her...
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