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Dean Mar 2019
when you walk through the desert barefoot
you will step on thorns but
stop and watch the birds in the morning
listen to their songs because
work is never as important as being happy
so take care of yourself first and
smile in the face of certain death
for there will always be more life and
never take advantage of true love
it might only happen once
  Mar 2019 Dean
I could have sworn
I felt love before
you walked into my life
but the moment you laid
your eyes on me I knew
what I used to think was
was actually a longing for something
much more than just filling an empty
part of me
and the moment you
pressed your lips to mine
I realized love is more than an empty
Dean Mar 2019
I didn’t choose life
I didn’t wish existence into these bones
I never prayed to the dust
I was hurled into reality against my will
So why am I stuck trimming thorns off of rosebushes?
When I would rather just be the rose, in bloom.

— The End —