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46/F/New York    Roses On Your Grave Bring Peace. Colors of my rainbow.❤❤❤❤
Eliot York
35/M/NM    Hello, hello. I mostly write about hepo, though I've added a few of mine below too. I like personal messages, and aim to respond to ...
21/F    i want to go home
Anonymous Freak
22/F/USA    “When a flower grows wild It can always survive, Wild flowers don’t care where they grow.” -Dolly Parton ...Poetfreak is my original home. For more ...
24/F/Indonesia    90% water
Shelby Finger
28/F/Florida    I get drunk at flea markets. I have one crooked tooth.
Mia Mcdaniel
18/F/285 whitman monmouth   
L DeCypher
37/F/Here    I warmly welcome you to come walk the talk inside of my mind...I consider myself an "Abstract Word Painter". I write without rules. I adore ...
24/F/Australia 🇦🇺    I’m trying to write about myself but it’s proving difficult, check out my poems for some depth.
♥ lovely and lonely ♥
Land of Nightmares    I write to cope with memories of a childhood filled with abuse. Even after 30 years a sound or smell can make me become a ...
21/F/singapore    bits and pieces of my memories here. x
Jay Simkins
21/M/United Kingdom   
20/F/California    ♡♡nsfw♡♡ ♡ |she|her|leo| ♡ my earlier stuff isn't as raunchy... i promise :)
Where Is My Mind?    I'm Autumn. I spend too much of my time writing poems (more time than you think),so I add to the site quite often. Feedback welcome! ...
20/Cisgender Female/Upstate New York    Hi, I just started poetry and if I get in, I'll probably be sharing some sensitive stuff, so be gentle in regards to the content ...
Laura Duran
41/F/Texas    Just a person, who loves a good story, in any form.
19/F/under the sea    hi i'm misha and i don't exist
F/India    I write when the feeling comes on me so my poems are spontaneous. I enjoy every moment of this passion and love to share it ...
Grace Ann
21/F/Tennessee    I left my soul in ink on pages and I keep writing hoping one day I can get it back
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