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  Oct 14 Deadwood Jawn
on the shining road today
blue & silver in the heat
running fringed with tall dry grass
& hard concrete
                                          you’ll never know
     my poetry

                        concrete & you, perfection
smoothing                    spreading making a hard surface for
your life               somewhere else to make

                         your stand
the first part                        of my journey
morning there with you
                                 they stand so tall &
fatly silvery pink
Queen Elizabeth roses    
      long gone          too small to reach

I so wanted to draw them,
          I so want to
                                            draw them
                       to remember
It hurts
          so much                                  forever
I had hoped              
                                        heart breaks like this
                        without you
you said
              It isn’t over until
the fat lady sings
                        without you
  Oct 1 Deadwood Jawn
They say to
;ove yourse;f,
but to do that,
you must ;earn that you are enough.
but what if I am not enough?
What if No one ever ;oves me?
What if?
What if?
What if I am never enough?
Numquam satis

Never Enough

Numquam satis

Never Enough.
Latin use inspired by Deadwood Jawn. every "L" is replaced with a semi-colon (";") for suicide awareness
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