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posiontheapple Jun 2020
Your smile makes my day
Your eyes, I can get lost in forever
Your lips, always wanting your kisses
Your voice is my new favorite song
Your face is something I look for in the crowds
How did it come to this?
Me being in love with you
posiontheapple Jun 2020
I never knew it would come to this
Me loving you from afar
And you completely in love with her
But here I am in love with you
Knowing I can never have you
So I guess I'll just be here as your friend
Being here when you need me
posiontheapple Feb 2020
I ask myself these questions
Every night because of you
Do you want to hear them?
Then again you wouldn't care
But here they are
"Am I not worth it?"
"Did my love mean so little to you?"
"Does your heart hurt too or is it just mine?"
"I must've been a second option"
"Did you ever even love me?"
posiontheapple Feb 2020
This hurts and I can't put it into words
But all I know is you broke me
Through thick and thin you said
Yet you left me
Broken and bruised still loving you
To the one who broke my heart because he couldn't stay
posiontheapple Feb 2020
I wish I could start over and go back
Back to June 10
When I first saw you
First talked to you
It was a magical moment
Meeting this beautiful person
But I ruined it
I'm sorry
Maybe if I wasn't this way things could be different
Maybe if you hadn't met me you wouldn't be hurting
But these what ifs aren't going to change anything
We don't get to start over
posiontheapple Jan 2020
How could I mean so little to you?
Today you look at me as if I'm a stranger
Do our texting not mean anything?
Do us talking meant nothing?
Us spending time together just disappear?
But I guess this is the way life comes to
Even the closest people just become strangers all over again
Now I just have to pretend the last 8 months were nothing
I have to start all over again but how do I do that?
How do you go on so easily?
I guess I truly meant nothing
posiontheapple Jan 2020
Words are stuck in my throat
It hurts having them there
I want them out
But I can't let them out
I have to bite my tongue
These words are ruthless
I'll keep quiet
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