She was outside herself
She was beyond the box
She knew things
Others did not

In her soul she was wild
In her heart she was free
They could not understand
They enjoyed their containment
Their daily regimen
Point A to B

Listen to your heart it knows your worth
Follow your soul it'll keep you on course
Through the terrifying
You will find the light
It will be joy, love
Always worth the fight
Take me home
Where the trees stay green
And the grass untamed
Where the air is crisp
And clean

Take me home
It's where I should be
In the shade of an old tree
Where the smell of earth is strong
It is where I belong

Take me home

Take me home
Living in an endless summer isn't for me.
Evangeline Evangeline

Who's eyes are emerald green

Gleaming softly

In pale light

Within arms reach

Yet out of sight


Can you hear the rhythmic beat

As my heart calls forth

From sights unseen

Evangeline Evangeline

Your ruby hair

Flickers like wildfire

In the summer's light

Warming souls from afar

Scorching those that linger tight


My soul has seen

That we cannot be

We are as summer is to winter

I surely would be the one

To parish


In your light
I am tired.
Not in the way that
Most people think

I am weary.
Not in the way that
Makes people drink

I am lost.
A compass or map?
That won't do the trick.

I remain.
Even though it is
My soul that is sick

I refuse.
I will not always
Feel this way.

There will come
For me
A brighter day.
In my head are beautiful
In my heart my true nature
Through my hands travel artistic
The night brings peace
Day casts light to demons
Others say it is the other way
Not for me it isn't
Have you ever felt trapped
By invisible walls
Invisible chains
They anchor you
They pierce your soul
Your heart
You're given just enough space for a gulp of air

Few understand that feeling

Fewer escape it
DeadHorizon Jan 1
That familiar feeling
You know the one
A book in hand
Nose between the pages
The scent of distant lands

That familiar feeling
You know the one
A warm mug nearby
Cat stretched out
In the sun between the blinds

That familiar feeling
You know the one
Returning to the garden
After the storms are done
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