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I usually tell myself, “it’s okay”.
I’m going to put down the pen, take a little break.
Just like my drawing pencil, another little mistake.
This can’t be erased! I wasn’t thinking with my head.
I loved grabbing that pencil, sketches full of lead.
One day I’ll get back to it.
I usually tell myself, “it is what it is”.
Look towards the next entertainment, just like a kid.
I constantly move as I breath.
If there’s something I don’t like I won’t sit still I’ll probably leave.
I always say I’m going to take a break from writing poetry.
Theses words constantly be roaming me.
Another thought from my brain, knowingly.
I’m letting you in, so you can notice me.
To know why sometimes I’m here then I’m not.
Every day I usually have poetry on the spot.
Like Erica said, I have too much up my sleeve!
I just don’t write about life, things you wouldn’t believe.
My imagination exceeds and I have thoughts I need to achieve.
If only people can see what I see.
Maybe I should take a break from me.
I finally found that closed door open.
Bright lights as I walk through hoping.
For a different me from what I’ve been showing.
The silence me is what people been knowing.
Now, I want others to know my voice!
Spoken or unspoken poetry, I have a choice!
I believe the inner me wants to make some noise.
The enemy tried to steal my joy.
I’ve been silence since I was a little boy.
I grew up with a loving family, so I didn’t need to be.
I guess I was just saving me from me.
I figured living life this way will be easy.
The simplest things would please me.
I had no opinion, no option, or no vision.
But it didn’t matter because my story was already written...
I just want to speak to you.
Can I get one moment of your time?
I just need me to see you.
I just need you to see me.
I know sometimes it’s not easy.
I just want this one moment to last.
But I know the images of me.
Brings up the bad moments of your past.
I just want to say sorry.
Although history can repeat.
It usually matter how discreet.
Things can still to the surfaces above.

I’m thinking of you too much.
And the mistakes that were made.
But I’m also missing your touch.
Almost by days: like yesterday and today.
Tomorrow could be a different story.
But I still think about you always.

I won’t go into details.
But I shouldn’t raise my _.
I feel sorry where it landed.
It should of firmly planted.
If it was me instead of you.
I would of never withstand it.
So, now I understand it...Why.
You left me without a goodbye.
Then again you just left.
Without a single text.
I started with a Hello...
I got silence in return
I guess your wondering what’s next..
I guess your still feeling hurt..

I’m Sorry (it’s not just word)
I’m Sorry (I really mean it when your hurt)
I’m Sorry (I should thought of my action first)
I’m so so Sorry.
I put my self in scenario’s. I’m a romantic type of guy. I cause no pain.
Don’t be a Yes Man.
Looking at yourself less than.
Take some time and Invest in.
Look at yourself in that reflection.
Just look at yourself!
What is your worth and what is your wealth?
You should think of you first and no one else.
You have the tools to repair you
No one else can see your past in their rear view.
The present is near you.
Your future should be in a clear view.
Dust yourself off you’re not done yet.
You didn’t lose but you haven’t won yet.
No matter how low the sun gets!
Seriously, you’re not done yet.
Take a hold of your life be in charge.
Don’t forget remember who you really are.
Even when the night falls and you see the stars.
I know you don’t like to feel the pain.
You wear long sleeve to cover your arms.
It’s not visible but I can still see them scars.
Your hurting within but you don’t care.
Because the real you isn’t there.
The real you is aware but could not bare.
The stupidity that you impaired.
You say, “I’m not dumb this is me!”.
Since the day of your birth I disagree.
Since the beginning we all had a choice.
We were developing as babies.
Even if we couldn’t speak yet with our voice.
Somewhere along the line you got off course.
And you changed your mind.
You left your only lonely self behind.
Then that Yes Man person was assigned.

I just want to say don’t be a Yes Man.
It’s not over you have a lot more Time.
I was waiting to get my starter dreads done. When I heard my stylist telling us her son is a Yes Man. And how his wife gets everything her way.
Don’t be a Yes Man.
You better start guessing.
You could make a choice.
Don’t let every lady steal your voice.
Your that person chillin in the back seat.
Yes! It’s relaxing, until you become obsolete.
You’ll feel less important...not complete.
All this Randomness is my brain babbling.
Emotions keeps traveling like candy wrappers unraveling.
I’m not even on a high but I’m steady battling.
My chains keep rattling cause I’m steady staggering.
I need to get up and move.
I need to get out this mood.
I’m a chill, laidback, gaming type of dude.
I’m a real, can relate that, explaining type of dude.
I don’t steal, I state facts, I reveal me. (you hate that.)
It won’t **** me, As long as i’m still me. (you can’t take that.)
The brain just can’t stay focus.
Thanks to these random thoughts.
My words is never bogus.
Only one time I felt a little hopeless.
Like I had a need to be.
I wasn’t seen or even noticed.
I never thought my highest level would be my lowest.
Now I’m telling you as a poet sticking with the motions.
How tides come in..the water of the ocean.
Like the rhythm of a wizard that uses a potion.
There’s a type of pulse that quivers or shake.
The brain tries adjust to the movement of the quake.
Sometimes that one movement is all it takes.
You could ruin your life with too many mistakes...
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