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I know it’s been a while since I spoke a word.
I don’t speak much I only write spoken words.
I’m sweet by the touch and woken enough.
My image is speechless…in the mornings I open up.
Let me be the flower that blooms in the sun.
Beauty is not only an image but you’re the one.
You come first in my mind, never second to none.
I’m trying to travel further than where I came from.
I’m New Jersey born and raise.
My personality is warm and spreads across like sun rays.
I love all shades of beauty and I continue chase the rainbow for days.
Just looking for my *** of gold but I hope my journey never ends.
Because on the road continuously as every single day is where I spend.
I want to come home fast and “Sit With You!”
It doesn’t matter if we don’t have “Sh_t To Do!”
Who I love to end my day with? “It is You!”
Dine and spend time forever “With My Boo!”
I can’t think of no one better..”Just Us Two!”
I’m about to enter dark forget the light.

I can’t see you because I’m out of sight.

This is the main event enjoy the fight.

I’m no longer weak I’m full of might.

Benjamin flew a kite and he enjoyed the strike.

A jolt of lightning so electrifying like a motorbike.

Feeling of anger is not recognizing, I’m more polite.

Keeping to myself as I put pain in this poem as I write.

No more mornings left there’s only nights.

But I guess I shouldn’t let anyone steal my joy.

Ig: @its_jusdat
they say come Out Your Shell
have They Ever Revealed themselves?
Aaron L Osgood Dec 2021
I enjoy our talks when we get to speak.
On a certain subject that interests me.
Love to learn about you and your views.
About life or the surrounding news.
I’m wiling to talk about any subject you choose.
Aaron L Osgood Nov 2020
I miss my friend.
If we can only talk for a quick second.
I’m trying to forget the past and live in the present.
Forget the bad I’m done learning my lesson.
I’m not going to ask, “Why was I treated wrong?”
I lived through the pain and now I’m living strong.
You’re the cause of my wrongs nothing felt right.
“Why do I still bleed?”, when I’m wearing white.
Why do I still need?”, this person in my life.
Questioning myself, the answers would help.
Deep in my thoughts the common passion I’ve always felt.
You won’t respond because you’re not here.
If you were I doubt you’d care.

More To Say...

Every time we talk you say, “I have you back”
Well, you shouldn’t of left me like that.
Broken down but yet I have to be man.
We both are human beings I guess you don’t understand.
You bleed red! Well so do I!
You left me dead! But I’m still alive!
Raised from the ground to reach the sky.
Like a seed in the ground, that tree grew high
If only you could see me now
You would be surprised
But only thing you see is memories
Just another disguise!
The truth behind your lies...
Aaron L Osgood Aug 2020
Puzzle pieces scattered as I opened the box.
I’ve seen the picture that revels the answer.
But still clueless on how to put them together.
I sent out a request and I was accepted.
But still trying to match the curves and edges.
The lines that defines the patterns.
The way in, Is not through the door.
Then again if the door is the mind.
Suddenly my mind races as being intrigued.
So many pieces scattered I may decline.
I may not be able to solve this mystery.
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