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Aaron L Osgood Nov 2020
I miss my friend.
If we can only talk for a quick second.
I’m trying to forget the past and live in the present.
Forget the bad I’m done learning my lesson.
I’m not going to ask, “Why was I treated wrong?”
I lived through the pain and now I’m living strong.
You’re the cause of my wrongs nothing felt right.
“Why do I still bleed?”, when I’m wearing white.
Why do I still need?”, this person in my life.
Questioning myself, the answers would help.
Deep in my thoughts the common passion I’ve always felt.
You won’t respond because you’re not here.
If you were I doubt you’d care.

More To Say...

Every time we talk you say, “I have you back”
Well, you shouldn’t of left me like that.
Broken down but yet I have to be man.
We both are human beings I guess you don’t understand.
You bleed red! Well so do I!
You left me dead! But I’m still alive!
Raised from the ground to reach the sky.
Like a seed in the ground, that tree grew high
If only you could see me now
You would be surprised
But only thing you see is memories
Just another disguise!
The truth behind your lies...
Aaron L Osgood Aug 2020
Puzzle pieces scattered as I opened the box.
I’ve seen the picture that revels the answer.
But still clueless on how to put them together.
I sent out a request and I was accepted.
But still trying to match the curves and edges.
The lines that defines the patterns.
The way in, Is not through the door.
Then again if the door is the mind.
Suddenly my mind races as being intrigued.
So many pieces scattered I may decline.
I may not be able to solve this mystery.
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
Bless the dead and the dead that’s undead.
Some people rather be that way instead.
Walking around like zombies just useless bodies.
Acting like it’s a trend just clueless copies.
The end feels near or it already is.
Well until then continue your life.
You have more to live and plenty more to give.
Life isn’t easy I understand your logic.
I exit reality and enter my fantasy Marvel Comics.
Yes!, I’m a bit of geek and I strive on week by week.
I listen to music on repeat until I’m in sync.
I’m not talking the 90’s boy band.
More like Eric B. & Rakim, when the music leak.
You can hear them say “Don’t Sweat The Technique”.
Some may not understand me like I’m speaking Greek.
Like everything I write seem too weak.
It’s not up to their standard like a sleek physique.
Don’t judge me because I seem fatigue.
I’m on my own level if you follow the league.
Yup, the words was spoken as I continue to speak.
Let it remain in your head until it’s concrete.
My words all in your head and may it the streets.
Like Diddy, “Proceed to Give You What You Need”.
Forget me not and Yes, I’m a different breed.
DNA from a plantation where my ancestors flee.
I wish I can say they were freed.
The truth is people are ruthless and till this day.
Anger in my soul but in reality I seem okay.
Aggression gets old so I put it away.
I’m more cool, calm, and collective.
I sometimes bend the rules it’s beyond effective.
Don’t analyze me now no need for a detective.
As you read I invaded your life instead.
I’m now attached to you, Zombie life, The Infected.
I know this script wasn’t expected.
So I’ll continue to search for a different method.

I’m just so hungry...I must feed..

More to Come
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
Why do I feel like I’m drowning?
If I didn’t get into the pool yet.
There’s only a few moves I do regret.
Needing a lifesaver just to feel safer.
I’ll speak on any topic if you pick the flavor.
Luckily, writing is my form of therapy on paper.
Basically, it’s my only savior when times are major.
Why keep these thoughts in my head?
I rather speak on them now, rather than later.
You can’t express yourself let this be a favor.
Maybe me writing this you can relate to.
We both trying to find an exit to escape thru.
Trying to fight it these feeling is uninvited.
Maybe no one will notice if I try to hide it.
But which will suffer more them or I.
A question I always ask myself.
It’s usually between him or I.
If I free myself from this pain, Will I Rise?
Is the suffering too deep in vain, Will I Die?
But still I try to keep Hope and Will alive.
The moment will be gone and the sun will arrive.
So until this day is over I’ll say “I Will Survive!”
Just Keeping Hope Alive from Drowning...
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
I’m still alive!
So, that means I didn’t die.
I’m back now in my suit and tie.
Being presentable is my profession.
Appearing here now I guess I have a confession.
My words is not just talk.
It’s my best means of an expression.
I will always laugh now and maybe cry later.
At the moment I’m molding my life.
I guess you can call me The Creator.
The Artistic Visionary, The Artistic Invader.
My art is always present I never miss.
I used to call myself Artamyst....
I appear to be the toughest.
My exterior is the roughest.
I take life all in until enough is enough is.
I know you see me talking.
Ignoring me as you keep on walking.
Just Great!
At times I may enter hibernation state.
I keep to myself.
Even when part of me wants to escape.
I stay on the clock from twelve to twelve.
I’m still alive no expiration.
So, that means I will remain on the shelf.
And if I do die, continue the separation.
From the body to the soul.
Life is just a play.
God gave me a role.
God gave me a goal.
I’m trying to reach it
But it will be a blessing if I turn old.
I’m talking black and white with some grey.
1) My black or brown skin, okay.
2) The white hairs may appear.
3) But I rather see grey.
I had to break it down.
I didn’t want you to question my logic.
I’m actually writing this.
As I’m listening to Logic.
I’m still alive and kicking is my topic.
I really need a vacation, probably the tropics.
Energizer bunny
I’ll keep going until I stop this......
Oh Yeah,,,I’m Alive...Stay Tune.
Maybe more coming soon.
Aaron L Osgood Jul 2020
So, here we go again.
Take two!
Love Me or Not.
I’m not here to make you.
Whatever you choose it’s cool.
Because, I’m going to still be me.
I’m still going to live on.
I know it’s hard to believe.
Not dealing with you is a relief.
I’m going to be Stressless!
Express my feelings I won’t suppress this.
I’m free now no need to be obsessed with.
I’m about to let it all out.
Love Me or Not, is my confession.
Love Me or Not, is full of aggression.
Love Me or Not...
I guess I learned my lesson.
Take Three!
You don’t have another chance with me.
You just missed out on romance with me.
Bags packed! no going to France with me.
Aime-moi ou pas (French)
You don’t have another chance with me.
I think we can both agree!
This is an indefinitely guarantee.
You’ll never **** with me!

To be continued...
Aaron L Osgood Apr 2020
I’m not dying but it feels like I am.
Left traveling the world alone for work, ****
I can’t go back to my life, my friends or family.
Although I am holding up well financially.
Still have a job due to resupply America.
Restocking food on supermarket shelves.
Not going home I feel emptiness in myself.
I was born and raised in New Jersey, it’s home.
The state it’s in My Family I worry, it’s home.
Until the disaster ends I have no choice but to continue to roam.
I feel it in my spirit, in my soul, so lonely and cold.
I continue to hold my head up praying for hope.
Still suffering continues around the globe.
So as I continue to write  My Will.
I just wanted express my moments on how I feel.
Shedding a tear as my feelings are revealed.
Trying to be strong but the pain still kills
Because I’m missing everyone still.

Signing off Aaron L. Osgood.

My Will
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