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Music was a voice. Therapy was support. Judgement was never court.
All natural, Presence was the only force.
Cuts heeled. Promises were real & doubt couldn’t be heard anymore.
Just like limbo, it’s so easy when the bar is far from the floor.
She felt adored.
She was pencil & when the pencil slipped, he was eraser.
Every time a path to growth showed up He would race her.
No one understood, he was a translator.
She used to never be a priority, he would get with friends later.
A lifetime was squeezed in less than a year.
one day he disappeared.
but left so much food for thought there.
Only a short time is needed to make a steak rare.
I don’t take any of It for granted, not one minute.
Not even the days It seemed like the food came w/roaches in It.
I just got this, how is It already bad?
We put things down & forget what we had.
Don’t let It go over your head.
But if it’s not supposed to why do they call It under stand?
Glass half full. Lemons to lemonade. At least I’m not at the back of the line.
Never noticed those who turned their back because I was behind them the whole time.
If no one ever broke It, we’d hand It over wrapped with a ribbon.
Just to say thanks for giving.
& when my head doesn’t work, thanks for forgiving.
The days we wish we weren’t here, love feels like thanks for living.
If you know my story how could not believe in God?
Everything about my background says I should be a statistic on the chart.
Can’t help everyone but I help as many as I can.
Being an adult gives me anxiety because I never thought I’d live to be a man.
So many things I don’t understand, when I meet him I can’t wait ask.
Never been a robber but everyday I leave my house I wear a mask.
I’ll show you how I got them but I do not value the materials we all stack.
Except my phones, it’s so many people I can’t call back.
Tadashi Pinder Dec 2019
Haven’t written, I’ve lacked inspiration.
So much red pen & forced erasing.
We never out grow bad grades. We never outgrow mistakes.
& only thieves are happy because happiness is something you have to take.
Usually planted alone because photos, sins, and this don’t help me grow.
No one’s perfect, yet I’m obsessed with being close.
& what ever that space is will keep people close to me.
Long after I’m gone they’ll still choose me because of who I chose to be.
Tadashi Pinder Sep 2019
My poems so personal but the truth so inspiring.
My career in hyper drive, baby boomers retiring.
Materials & status not important in life.
So I spend a lot of time selling better values & advice.
So many things more important than winning when any night could be our last night.
So I apologize even when I feel right.
Peace is never a loss.
Losing people is life’s most expensive cost.
Scan earth & my best friend the fastest man here.
When he vent to me sometimes I can tell he forget he a millionaire.
I stoped living to survive, constant flights to California.
Spoiling women a passion for me, praying God bless me with plenty daughters.
August 8th, bonus check net 6K, I didn’t smile that day.
Can’t say enough if you chasing happiness, money not the way.
The world has so many moments that make even rich people choke.
With no loved ones close, they realize they really broke.
My pride comes from women that love me calling me a bright spot.
Can’t wait til the day my daughters look back like “we just like Pops.“
Tadashi Pinder Aug 2019
The climate change & the weather never fair.
Ecocentric so it’s so many ways I want to clear the air.
Hurt by the things I hear, like I wasn’t there.
Sending money to my family & they still call me gross when the net everywhere.
12 hour work days after driving from Tuscaloosa when I couldn’t rest.
Craving success, cut off the love of my life due to stress.
How do I tell the person next to me I need to isolate myself?
How do I tell someone I give reassurance I actually hate myself?
& I’m the villain because I didn’t drag you through my bad episode?
Success come with seasons & we fell before the summer because I couldn’t stand to see you cold.
The price to keep moving, my past is littered with good people.
Every time I step up I fall in to puddles of tears like I’m racing steeple.
I hear the unsweet tea but my mouth never bitter.
Would I have taken a Phoenix contract if I was still with her?
We never know what God needs to erase to write the story.
Most common evidence of weak faith is when we worry.
If you lining up for success, you need God on the corner to go that route.
To get in your bag sometimes some people have to come out.
Tadashi Pinder Aug 2019
‪& while he’s in negotiations
She’s in his imagination.
Money don’t buy happiness & so his dollars need lamination.
Tears fall on hundred dollar bills.
The more liquid the more love spills.
Pride kills.
Trust me, the saddest papers are wills.
He let her go.‬
He let her grow.
He moved across the country without a word, it would be selfish to let her know.
& so. So? So? & so.
Through the speaker played a song slow.
Oh well, his money long though.
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