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Oct 2020 · 1.1k
Instagram Quotes
Darryl M Oct 2020
What a wonderful world it is,
coz when it's beautiful,
it has your legs on my shoulders.

#2...(Sacred acts):
The thickness of his blood all up in her waters.

#3...(Description of a 69):
As he burnt her midnight oils,
and she on the other hand,
gagging over his spilt milk.
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Feb 2020 · 1.6k
Folder - Quotes
Darryl M Feb 2020
in a World of
Stand for's & Stand Outs,
I just wanna keep walking.

She could always read his love letters,
But never his love.

World War started on the day she came to Earth.

She made me feel like a romantic novel...

This is a little taste of my remodeled self.
Jul 2019 · 572
The World turns AWOL
Darryl M Jul 2019
That look you catch in his eyes,
as he slowly thrusts in.
That rush he forces into you,
as your eyes display the gasp.

That moment where she grabs on him for her dear life,
Till she admits; 'she can't do this anymore.'
She has no signs of claws,
But those scratch marks she always leaves behind.

That cuddle he gives, as he feels her teats,
even better, when lowered to her ***.

His scalding fingers moving up for the hair pull,
Then down knot-tied to the neck.
A snake, fang-loose, be her moan.

That friction he gives her mental,
everytime he whispers a "shh" ballad...
                   -giving thought *******,
                   -just a little dose to make her flip!

"He owned me entirely,
And fed me my own soul,
At the palm of his imperious hands."

"At that moment I knew,
I was her whole world,
And my whole world,
Laid on her."

                  -Unto me,
                   She was an animal,
                   But she found a beast,
                   and craved for my claws.
Flabbergasted by Desire.

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The World turns AWOL #wattpad
May 2019 · 796
Darryl M May 2019
Left index finger pulling up her chin,
"Submit Love, I'm in control now."

Don't scream, no need to be too loud,
But don't hold it in,
Sigh, moan, release the gulp of your desire.

I come not to tame the beast,
But to **** it off.

And here I was,
In a world where
She fell in love with words
I wasn't even saying.

Every ****** stroke
Led her closer to the inner man,
I was hiding.

Suddenly tranced to a place
where less is too much...
Completed: 26th May 2019
May 2019 · 213
Darryl M May 2019
It's like
Walking in the rain,
kissing like it's a movie.

It's like
a memory.
It's like
you've had this before.

You know this?
Written by Lucas_Lez
May 2019 · 408
Darryl M May 2019
       is a series of actions
 to know a person to the core.
       We grow together,
        each for another!
Simple lines
May 2019 · 1.2k
Beautiful Wide Spread
Darryl M May 2019
Reminiscing on your lips.
Hallucinating on your *******.
Seizures on your ******.
A mind in a maze,
Finding direction in the Land of Heat.

Your body on my body,
What more can our bodies want?

Open your eyes, look at me.
Can you still see me?
Stare at the fantasy,
Hallucinate on the pleasure,
Remember it’s real.

Fear no corner,
Hit the right spot.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th September 2018 [17:20 PM]
Beautiful Wide Spread
May 2019 · 1.0k
Enough, yet too much
Darryl M May 2019
The innocence in her eyes,
The fear in her talks,
She knows I crave for her,
She knows I want it,
But she remains on a shutdown.

Up her inner thighs I want to go,
But there’s something about my touch
she’s sceptical about.

Allow me in,
Let me love you…

I haven’t even begun,
If I was to go deeper,
It’ll end with you biting the sheets.

For a man’s pride lies in being sexually required.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 24th September 2018 [16:00 PM]
Enough, yet too much
May 2019 · 411
Your pleasure tickets
Darryl M May 2019
My hand rests on your thighs,
My finger tips are way ahead to your…

I just need an access,
Your pleasure tickets.
Girl, the things I want to do to you.
Beyond Fantasy.

A kiss on your chin,
That you swallow down your throat,
Feel the intensity.

With me,
Feel at home.
Given that the home is an area where you
Lose all your innocence in the name of pleasure…

You and I have never been intimate,
But you can break that.
Do you mind if I touched your soft spots?

I’m that awkward guy
Who’ll leave a fossil trace of sexuality on your body.
Completed: 24th September 2018 [16:00 PM]
May 2019 · 319
But can I be inside of you?
Darryl M May 2019
Your Mother warned you against guys like me.
Your Pastor still preaches about me.
School taught you better.
Babes, I’m a predator on a hunt.
Don’t arouse me if you fear being the target.

It’s a fact,
I’m into you.
But can I be inside of you?
Like earbuds rubbing the inner ear,
I’ll slide for the ******.

Can’t argue with the logic.
You’re too far away,
My hand could’ve been sliding on sacred hills tonight.
The hills being the dimensions of your body.

A Man always goes back on his word for just that lovely lady.
For Power lies in her Charisma,
And his Weakness on her Pudenda.
Completed: 24th September 2018 [16:00 PM]
May 2019 · 388
Keep me sprung
Darryl M May 2019
How she pushes him away till she latches on for the kiss,
How she shies away from his touch,
How she tenses up till his fingers scale her inner thighs,
How she resists till she spreads.

She enjoys talks about her,
But mum to the response.
She enjoys applause of her petite body,
But deaf to the reaction.

Her thighs, pillars of a sanctuary.
Feel free, as I lock you in deep pleasure.

Do you love it as I go down?
I can see it in your eyes rolling over,
Your face changing color,
*** babe ***.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th September 2018 [18:30 PM]
Keep me sprung
May 2019 · 167
Whom am I talking to?
Darryl M May 2019
I am what you’ve been avoiding but can’t resist.

Blueprints to your heart I’ve been given,
Constructions of love, I’ve got to make.
I learn,
but chasten me once more.

How do I?
How do I?
To know the weight of my love,
Face to Face is the scale,
Calibration of the heart.

What is a kiss without its sacred contact?
One’s emotion without its nakedness.

You lay your heart on my palms,
Yet I don’t recognize,
Pardon my ignorance.
I learn,
but chasten me once more.

Your heart on my palm,
My love on your hands.

Love is pain in isolation,
Joy in communion,
Built on destruction,
Prepared on rejection,
Unleashed on anger.

I am what you’ve been avoiding but can’t resist.
Completed: 13th August 2018 [18:52 PM]
May 2019 · 222
Darryl M May 2019
In opulence.
Beauty be the sophistication of a lady,
The intimidation of her very being.
Beauty is about the innocence in a lady’s texture.
The string of temptation and nobility,
Something that hits the heart.

I can see the dark along the lustre coins of the sky.
I wanna find my favourite spots on your body.
Are there any?
Can’t really tell without ******* you on my own.

No man can ever sail to the oceans of desire.
The very oceans, we’ll sink in.
Don’t judge me, face to face,
Self-control is not what I aim for,
When I’m close to you.

****** colours of ribbons,
Ribbons of lust and passion.
The untidy strings of Desire.

Allow me to pull you closer to the signal of moans,
Allow me to hear the echoes of your warm breath escaping in passion.
Bounded by the prisons of ****** desire.

I love how your body moves when I’m in it.
The chorus of pleasure sounded by your moan.
Oops, suspension in hallucination.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [13:58 PM]
May 2019 · 189
Remains Untold.
Darryl M May 2019
Should’ve I?
Should’ve I?
I could’ve, couldn’t I?
Let me speak to the unspoken of speeches.
Let me tell on my heart, the untold open secrets.

Can you?
Can you?
Find refuge in a love refugee’s heart?
I want you,
But I don’t know unto which extent.
Confusion in the mist of clarity…

Rocks of your mind, you throw,
Lay me on the cushions of your heart.

A heart in denial calls it a hormone,
A heart in evasion calls it an emotion,
But a heart that understands, lives by it.

They kissed, and he felt it,
Tragedy of a heart in running.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [14:22 PM]
May 2019 · 271
Let's be Real!
Darryl M May 2019
What has turned of my life?
Of what value are you in it?
Let’s not fake relevance.
Echoes of a dying connection.

Let’s be real.
I took your contact number, so communication can be easy,
And we can meetup.
Not to create a new distant relationship,
Digital love be boring.
Echoes of a dying connection.

Nothing builds,
Nothing touches,
A human being,
More than attention.
Attention structures communication,
Communication foresees relationships.

Let not your emotions be emojis,
Let not your response be status updates,
Fortifications of a convo in burial, can’t be made through texting.

Of you and I,
The future shines through,
But a moonlight.

This isn’t a version of me, I commune with.
This isn’t a version of me you fell for.

Echoes of a dying connection.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [17:39 PM]
Let’s be Real!
May 2019 · 396
Speed bumps of Pleasure
Darryl M May 2019
Satisfaction be the aim,
Gratification of bodies leaking desire.
Let’s indulge in ourselves.
I ain’t a thief, but I’ll take it from the back.

Speed bumps of Pleasure,
I’d love to see your body vibrate as I’m in it.

Try slowly putting your finger in your ear,
Now imagine the feeling being greater
with me as the influence of the sensation.

Like a lingerie on a strip tease,
Let me be your drug so I can take you to my world.
Ecstasy, a man not afraid of arousal.
Don’t repeat, won’t repeat,
Pardon my desires,
You are my arousal.

I bear the desire,
Would you mind if I acted upon it?
It’s a destination that I need to reach,
But would you be my ride or my path?
You know what?
Just be both!
Author: Darryl_M & Sphephelo Buthelezi
Completed: 02nd September 2018 [16:00 PM]
Speed bumps of Pleasure
May 2019 · 284
Girl vs Sensation
Darryl M May 2019
Skin on skin,
Flesh to flesh,
Lip to lip,
Is how deep in contact I want to be with you.

Blood rushes down my veins,
Sensation burning through my skin,
Curiosity hits me in the ear,
Unto an echo of passion, I listen,
Hisses of great pleasure.

It’s my request,
and the lady’s sober decision.
That way I know you’re enjoying the ritual,
Coz ****** pleasure is about the girl vs the sensation.
No hearts being played.

I’m sorry on being too real.
Dipped in emotions is obligation,
Obligation, I hate,
Not that a lady is a *** advert.

Allow me to be the guy that disrupts your views,
I ain’t aiming for similarity,
Just being an absurd mark on your body.

Not every sleepover is about ***,
Not all *** is about *******.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [14:00 PM]
May 2019 · 269
As can feel
Darryl M May 2019
The touch of paralysis,
The feeling of my fingers going down your back.
The heavy, slowly released breath.
The suspension of your eyes in the hallucination of the mind.
Deep in desire.

Your lips are slightly open,
Perfectly positioned for a kiss of the deep.
Deep in desire.
You are mine, now.
Slavery of a free body teased with passion.

I touch you as if we’re alone in this world.
A touch that shames you in public,
Leaves you with secrets,
A sip of more to blush about.
Bonds of a mind drift.

Ancestral traces of my touch,
Inscribed in your affection.
Elation of hearts entangled.
Completed: 19th August 2018 [14:13 PM]
May 2019 · 119
A Listening Eye
Darryl M May 2019
My eye on you,
And yours on my heart.
Let not blood dull the vision,
For watery, am I, to your sight.

Trembling are my hands on the balloon of your cares.
None of us carry sharp ends to make it pop,
But who knows how thick blood can get?
Let the watery showers, I am, fill your void.
Of empty vessels, we are not, together.

Cloudy is the path we’ve taken,
Nevertheless, I still see your headlights.
Is letting go, giving up?
To let go, why would I?
What I want from you, is what you have for me.
Completed: 12th August 2018 [16:46 PM]
May 2019 · 152
Ambiguous Longings
Darryl M May 2019
A staffed bag be the mind on a road trip,
A repeated T-shirt be the thoughts.
Take me where the road leads,
But unto love, leave me behind.

How you got it, is not how you keep it,
But how you got it, is how it remains.
Renovations of the thought in mind.
Like nails shaped for beauty,
so are actions for innocence.

Desire be a hoodie,
a perfect covering for the sides,
What a shame be to the exposed.

A popped balloon is loss of control,
Is control handed over, part of the loss?
Completed: 11th August 2018 [19:41 PM]
May 2019 · 365
Widowed Resurrections
Darryl M May 2019
The ******* of a voice in one’s heart,
The soundness of longing,
Echoes of an empty love,
Oh, the noise of the thoughts in memory,
The pictured message in the painting,
Paintings of desire.

Silence be a double dagger,
But numb is the cut on love’s edges.
Why do I have a feeling,
that you have a feeling,
the one that I’m feeling?

Insecurities be shaped like a question mark,
Indecisiveness be an exclamation,
Pity be on the tears that clog the eyes.
Completed: 11th August 2018 [19:25 PM]
May 2019 · 289
A naked kiss
Darryl M May 2019
A naked kiss,
Euphony of the love birds.

Why are you shy on convos?
There are regions on you I want to reach,
But can’t make it to the door,
You keep building more stairs…

Why I enjoy calling?
I love the way she freezes over the phone
as I penetrate ideas into her ****** mind.

I’d like to pollute your mind,
Before feeling how perverted your body can get.
I’d like to keep you wet,
Before I dry you out.

What I need today,
Is a slice of you and a full dosage of your love.

Thou sweet temptation,
On your behind lies the forbidden fruit,
I shall not yield,
But I wanna take a bite.
Coz the serpent in between my legs doesn’t believe in obedience.

I just want a girl who would hold on to my chest,
Whisper in my ear,
“Let’s make out.”

Your body tells me things your mind hasn’t processed yet,
Allow me to respond back.
Best performances for the bed,
Let the click in our kisses be the applause.

I can feel your mind hallucinate on my lips as we kiss.
Listen to the sensation.
The way you open and clinch to my motion.

As soon as I touch you,
I forget we’re in the room,
Slowly learning self-control by losing myself in your body.
The only scars I see on your body,
Are my fingerprints of libido,
Labelling passion.

Whispers of two bodies longing for each other.
The halls of pleasure call our names.
Organs of desire are playing to the tune of sensuality.

Allow me into the only Eden left on Earth.

An element of art,
Like the Renaissance.
I see how you be touching your body,
I know my hands can do it better.

My teeth ain’t fancy,
My tongue ain’t fancy,
But the way they nibble,
But the way it slides,
You know,
It’s beautiful.

I want to leave your neck with the memento of my lips,
Love bites.

A kiss withheld,
Free of worry.
A naked kiss.

My heart be a violent wind hovering
around the world searching for you.
You, who are you?

We, both knowing you can be the Queen in my life,
Take pride of place in my heart.

The kiss, oh, the kiss,
Don’t remind me.
Completed: 06th August 2018 [10:43 AM]

Flows well with Aaliyah - One in A Million (dvsn Remix)
May 2019 · 253
Each man., Die one
Darryl M May 2019
As the wind blows the dust,
In a river flow,
The small tears, cloud my eyes.

I don’t know what it means to be black,
But on behalf of my forefathers,
I shall not slack.
I don’t know what it means to be held captive,
But on the land of the free, I shall build the highest tower.
Memoirs of the Forgotten.

Still makes it to school.
Still walks towards the future.

Now that I’m alive,
Whose life am I bettering?
Be a shadow in people’s lives,
Cold enough but useful.

For all the broken of spirit,
And the bruised of heart.
Wounds get bandages,
But can’t cover the scars.

I see the scars on my heart,
But love marks the spot.
Wounds expose the healer,
Tears unmask the darkness of a being.
Tears wrongly shed,
Bury the innocence.
A dead corpse becomes the soul.

Sin, I must not,
But a sinner, I am.
Allow me to chasten you,
Hold you tight in place by the buckle of my belt.
We all gullible,
The sin embraces us,
Rewards with pleasure.

Sometimes a heart is a novel you can read,
Sometimes it’s a verse you can’t understand.
Permission be unto the granted.

Love be heavy,
In need of a trebuchet.
You never lose invaluable things.

Each man., Die one.
Completed: 29th July 2018 [14:00 PM]

A troubled heart
May 2019 · 190
A kiss of Archives
Darryl M May 2019
Long exchanged was the kiss in thought,
Long awaited was the slide of the lips,
Lubricated were their tongues to kindle.
Your tongue on my lips.

Are we gonna kiss already?
Forget what comes afterwards,
I’m looking forward to it.
There’s something about your derriere the erectile seems to enjoy.

I believe your hips and my hips would shake well
to the song of pleasure playing deep in our ****** organs.
So, May I Love You?

You’re harsh until we kiss.
You try to talk till you feel it go in.
Say something now.

Just looking for you around my arms.
Searching my way through your neck using my lips.
Say no word and Enjoy.

I can hear the two love birds singing,
Oh, sorry,
It’s just the two of us.
Completed: 29th July 2018 [13:20 PM]
May 2019 · 124
Tarred Potholes
Darryl M May 2019
You’re picture perfect but can’t crop your faults.
When the heart gets darker,
The mind gets wiser…
Just know this,
I’m not your Ex.

We know not of each other but the fantasy we hold.
If love be a Fantasy,
Let’s create a beautiful one.

My heart be like a deleted message,
It could have deep meaning to you.
But you’ll never know,
Whilst enslaved by a grudge.

Let loose of your gown of hatred,
Let my love be the label on your clothing…
Completed: 22nd July 2018 [12:51 PM]
May 2019 · 244
Darryl M May 2019
Being in contact,
The kiss that is going and going,
Going to the neck,
Whilst my hands are squeezing your ****,
Up to your waist.

Slide your ***** to the bottom,
Coz it doesn’t belong,
Thrown to the floor,
And you on the bed.

I don’t want this night to be just about magnetism,
I want it to be about something
that another guy can never repeat in your life.
Your pleasure spots,
Need my fingerprints to unlock.

Understand the ritual of deep pleasure,
It’s about how long the sensation lasts.

Let me travel the land of the captive,
The Euphoric,
Where no man wishes to leave.
The ****** sanctuary,
Your privy.

Relax in my touch,
And I’ll sink in, deep.
Completed: 21st July 2018 [16:50 PM]
May 2019 · 187
Beautiful and Tempting
Darryl M May 2019
How I look at you,
Pulsing with desire,
Is an open secret.

Our hearts are weak,
But love would raise them stronger.
Let me sleep through the night,
With the sweet melodies of your laughter.
I’ll make it through the night,
Coz I’ll be seeing you in morrow.

Hear our hearts pounding to the sound of love.
They merge to create toxicant love with its own potion.
Only you and I drink,
From the pleasures of love.

Give me your folded hand,
Let me guide you through the forest of the lost,
The lost in love.

Into the valley where we stand,
I hold your folded hand.
Let’s jump together,
To conquer our fear of the lost,
The lost in love.

Just a simple touch on your waist,
And a naked kiss,
The feeling forces you to scream my name.

Allow my hand to creep down your comely stomach,
To the Land of heat,
Where no man can escape.

No one comes out without the ****** healing,
Chained, are we,
To the cure-all.

Beauty is a curse,
Love be a spell.
Author(s): Darryl_M & Sphephelo Buthelezi
Completed: 18th July 2018 [20:05 PM]
May 2019 · 159
Tell me about it
Darryl M May 2019
The morning wishes upon our cuddles.
The day longs for our smiles.
The night craves for our loving.
Let’s meet up.
I want to conclude that I want you.
Face to Face.
May 2019 · 184
Goodness Gracious
Darryl M May 2019
Love I can explain in variety.
But what I have for you, I fail to elaborate.
I can only feel and express.
Hoping that you get to feel it too.
But not just feel,
But feel the way I feel it.
That way I am assured in you, coz I feel it too.

Love, I don’t fail to.
But loving you, I fail.
Coz loving you calls upon Romance.

I’ve never kissed you,
I’ve never grabbed your most ****** parts,
But you sneak in my mind,
Like dust in a spotless room.

Hear me out in the blazing wind,
Let me tell you something.
Nah, I mean, I.
I think this is where I messed up.
I was walking blind, so I never saw the fall.
Little did I know, wide open were your eyes.

Mirror image,
I’m caught up between sailing in emotions
or rejecting them as always.

Define love.
I know I don’t want it.
What is it?
What am I missing out on?
Try to convince me.
Do your best.
Best of luck.

A shy person, I am not.
But I shy away from love.
Hatred towards women, I don’t hold.
Love be on a wheelchair,
I just can’t stand ******* up.

Pride comes before a fall.
To fall in love,
You must lose balance.
Sanity too.

Why think about the same person?
Over and repeatedly.

But she was dumb enough not to notice,
She could’ve been the one to hold me down.

He’s dead in you.
Love cries, a tear of union.
Astonishing how you’re the one for his internal joy.

Funny how I want you,
But hate what comes along.
Disappointed at myself.

Goodness Gracious!
Completed: 07th July 2018 [20:41 PM]
May 2019 · 164
Your tongue on my lips
Darryl M May 2019
Your belly on the pillow,
My manhood in between the two clouds,
Scattered are the skies.
A feeling of heat,
Any man would ever want.

The silence,
Then the little moans,
Don’t forget your squirts.
Loss of control in my body,
I just need to be inside you.
Remain for a while,
Turn your ***** into my campsite.

I’m stroking in and out,
Just to be in, again.

When I map you with my tongue,
Travel my back with your finger prints,
Tha Sweet Sensation.
Allow me to pull you to the edge,
Let your **** eyes merge with mine.

Here we go again,
Your tongue on my lips.
Author(s): Darryl_M & Sphephelo Buthelezi
Completed: 16th July 2018 [18:48 PM]
May 2019 · 293
Coolio xx
Darryl M May 2019
I want another chance.
Look into my eyes,
Tell me there wasn’t a spark the first time we met.
Tell me I never liked you the first time I laid my eyes on you.
Tell me it ain’t awkward when we cross paths and not talk.
Tell me you’ve never felt me like I feel you.

We look at each other as if,
One of us not noticing the other would be a crime.

I want to free myself from this.
And the only way I can free myself,
Is to make you my girl.

You once stood me up,
I get it.
Every lady defends her honour.
You don’t need to search deep within,
You can tell,
From the surface of my eyes.
You’re my darkest craving.

Things that were,
Things that are,
Things that could’ve been.

My dreams have been long dreamt.
You’re the key to their reality.
Completed: 17th July 2018 [01:57 AM]
May 2019 · 107
Darryl M May 2019
We cuddled through the winter night,
I felt your heart pounding and pounding,
Until you found rest in my touch.
Your heart realized, it’s where it’s supposed to be.
Home with me.

Lend me your ear,
Forgive me for nibbling your ear lobe.
Do you feel what I feel when we touch?

Clingy it might seem,
I always want to meet up with you.
Because I still can’t believe I killed my Pride on your behalf.
I killed the former, so the latter be a superb lover for you.

Another, might win your heart.
But can I take it?
Not at all.
I want you all to myself.

If this be too real,
If this be too much for you.
I understand.

This might just be where we fall in love.
Completed: 17th July 2018 [21:09 PM]
May 2019 · 202
In a Few
Darryl M May 2019
My hands have let go,
But a tight grip, my heart holds on you.
Can there be a sweeter source of love?
Can there be a better dwelling of beauty?
Can there be a better sensation?
Your heart, for the love,
You, for the beauty,
And your lips, for the senses.

Blinded by love, I am.
Nevertheless, the way to your heart, I still find.

I want you to shout all the sounds of love,
As we make it.
If our private parts had a talk, they’d probably say;
“Let’s meet in the middle.”

I want you to wail,
Cry the blues,
As I jazz with passion deep in your cookie.
Moaning, an ululation of ****** desire.

Wet dreams I’ve been having lately,
Now I want to swim in your ocean.
I want to show you how my dreams played out.

Trust in your *** instincts,
Tonight, I’ll take care of you.
Completed: 28th June 2018 [17:12 PM]
May 2019 · 287
My Thrillogy
Darryl M May 2019
Before we begin this road;
If you’re my strongest weakness,
And love is the strongest drug.
How addicted would I be to you?
For how long would I yearn for your body?
The sweet sensation.
Flesh to flesh.

I want the neighbours to know my name,
by the tone of your voice.
Words got her wetter, so I took a dive for it.

Caught up in the motions, let your mind drift.
Forget your fears and what you’re giving up.
Sing a lullaby to virginity.
Focus on the sensation,
the feeling of being deeply felt by me.

Organs so powerful.
Now instruments of love making.
Feel me, as I slowly go deeper.
I want you to feel it till you vibrate like you’re having a glitch.
A glitch away from time into our happy hour.

This ain’t a fantasy.
It’s a dream come true.
You and me.
Our Reality.

Slow motion.
The sweet torture of sensation.
Completed: 28th June 2018 [17:24 PM]
May 2019 · 233
On tha Sensual
Darryl M May 2019
On your **** and pudenda,
Written upcoming main event.
Coz I’ll thoroughly be attending those areas.

Let me handle you,
You know you want me to.
Can I take off all your clothes, slowly, layer by layer?
You’ve already lost them,
Donated to the floor.

Part your legs like the red sea,
Let me see the ocean,
Can I taste the saltiness?
Too late, I enjoy bittersweet.

If your ***** be a tight zoo,
I’ll be the zookeeper.

Grab the back of my head,
We’re flying now,
I’ll take you as high as you’ll ever be.

Arch your back,
Lose yourself in the sensation,
Feel it go deeper, and deeper,
I’m in.

You’ve been clean for years,
You’ll be a *** addict.

Wet dreams wrote the script,
So, we played it out.
May 2019 · 207
She drips
Darryl M May 2019
A gentleman with words, she knows.
But a beast in bed, she never realized.
A beast trapped in her curves,
To be set loose by her gentle screams.

Innocent in her eyes, I was,
Until I grabbed her by the waist.
Corrupted, we both are,
We want this.

In and out of love she has been,
I don’t even know the scent of love,
But her body odour does it for me.

Of all cravings,
Your body I look at.
Can I get hold of your *****?
Gently slide down my thumb in between the lining.
Are the temperatures rising?

I won’t **** up to you,
Nevertheless, I’m still licking it,
I’m so caught up in the taste.
Bend over,
Spread your legs,
Arch your back,
Lemme see it one more time.

She’s more than enough,
If only I could have two of her.
Take charge lil’ soldier,
We’re home now.

Show me the poet in the skies,
Coz shaped in the clouds is your divine beauty.
May 2019 · 183
May I Love You?
Darryl M May 2019
Bottom tights he looked at.
Can I French kiss your pudenda?

Forget the pillows,
Tonight, your head will fly around.
A smoking body, you have.
But it needs me to take out the fire.

The dark would wanna see us together,
With the kinda sounds you make.
I forbid your senses,
From enjoying my touch.
I’ll lock the doors to keep the *** safe.

A gentleman, I am.
A better use of my *******, I have.
Let me feel the showers of your *****,
Feel my finger as we anticipate.
On your toes!
Mother nature has nothing on the vibration I feel.
You’re losing balance,
Lay on the bed.

The skies drip with thirst over our minutes of pleasure.
Going down now seems like my specialty.
The thrill you love,
The heat between our bodies.

O- Orientation between us.
R- Reinforcement between our thighs.
G- Gentleness of my hips.
A- Amorously looking at each other.
S- Sexuality of the nature in manner.
M- Melting the thrones of deep pleasure.

May I Love You?
Author(s): Darryl_M & Simion Massango
Completed: 06th July 2018 [14:07 PM]
May 2019 · 157
Oh, So You Feel it too?
Darryl M May 2019
I tease you with my words,
as you do that strip tease.
You’re my XO-girl.

Your curiosity let me bake it before,
The actual pleasure.
Winds blow alongside the warmth of our bodies,
We’ve set the house on fire,
Just by the mouthful friction of pleasure.

No flood outpours the way I’ve got you wet.
I feel it cuming,
Girl, I will Go again.
Satisfying both our thirst is my intension.

It may be wrong due to him,
Yet right in between you.

Lay back enjoy the Ride,
Slowly, I have been doing it.
The world stands in silence,
When you drip and ***.

Dusk till dawn, I can,
If you allow.
Oh, So You Feel it too?

Coolio **.
Author(s): Darryl_M & Simion Massango
Completed: 06th July 2018 [14:29 PM]
May 2019 · 224
Love Made
Darryl M May 2019
Poetry written behind your ears,
Poetry written on your thighs and in between,
Laid on my lips is the ink,
And my tongue forever tattoos the message.

Ice cubes on a hot day,
Picture me licking your *******,
And I’ll picture you giving me all the control.
We aren’t done yet,
But we can exchange the pictures.

They say life is a Jungle,
But am I really lost if I’m stuck in your cherry?
The sweet sensation of courtship.

Let me be the one to fill up your empty spaces.
Starting with the one I enjoy the most.

Can I pull up your dress, just to rest on your chest?
And pull down your *****, just to balance the equation?
My hands on your *******,
My lips on your belly.

Why would I ask for love if I can take it?
Better yet, I wanna make it with you.
Make you wet like a rainfall,
Damp ***** like a wetland.

You said you wanted my love.
If we made it today,
How deep can you take it?

What can I say?
You bring up the best of me.

Knowing how much I love your lips,
Would you dare to kiss?

What a wonderful life it is,
Coz when it’s beautiful,
It has your legs on my shoulders.

Love Made.
Completed: 27th June 2018 [21:45 PM]
May 2019 · 202
What is it to You?
Darryl M May 2019
Unto me, it may not relate.
What does Love mean to you?

It’s a scale, a passion,
a balance between lust and law.

Give me a broken heart,
A kiss of health unto it.
The 2, representing you and I,
Would forever be perfectly shaped.
But can a barren heart, bear real love?

A figment of time it is.
Unconditional, they say,
Yet love makes sense till the comprehension changes paragraphs.
Does love fade with the shades?

Wrong, I see in your actions,
It hurts, yet the heart pumps out;
you’re still right for me.

a life, a religion of its own.
An abstruse to uncover.

Is it the same love everybody feels, if it comes from our hearts?
Completed: 11th June 2018 [23:18 PM]
May 2019 · 144
A Man Love’s too
Darryl M May 2019
Out of the house at any time.
Yet any time seems to be when you also show up.
Your friends along.

I chose not, to be interested in you.
You chose not, for me to come after you.
Yet here we are,
You, I still want.

A tight grip, you hold on your friends.
A shield, they’ve become.
Can I unveil you in the dark of your hairs?

You act like nothing I’ve seen.
I guess that’s your hook.
I should’ve taken the hint and left you alone.
I can’t.
My mind’s still chasing after you.
My body is defeated with the hesitancy.

I’ve given up on the chase.
Yet my heart keeps believing.
There’s something more to explore.
There we go again,
My heart wants yours all to itself.

In relaxed times, thoughts of you are an upheaval.
To listen to a love song,
Why would I?
It doesn’t give me you.

Poetry, a tool to clear my mind.
Sharpened it is, at keeping you alive.
A contradiction to its existence.

A Man Love’s too,
But who can understand the riddles of a poet’s heart?
Completed: 06th May 2018 [14:00 PM]
May 2019 · 170
On Love's Grades
Darryl M May 2019
I hate to see your heart broken by another man.
You aren’t deserving of unstable relationships.
I hate to see your tears,
Coz I know well enough,
With me, you would’ve seen the blessing that you truly are.

I hate to see your love being toyed with.
Coz I know well enough,
True love is what you failed to find,
Love that I hold for you.

All I wanted, all I ever wanted.
Was you.
Just you.

If I ain’t falling for you,
Then I don’t want love near me
It’s too late for us.
Upon my Pride, you’re a leftover.
Upon my Heart, I thirst,
Your love, Your presence.

I can’t get over you.
I try.
Memories forsake the efforts.
I love you.
You’ve assumed so,
It’s a pity, you’ll never know.

I pass judgement on the times of Life.
Only if our eyes saw our hearts earlier,
We’d be forever young.

We always have a person we love,
And the person who loves us the most.
Fallen are we, on the unappreciative.
Completed: 27th May 2018 [00:33 AM]
May 2019 · 1.8k
Sexting Boulevard
Darryl M May 2019
How about we get messy tonight?
How about we wreck the place up?
Let’s talk ***** we’ll clean up later.
With your kinda dirt, I’d rather remain a ***.

The way you bend turns men into perverts.
Is it my ears or is your body calling for mine?
Winter snow, on the outside.
Summer warmth, inside you.

They say I never get the bigger picture.
Maybe with your pics, I’ll start getting it.
Dreams have been like the Saharan desert, dry.
If I had your pictures, they’d start getting wet.

Its late night loving,
Below your waist is my belonging.
Completed: 23rd April 2018 [21:42 PM]
May 2019 · 188
Of Early Late Mornings
Darryl M May 2019
Of countless nights.
Of Early Late Mornings.
I know not how far my love travels,
Further it goes.

In search for your love, I feel.
In loss of words, I am.
Prayers I must make to have you in my life.
Whom am I kidding; my heart is already on its knees.

As close as a heartbeat, you are, unto my heart.
A pump of your own, you have become.

Fake it is, for you ain’t mine.

Is it love that I fail at?
Or do I consistently meet wrong people?
Are the good ones always taken?
Or do we search for them once they’re taken?

In life, you never get what you truly want,
Most especially when it comes to love.

I can’t wait for you to fall for me.
If only you could mirror in my heart,
Our love would explode.

Do poets shed tears, or just shed ink?
Completed: 24th April 2018 [20:13 PM]
May 2019 · 175
Love in Uncensored Ways
Darryl M May 2019
Close your eyes and use your heart to see my love.
Close your ears and hear our hearts communicate.

When your heart grows weary, use mine as a spare wheel.
Things you fail at, your love makes up for.
An apple of my eye, you’ve become.
Dangerous it is, I just want to eat you up.

My lips are for your feet, princess.
I am not worthy of the throne set for your lips.
Coz I’ve said foolish things against you.
Let our fights end with the pillows.

Whence is lovers lounge?
Where hearts finally kiss.

A ****** I am, to real love.
Be gentle with me.
Completed: 30th April 2018 [22:23 PM]
May 2019 · 63
Bringing up the present
Darryl M May 2019
If I wished for your heart would I get it?
But one doesn’t get what they already have.
The story of you and I.

Beautiful chats, I miss, with you.
Distance and Life.
I could be kissing the right spots if you were closer.
I’ll blow the kisses.
Hope they fly over to your heart,
And beautify your smiles.

If your knees get weak in blown kisses.
Let the heart, melt away.
And the love, stay awake.

Heart to heart.
One soul to another.
May 2019 · 128
S on the film
Darryl M May 2019
Need I say, you look lovely today.
I should buy you a rose, just to match your dress.
And donate a kiss or two, just to appreciate your lips.
Accolades unto your beauty.
You hold my heart as a trophy.

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
Let all nations ululate,
All eyes bow in worship.
Blessed are my eyes to view upon you.

Stupid, dumb, they call it.
They see but a glimpse.
Upon my view, the glory.

Tell me what I’m feeling and how you brought it up.
Don’t lie to me, I want the truth.
May 2019 · 117
Anything short of a million
Darryl M May 2019
I can’t try to love you if I already do.
And pretending I don’t, seems to convince nobody.
Is it wrong for me to miss you?
I’ve realized removing you away from my life,
Would create a chase of the ages.
And regret of the times.

Can I have your pictures.
I need to consistently remind myself of what I saw in you.
A picture may tell a thousand words,
However, anything short of a million wouldn’t do.

How can this little heart of mine carry love so great?
I can almost see it, like the magnificence of a carved cup.
My heart, the cup, I see but the transparency of love.
Your reflections come forth, anything short of a million wouldn’t do.
May 2019 · 142
From the wonders
Darryl M May 2019
Like a hammer on a nail,
I still hit on you.
Coz what I see in you,
I’ve never seen before.
Is this what my Grandpa sees in my Grandma?
Specs off, he still clearly sees her.
Sweetie, can I just go blind on your behalf?
Coz the love I feel is blinding,
The thoughts I get are binding.
You stand high on the hills of my emotions,
Long ago, I fell for you,
Yet my heart hangs strong on yours.

What I have, what I feel, what I crave,
Comes not, but from the wonders.
May 2019 · 114
In her natural
Darryl M May 2019
Dressed in her natural.

Her beauty brought war upon my eyes,
My heart shall pay dearly for it.
It’s like she got up in the morning and wore a lovely body.

If beauty be a product,
She’s the manufacturer.
She makes makeup look good.
Scratch that, she’s an advertisement of all designer brands.

She reminds me of places I’ve never been to.
Unto which directions is paradise?
Visions I see, for a Fantasy I cherish.

Look once, look twice, peekaboo, unbelievable.
Dressed in her natural.
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