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Darryl M Oct 2020
What a wonderful world it is,
coz when it's beautiful,
it has your legs on my shoulders.

#2...(Sacred acts):
The thickness of his blood all up in her waters.

#3...(Description of a 69):
As he burnt her midnight oils,
and she on the other hand,
gagging over his spilt milk.
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Darryl M Feb 2020
in a World of
Stand for's & Stand Outs,
I just wanna keep walking.

She could always read his love letters,
But never his love.

World War started on the day she came to Earth.

She made me feel like a romantic novel...

This is a little taste of my remodeled self.
Darryl M Jul 2019
That look you catch in his eyes,
as he slowly thrusts in.
That rush he forces into you,
as your eyes display the gasp.

That moment where she grabs on him for her dear life,
Till she admits; 'she can't do this anymore.'
She has no signs of claws,
But those scratch marks she always leaves behind.

That cuddle he gives, as he feels her teats,
even better, when lowered to her ***.

His scalding fingers moving up for the hair pull,
Then down knot-tied to the neck.
A snake, fang-loose, be her moan.

That friction he gives her mental,
everytime he whispers a "shh" ballad...
                   -giving thought *******,
                   -just a little dose to make her flip!

"He owned me entirely,
And fed me my own soul,
At the palm of his imperious hands."

"At that moment I knew,
I was her whole world,
And my whole world,
Laid on her."

                  -Unto me,
                   She was an animal,
                   But she found a beast,
                   and craved for my claws.
Flabbergasted by Desire.

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Darryl M May 2019
Left index finger pulling up her chin,
"Submit Love, I'm in control now."

Don't scream, no need to be too loud,
But don't hold it in,
Sigh, moan, release the gulp of your desire.

I come not to tame the beast,
But to **** it off.

And here I was,
In a world where
She fell in love with words
I wasn't even saying.

Every ****** stroke
Led her closer to the inner man,
I was hiding.

Suddenly tranced to a place
where less is too much...
Completed: 26th May 2019
Darryl M May 2019
It's like
Walking in the rain,
kissing like it's a movie.

It's like
a memory.
It's like
you've had this before.

You know this?
Written by Lucas_Lez
Darryl M May 2019
       is a series of actions
 to know a person to the core.
       We grow together,
        each for another!
Simple lines
Darryl M May 2019
Reminiscing on your lips.
Hallucinating on your *******.
Seizures on your ******.
A mind in a maze,
Finding direction in the Land of Heat.

Your body on my body,
What more can our bodies want?

Open your eyes, look at me.
Can you still see me?
Stare at the fantasy,
Hallucinate on the pleasure,
Remember it’s real.

Fear no corner,
Hit the right spot.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th September 2018 [17:20 PM]
Beautiful Wide Spread
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