I fell in love with the boy
Who thought he was dead—
Because I saw the colors
That he did not see

The boy who no one noticed, no one but me, had the most beautiful heart of them all <3

You are the only guy            
             that leaves me


I have so many
Dreams about you

I think I love you
You are the only one
Who knows so much
About me

The boy I fell in love with
Had such a way with words
That once he spoke
My heart was his to control
No matter what he said
No matter what he wanted
My heart, body, & soul
Belonged to him

I regret getting my boyfriend & husband
Because what I always wished
& needed
Was you.
I want you to be mine
I would not regret giving you every piece of me
What you make me feel
Is indescribable

Why do you come back crying to me?
I told you we are not best friends anymore

You did not talk to me
You left me


Do you not see?
You left with him & left me

You broke our friendship
How beautiful it once was


Do not come back crying to me
You left with him & left me

I told you he was not worth it
I told you

Diana you know he was not worth
What we had built together

So why,
Why Diana?

Why are you still with the boy you do not like?
I see you there with him & you tell me you miss me

If that was true then why did you not leave him?
Why are you not fixing our friendship?

I know you do not like him
But you still chose him over me

So then, Diana, what does that make me worth?

Why do you chose someone you do not love over me? I loved you
He does not care about you as much as I did & you know you are worth more than him
So why do you let yourself suffer?
You know he is not right
We did everything together Diana
& it still makes me sick seeing you chose someone you do not love
Someone who did not have our memories or our bond
Over me

Your words are so perfect
I never want to stop
Listening to you

You spoke your way into
My heart

You make me feel
                Like a real princess

I never wished to be in someone's arms
As much as I wish to be in yours
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