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Nov 2017 · 288
Joshua David Nov 2017
This is what sleep is to me.
I cannot say how many nights I lay awake with my thoughts.
The ever dodging need,
The ever wanted rest.
When Sleep does come,
Wracked with horrors and death it comes and goes,
My dreams aren't dreams.
They are horrors
Of things I shouldn't remember.
Of times that have long past.
Sleep elude me if you must.
I do not crave you,
You do not make me feel rest.
Sleep the evasion,
I shall keep.
Nov 2017 · 194
Sleep Now Pop
Joshua David Nov 2017
It's all right now Pop,
You can rest easy.
We are grown now,
You don't have to hold on now.
We love you,
And always will.
We will watch out for each other now,
Sleep now Pop,
Your work here is done.
You can rest easy now.
We miss you Pop.
Nov 2017 · 239
Joshua David Nov 2017
Chisel from death the song of life,
The psychedelic rythms demanding,
Hear his deep angelic voice, feel the vibrations that make up a life,
Listen to the trials and tribulations that were faced as the melody plays,
Listen to the light and love and the sorrows and fear in the alterations in tone,
Find the story behind every note.
Nov 2017 · 166
Joshua David Nov 2017
The day I met you I froze,
When I saw your visage, it was like my heart stopped,
My heart of ice melted,
My soul burns for you.
Nov 2017 · 184
Joshua David Nov 2017
And today we laid him to rest,
The man who was the world to his family,
Laid cold and dead,
His smile gone,
His humor resting,
To him I say,
Thank you, for he was my world, my "Father", my best friend,
I will forever miss his smile,
Or the sound of his voice.
This man made me who I am,
Shaped me into the Man I am today.
He was light, despite the darkness he had faced.
He was strong,
Yet his body made weak by time,
He was Happy,
Even through the pain and sorrow he had faced.
This man, my grandfather,
He was everything we needed him to be.
A shoulder to cry on,
A silent partner,
Unbelievable faith,
The man was always there,
And now he is gone.
Left in his place is a hole in my family, in my life, in my world.
Today we laid him to rest.
Now and forever he is at peace.
In my heart I know he isn't gone. In my mind he is still there.
I remember every lesson he has taught me, even though he didn't have too.
I remember the lessons on how to control the rage and the melancholy.
My teacher, the master to my apprentice. Has been laid to rest today. He has been blessed and sent unto his way
I love you Pop. Thank you for everything
Nov 2017 · 272
Joshua David Nov 2017
Pounding and grinding,
Toiling and bending,
The steel bends to the hammer's blows,
Something attempted, something made, my life laid bare upon the anvil of life, Forged in the fires of loss, and quenched in the waters of fear. I am how I was Forged, sharp and strong, yet with the loss I am facing, I feel dull and weak.
Nov 2017 · 172
Joshua David Nov 2017
Love burns hot and bright and I'm sorry,
That I have a hard time feeling the heat,
For most my life what I felt was cold and dark,
For you I'm willing to accept the light,
For you I'm willing to face any plight,
For you are mine
Nov 2017 · 127
Joshua David Nov 2017
These minor aggravations,
These irritations,
Are driving me insane,
Day by day, just getting worse,
Taking things too far,
Fear is something that is delt everyday,
Evidently you forgot to pick up your cards,
Anger, while for most it burns hot and red,
For me it burns cold and white,
The rage courses through my veins, watch out they say for those who's rage burns cold,
For they are truly the ones to be afraid,
Always in control, never yelling always whispering,
Bringing out fear with their rage,
To this I beseech thee think and ye may survive,
The rage inside.
Nov 2017 · 136
Joshua David Nov 2017
Day by Day,
We are living,
But are we truly living, when talking screen to screen,
Becomes the new face to face,
When the human voice gives way and our ears begin to decay,
When touches give way to technology,
A touch becomes a "poke",
A feeling becomes words on a page,
When we no longer have the guts to stand face to face,
If you ask me, I would say,
We are all succumbing to technology,
When we no longer believe in face to face only finger to screen.

— The End —