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Kassey Mar 13
Show  you care and
leave me careless
Be my reason to breathe
But leave me breathless
Say I'm worth it
But you make me feel worthless

Lock you in a room all alone
Make you feel what I feel at home
Do what you do to me.
Now I'm strong
Strong enough to do what I want

And I wrap it all around
Wrap it all around so tight
You're screaming for help
But I become deaf
Remember you also did that?

Now the blood is all around us
I do all to stop the bleeding
But I can't do anything
To stop you leaving

Like when you're still alive
I heal all your scars
And I can't stop you leaving
You left me unloved

Now you're breathless.
I am careless.
You're worthless.
I just finished my revenge
Kassey Mar 13
I was in the corner of a room
All alone, by myself.
Everything was blurred
Smiling while reminiscing
Some good memories
Listening to old songs
That takes me back to the start
It's been a year
Memories are holding me back
Old happiest moments
Becomes my saddest memories
In the corner of a room
I am smiling like I am still happy
But I am already broke and lonely
Kassey Mar 13
It was a dark night
Dark sky, dark past
She was a pretty child
With an innocent mind
But she got abused
For a couple times
She doesn't deserve it all
It was a dark night
But she can't fight
She hold her blanket tight
She can't she any light
Cause every night
She's been abused
But remained silent
Her heart was afraid
But she can't hate
She was the victim
But she can't scream
For almost 5 years
Nobody knows what happen
In that very dark nights...
Worst nightmare of a girl..
Kassey Mar 13
For a day, I feel like a ghost.
I am not existing.
No one notices me.
They'll remember me when they need something.
I felt like I'm already gone.
I disappear for a day.
My heart stops beating.
My mind is hallucinating

I'm quite all alone in a room.
I see them all along
Playing on their own

Now I'm drowning at a side
Dying inside
No one knows that
They don't care about that
And that's what I feel for a moment
I feel like I am ghost for 9 hours in school. I am all alone in a corner. Nobody talks to me. So I make poems❣️
Kassey Jul 2018
Dark sky, cold days
Beautiful thoughts I say
Feeling better in silence
Writing poems
Keeps me happy
And helps me escape
This **** reality

Everyday feels so endless
Secrets kepts
Distance hurts
Spring passed
Mind doubts
Cried in a corner for hours
Regret everything that has began

Our love fades
In a shadow grey
Suddenly, you fall asleep
Without knowing my condition
You didn't give me affection
You kissed a girl
I smiled bitterly
I hope the both of you were happy

That is just an old sad memory
I spend a stupid time for love
Tears dried on my cheeks
Drowning in sadness
Questions left unanswered
Shattered thoughts
Played emotions
I hope I will be numb
To forgot all ghost memories of ours
Thousand of precious
moments were wasted
I challenge myself to do a poem using words that I saw and this iss the result. ***
Kassey Jun 2018
Look at the sky
Say goodbye
You don't have to say hi
You don't have to look up so high
Just to remember everything that goes by

He's gone now
You won't miss him
You wouldn't call his name again
Cause he won't come to you
He doesn't care for you
Your just a wind that pass through
Goodbye to the person who hurt me
Kassey Jun 2018
Letting go of someone
Is maybe hard
But accept what happen
Forgive the one that has
You don't deserve
Someone who will
Hurt you all the time
But someone who will
Stay on your side
Whether you're happy or sad
He's there to wipe your tears
Heal the your scars
Draw a smile on your lips
Look closer to your eyes
Will make you feel safe and loved
Says til death do us part
I will be always by your side
Even if hundred years passed
His love will stay the same
As the old times
Every memory
Are worth to keep
Remembering it
Will make you smile
It will not make you cry
Just look at the sky
Hope that someday
All those hopes
Will come true
That person you wish
Will stand at your side
Close your eyes
Breathe deeply
Feel the calm breeze of the sea
Put your feet on the water slowly
Walk gently
Calm your mind
Don't think any
Painful memory
When you feel the sea
On your body
Open your eyes
Get down gently
Under the sea
There's a thousand differeng story
Let the moonlight
Be your guide
For this night
Live in your dreams
Forget everything
Blink twice
You're life is not a mess
You're not what others say
You're not sad
You're not  your mistakes
You're not a failure
You're what you want to be
You're happy
You're the product of lessons you've earned
You're wiser
You're a survivor
Of many rainstorms
You went through
You learn to dance in it
Now your drowning in your dreams
The person you've been looking for
Is breathing next to you
Wearing a sweet smile
Holds your hand
Goes up
To walk with you in the sand
We know each other
For several years
Now you left me in tears
Haunted memories
Moments that we cherish
It's all gone
Everything about us is done
You hurt me
I loved you
You're happy
I am in pain
For the sake of love
This is what I gain
Knowing it was only a game
Fake love
Hidden lies
I wish I could just die
Every moment that I cry
I thought letting you go
Was not that easy
You hide the truth
I still knew
I am setting you free
But always remember
When you lose me
You can't win me back
You hurt me once
I'll hurt you thrice
Yes, I keep silent
I don't say
Any single word
If I say one
I'll make sure it's true
And that truth
Will haunt you
Until the day you will die
I'll make sure
You won't forget
Any line
Our past
Your mistake
Will never leave you
Unless, you say sorry
Beg on me
Say it's all your fault
You're the one who's wrong
But I won't hope
That thing will happen
You're a stone cold
And too young
To know
The real meaning of love
Let someone go. There are not the only one who will love you
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