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 Apr 2019 Darcy
Andrew Harris
Another day
Another dollar
Another ray
Of sun dripping from the sky

Today I feel like I could almost
Catch it
Reach it
Distill it and
Drink it

But I’m not sure I am ready
Can’t tell if my heart is steady
Or wants to be steady,
I don’t know who’s driving
This mind of mine

It’s a compass-less captain
And a water-less field
A 3 foot mountain
a harvest with no yield

But I will be ok
I know I will
Be ok
I always am, I always will
It’s just taking more time for my heart to heal
Aimless words to try and make sense of a hard situation...
I've already said it but you deserve to hear praise twice
...and if you see in my poetry
I fancy myself God but compared to yours my poetry's just "nice"

Release me from your've got me drooling all over myself. It's not envy at all cuz you're on a way different level. Gem quality facets and brilliant bevels. To catch up to you I'd sell my soul to the devil.
Read Darcy.....this young poet is beyond the many dimensional universes that I can fathom

— The End —