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Jan 2017 · 793
Shane Jan 2017
Electric despair
Just a fraction
A hit of desire

Supply and demand
Trading peace for the land
Starting fires

It's nothing of news
It rots and pollutes
It mocks what you do
It's ready to shoot
Doesn't care who was there
Media covered the truth

No mans land

Snuffing the come up
I live for the underhand jobs
I'm a mob boss
I need a cough drop
Choking on the reasons
History repeating stand down

The stench of division
Clouding my vision
So loud indecision
Surrounds my conviction
Rendering me as a corpse
Send all my hobbies up north
Where it's going down
So poised
With a corpse to throw
Self love
Plus more room to grow
Oh so bold
Must be snorting that pale moon glow
Must be chugging that everclear
Must be clutching that heart so dear
What a life
Yet I'm gonna get it right

Oh god
Can you hear me out
From whom did you learn all your lessons
Tested I figured you ad libbed the message
I'm out to find what the silence is betting

So petty
So don't test me
War ready
With the goal on flexing
I run the patience of clocks
Outliving haters a personal hobby
Spited to death
**** cam is lit fam
Ex lady thinking
***** I don't really give a ****
Never made a baby
Always played the run around


Sorry about that
But what am I to do
When that *** so fat
Got me hella in the mood
When you let me see it clap

I got an eigth of shrooms
I'm tryna make it bloom
A blunt to match
Some room to move
Stratosphere blazing as we cloud the room
Last year faded off the ought to do
While I sit here waiting for my star to shoot

Topsy turvy
Match the gloom
In a vile plume as I engage the noose
Hopeful boy taking polaroids
Everlasting days
Never lasting joys

Come on

Just blast away
Growing pains from my defeat
Burned at stakes from past mistakes
Ambition bathed in flames

Ascension know my name
Lotus petals
I craft on broken glass
This ******* built to last

Sitting in the drivers seat
Laughing at my lack of drive
The taste of irony
Hinting at my suicide
This right here is do or die
Scared of heights
Grit teeth and fly
Copped me some stolen wings
Deceit no thang to me
Yet I still can't sleep
Relax my mind
Third eye still crooked why
Bad batch of LSD
What the hell you want from me

Lamentations of the soul
Cascading broken notes
Wretched lessons I provoke
The wailings of a lonely ghost

Praying karma takes me home
Been wayward from the start
        Been wayward from the start
Chasing shadows thinking stars were mine to handle
I've learn reality's a gale of sin
And I'm the candle
Now watch as I unravel
Jun 2016 · 667
Paths: Exhale
Shane Jun 2016
And after the storm the wind scatters
You take stock of how much of yourself you’ve lost  
Checking for new scars and bones rattled
Reeling from the shell shock
Picking up the now rearranged thesis of who you are
Dusting off your soul and it’s unrecognizable in the light
So you sit there in silence
Fathoming every reason you’re still alive
You dive a little deeper
Delving secrets from the mind
You can’t describe what you’re seeking
But it feels like paradise
An infinite calm but only out of the corner of your sight
Contact is imminent
But perhaps this isn’t the time
If not now then when?
It’s the same question presented to you at the eye
After you’ve splayed into everything you will see in ice and shadows
But as you are it stands for something out of reach
And then wind picks up again
As every storm is not without meaning
Jun 2016 · 603
Shane Jun 2016
I tried to send myself love notes
At first I informed the darkest parts of me that I was built on light and compassion
That my remedies were found in the depths of my imagination and to save the world someday
Safe to say I was having a hard time saving myself and I still am

My life is built off impulse and coin flip pragmatism
Now I send myself to sleep at a reasonable hour
Now I leave sticky notes that say “remember to drink water.”
All with the intention to never stop striving to be a better me
Something that until now was ludicrous
Don’t aim that high you’re scared of heights
You’re scared of falling
You’re scared to die but that noose was calling
Let’s go for a ride
Shotgun then off to paradise

Nowadays I say I’m fine
I still wear my heart on my sleeve
My scars and improper melody
My faults and coffee stained morality
But I’m finally me
Finally living even if silently I shiver because sometimes reality speaks in course tones and I’m still raw
Yet still breathing and not so lost
Still wandering with a smirk
Aloof trying to bury my curse and earth seems to be the sweetest berry
I’ve enough cavities already
But with a sweet tooth like mine I can’t help but go for a second helping
Jun 2016 · 477
Paths: Light Year
Shane Jun 2016
It’s not easy calming down…
                                          This feeling…
Calming down— this feeling
                                                         ­           Calming down…*

It was the way you moved
You had the galaxy behind you
Must admit I swooned into another lifestyle
Cigarette kisses just to taste your exile
Stranded and **** I sort of loved the way you treated me
Passed out
Drunken mess
Loved the way you sang to me
Course it wasn’t meant to be forever
Light traveled onto something better
But the shadow left was something tethered
So unexpected was the way my heart lingered
Long nights
No sleep
Wretched in demeanor
Chasing ***** with tequila
Now the cigarette kisses were my life
What the **** did I get into when I said you were forever on my mind
Another circumstance
Another lesson from the shifting sands
More than perspective this was how I learned to take a stand
So thank you
This convalescent had some kind of breakthrough
Over time the words collected
Future past and present found the same truths you gave me
I was being selfish
On some lame rouse to break free
I was really helpless
So with this I really wanna let you know
That I’m grateful
Mean you really gave the kid a chance to grow
Now the rain’ll wash the pain away
It means I’m off to find some better days
So safe travels, soft beds, and make waves
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Paths: Sojourn
Shane Aug 2015
The tea sits
Death collecting different scenes
I’m stressed
Such a mess with the reaper next to me
Life vest on my chest
And I couldn’t really see
Long steps to unrest and I’m bent reality
The fragments breathe
Will deliver and I’m keen to the quiver
Arrows preen
The apple’s novelty
Surreal it seems
The venom makes sin of me
A little sliver the beast
Disturbing the honesty
The havoc see it in the light
And let it seek a little strife
Collapse in dreams it’s still alright
Just follow me and

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days

Fall next to me
They wither in seasons
Oppressive tendencies
Observe the winter casualties
With frozen blood and splinters
Unruly royalty for dinner
The bloodline isn’t coiled
So they haven’t found a winner
The peril focused
Elapsed so nobody would notice
It wasn’t hopeless
Ascension hadn’t found a locus
Scrambling the frequency
A remedy just like unbroken chains that lead to purity
As if the marks of shame were lotus
Drinking deep amidst tequila dreams
With that much alcohol I’m bound to see
The difference
What it takes from me in travels
Hollow ships that creak and battle with my frenemies
Just trying to find some ******* peace
A little crazed
A little battered
So many names
Poetic ******* is my favorite
And it’s said with sharp tongues and flagrance
Art forms and a cadence
Just trying to count the ways that

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days

Make clouds break
Unraveling the seasons
Couldn’t fathom all the reasons
Left to brandish all the pieces
Couldn’t handle all the artifacts
To me the voice of treason was a pretty ****** father that I couldn’t wait to see
He left scars
Gave me emptiness to seek the stars
I grew lost
With a tendency to keep to bars
Some new parts of me I never noticed
I wasn’t hopeless
I’m just barely even getting started
Some new paths
Chasing fantasies I seek to harvest
Undo traps that I set to self destruct the progress
Parallel to heavens gate
I’m aiming for the secret garden
So catch me gliding through the waves as

Days go by
And the days go by
And the days go
And the days go by
*And the days go by
Jul 2015 · 472
Shane Jul 2015
So fast we rush into night
And wisdom only gets older
Ones that love you the most
Can give the coldest shoulders
Wore your heart til the rust chipped
So damaged it must get reprimanded
Couldn't stand it
The gravity pulling planets
Galactic destruction
Just a gift from the heavy handed
Enough is enough
The words are venom the sentence tragic
Dissolved into earth
Right next to coffins and broken canvas
A masterpiece
Could have grabbed it but you went for gold
Realized what you could have had as it turned into coal
Jun 2015 · 721
Paths: Love[Life]
Shane Jun 2015
Love ain’t for the faint of heart
Cause it wrecks your soul and leaves you scarred
Let breath unfold underneath the charred remains of your patience
Soulmate remains nameless
In place a name wrought with memories of sacred
Until one day they express that you ain’t ****
Writhing in pain and your days thin to ways you can stay numb
In waves the hate sung
False anger with your fate strung on threads of late night drinking
Endless hours of thinking about how it all went wrong
You second guess your first kiss with palms balled up in fists
Straining to remain calm it just doesn’t fit
Voids draw you into the abyss
Your heart skips
Mind is in manic shifts of agony and dissonance
The lights gone
Darkness sits with faces drawn in prisms
Explains the end and the beginning are just lessons all much weather
The wounds fester and rip at your intestines
Sheer dread and suddenly convalescence
The scars you bear now filled with poise and wisdom
Knowledge and room to expand your own decisions
Each grain a possibility to new depths
Lovely, really
The way life tends to find ways to keep you sun-kissed under cloudy skies
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Paths: Ground Zero
Shane Jun 2015
Splintered decisions
Now here’s the fun part
Finding which way is quickest to the stars
The quietest outro with the detour to mars
Despite all the downpour I’ve cut through and charted a path to the new
Looked past what you’ve put me through
I know I’ve done the same
All this time and the shame still plays in the back of my brain
Symphonies of deceit and false image of grandeur
Reliquaries built on the blood of the meek
High and mighty was the sheep
Lofty in aims getting fat for the feast
Deigned to believe it a wolf and was greeted with punctured lungs
Blood spilled from the throat of the unsung
Devoured on behalf of its insolence
Now the grave screams to be undone

At last I return to where I begun
Jun 2015 · 979
Paths: Withintro|Withoutro
Shane Jun 2015
The last words of an upstart
Coming into their own
Feels like the heart stopped but the fire has grown
Wild and strange
Bristles with energy
****** expression unchanged
The face of adversity might’ve put on some weight
Surface unearthly
Distorted and framed in odd spotlight
Reflection is way beyond my means but I’m alright
The waves stay unchanged
Adamant in resolve and I’ve learned from the same mix of granite and seasalt
Great leaps come grand skyfall
I wish you sun rays
          Sometimes I even wish I could stay
But we have our own fates
They clashed for a time but now we part ways
Just til the next time our paths cross and blaze trails across the skyline

                                                ­        Whirlwinds and paradise
                                                        ­Never missing the heartlines
                                                      ­  Forever kissing the starlight
Jun 2015 · 369
Morning Hues
Shane Jun 2015
A moments lotus
Sleight of mind
The loss of focus
Shined so bright that the sun took notice
Despite the fright
Electric in rogue bliss
Stressed and a tad hopeless
Nevertheless coasted with no hits
Tragic in deliverance
      Immaculate vernacular
You’ve noticed
                                        And foolish
                                                                     Immune to rips in the space-time continuum
           A lapse in the movement
Expectant and prudent of the next steps
Electric in lucid breath
Liven the stars with rude quips
       Honest tips from the former Buddhist
Deluge of ink yet the mood fits
        Restless and transient and a little bit stupid
Genius on the back foot
       You already knew this
Time travel in sequels
Landed a couple of nudists and a scandal in England
        Resumed with intent to usurp the regal
The martians exist to rewrite the prequel
     Whatever it takes to undo the evil
Even if the earth breaks
                             We freefall as equals
In the middle the verbs shake
The words a c h e  
Guess which president undid the birthdays
Global catastrophe
      That’s just what the birds say
Understood under nerves
      Distinguished in fowl play
Never was above the shameless word play

              These are the notes of disturbed and absurd days
Jun 2015 · 1.8k
Paths: Release
Shane Jun 2015
Drawn on strings of moonlight visions are whispered in love notes and poetry
Future brushstrokes on the echoes of eternity
Enigmas in candid but if you look closely
Sun petals
Soft tempos
Giving solace and solstice to the sun-kissed and weary
Delicate and hardly above skylines and kiss me’s
Daydreams and the uncanny act of tripping on galaxies never lasts through the laughter and the sadness in the symmetry

Despite the next level of genesis in trinity
Stands the heretic consumed with the brevity of setting free
Amassed and exhumed the expanses of longevity
Sporadically bloomed now the tragic is ahead of dreams and shivers in the night
Unparalleled and strung by kites and carousels and river streams
Never made of sense in seems the abstract is the kin that breathes in metaphors and similes
Terraforms and then it leaves entranced within lost reverie

Such is love and loss and finding peace

And across the stars I’m still finding me
Jun 2015 · 365
The Foolish
Shane Jun 2015
The void in the pit of my stomach spawns grotesque lyricism

Cynicism in mind shivers as the mind considers the complexity of time
Hence we tend to the epochs with uniqueness
Betwixt the manic and the peace
Fit perfectly in pockets of freedom
We breathe in the seas and spit out the seasons
Breakers of zen then we put back the pieces and admit under the pretense of human
Consumed kin with a youthful exuberance
Exhumed sin to the fullest
Archenemy to prudence

The Foolish
Jun 2015 · 210
Shane Jun 2015
A luminescent endeavor
The heart crept with ink clever prints on heartstrings and feathers
Undone with letters from loved ones
I’m tethered to mortal coils though my mind is torn asunder
Haven’t left to my eternal slumber

My works not done

I have to find the others
Jun 2015 · 356
Shane Jun 2015
In this meteor shower I saw heaven’s steps and my demise
Apocalypse on high
Nevertheless I scraped together something worthwhile
In between the cracks from the sunrise
And the birthplace of my sunset

Twisted and scarred
The flesh crept in oddities and rare type form simile
As colloquialisms bend spines and the linguistic upscale technological paradigm upheaval couldn’t read the irony in the sequel
As if it wasn’t made of its own evil
Aug 2014 · 253
Shane Aug 2014
We’ll start you off with old but goodie
I mean a chance to come flow with the soul of a rookie
I mean perhaps I’ll rap slow so you know that I shook the scene
Back to back to unfold here we go are you listening


I came from far away
Galaxies beyond the way
Fallacies along the space of rhyme but who’s in charge to say
It’s time to move I’m lost I say
Travelling across dismay
Unraveling the thoughts that strayed too close to truth
So trans I sway
The hands of fate as transient as me
A dream that’s splintered see
There’s fragments and a habit makes it ******* hard to even breathe
But still I dream
Pretty dresses frequencies
Evanescent remedies
Give me feathers in my dreams I’m tethered
Spectral entities have gathered just to make a means for me to go explore myself
Give me peace
Mental health is damaging the spectrum
Still not learned my lesson
Still it burns the chalice
Lie awake in my own ashes
Now that wasn’t so bad
I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost you
I mean… I’m a bit lost and found myself

The next step is
Finding a secret weapon
Mine is seen in lapses of highs and sundresses
See my mind is seen as deadly by spies and stormy weather
Probably because it reminds them of the essence left with spring leaves and cherry seeds
Give me death but gracefully
Trident kissed I’m to my knees
And to the wind I sing for thee
Three verses fulfill purpose
A coming out and I’m real nervous
But coming out is so clear first it’s the run away
I’ll go insane
Cognitive’s in disarray
Fifteen years of subtle tears
Then two words wiped the pain away
Two more chords for the rebel state
And a few more for the treble placed in the groove
Course it’s to regulate my move towards chaotic state
Destiny has pleasantly assigned for me the breaker steeze
Boundaries and symphonies have synchronized the synthesis
Still awaiting my genesis
Take my hand this exodus ain’t heaven sent
For heaven’s sake too many times I like awake
Exhausted as I fight my fate

Acquiesced compelled to breathe in
As a fragment of the planet collects the seasons
In a basket made of pebbles and thoughts of great nature
Inhabitant unraveled named Shannon Wavebreaker
She sees the sun in little sparks and honest hues
In the moon she preens
Awakened steadily
From a slumber self induced
Petals start to bloom
A feast of memories
No more pretend to be someone who isn’t really you
This is really me
A lovesick demon with some really ****** up tendencies
But still I travel there’s so much I haven’t even seen
So much to share with you
Even infect your dreams
A martyr and an artist and a prophet and I’ve lost it
And a little bit conceited but I bet you won’t believe it ****
In fact this is a wrap concludes my part in this revisiting
So I’ll ask again
Were you even listening
Aug 2014 · 273
Shane Aug 2014
See I got a couple problems
A fact you might not notice see
A struggling alcoholic
That masks it with some poetry
She doesn’t do it often
Just times her soul is broken
Resume with curse of self and see emotion take its depths
I mean emotion makes a mess of me
It weighs me down
It’s drowning me
I wasn’t always scared of death
But now it’s all encompassing
The lack rhythm in my bones
May have some complex undertones
Despite the stars regaling blaze
I’m lost in self destructive ways
Aug 2013 · 845
Shane Aug 2013
Wrought from the depths of a wound not at all neglected by the surreal anger of the earth, a cold construct comes to life. Its steps are pressed into the orange sand inches ahead of where its foot falls and it heaves itself through the cycle of animation and fabrication. Why am I- The cosmos are cruel indeed. Every cycle brings forth a new inquiry, a new level of hell as fluctuating as the wavelengths shared between the sea and the shore. The ocean floor was in a curious juxtaposition of lost sea gods and sunken ships. Trundling alone across the ocean floor had granted it a metaphor of unfathomable depth. As it looked towards the pillars above, tendrils of dark breached the cracked stones around it, allowing the shadows to creep across the luminous grounds feeding the premonitions of doom that echoed from beyond the rocks. For what purpose does- Immortality is despair. To exist as something that time can touch must be beautiful. Grief ridden and slowly being crushed by a perennial execution, the spawn of malicious intent and a sense of retribution is slowly being coerced into the tendrils of the outside. With each step, the opalescent figurine melded into its chest grows brighter, as if drawing power from the prospect of reaching home.
Aug 2013 · 781
The Ascension
Shane Aug 2013
A carrion swarm had descended upon the desecrated ground by the time he had woken from his trance. In his wake stood withering flora, and the tenebrous scent of decay still lingered in the air. Cloaked bodies riddled the floor around him, and the pools of blood beneath had begun to sate the thirst of the soil. As he made his way toward his scythe, his footfalls singed the earth with a hiss. Never again would his path be untainted, but that was a price he was willing to pay. He found his scythe in the same place he last remembered losing consciousness, lodged in the chest of the final shadow high priest he had remembered slaying. The obsidian blade had run through the priest completely, embedding itself into the stone construct behind his lifeless corpse. With a stern grunt, he dislodged his weapon from stone and flesh, and swung it over his shoulder. It grows heavier the more blood it spills. Torment seethed with malice, and the runes glowing along its snath emanated a murderous aura. In ancient books it was said the scythe was called the Herald Of Fallen Stars, for it was known that those who wield it soon fall from grace. This did not dissuade him from making the blade his own.

Dawn was nearing its breaking point. He stalked towards the alter, ignoring the monolithic stone serpent with its eyes glowing red in the rising light. Those eyes have witnessed my sin, but before my time is done they shall see me turn this wretched land to cinders. In front of him a fountain stood, overflowing with malignant liquids. At its base sat a dark chalice. The scorched red crystals embedded into the cup seemed to scream heresy. He lifted the chalice and dipped it in the fountain, only stopping once the cup was full. Then he drank, allowing no drop to go wasted. A sharp pain struck his left arm, and before his eyes he witnessed it begin to steam, then catch fire. In a searing blaze, a single ring of fire bloomed and surrounded his forearm in flames. Through the initial pain he found himself empowered. The fire did not subside, nor would it ever, so long as he still breathed. He looked at his arm with a sense of malevolent triumph, and a cruel grin crept across his face. This marks the beginning of my ascension, and those who stand in my way shall know nothing but blood and agony.
Aug 2013 · 620
Shane Aug 2013
As she sat beneath olive green willows, the shade and shadows complimented the melancholy in her eyes. The breeze whispered about the phantoms of her past, stimulating soft sighs composed with morose intent. The summer daze neglected the heat, and the excess air waves distorted her vision. Gentle kisses between low hung tree branches and the still pond in front of her added romantic tones to a sorrow filled afternoon. Song birds preened and sang together in the trees above. They cannot fathom my heart, the way it weeps in the breeze. There was a time when she still smiled, but it seemed like a distant memory, slowly fading into the mists of her mind. Now the recollection is marred. It accentuates that crescent shaped wound on her neck. This one will scar as well. She was not a stranger to the marks of heresy, to the testaments of sacrilege that were strewn across her slender remains…
Shane Aug 2013
Threads bare
A seamstress at wits end
The paradigm of paradise will never cease to feign sense
A thrall to ecstasy and shattered dreams
The lovechild depleted
Cold souls and broken homes could never hope to feed it
Faith spent the rest of her days in the arms of hatred
And she stays spent
The vagrant found hearth in the hollow of her heart
His collapse was seen in the lakes and the stars
The wrinkles in heaven have played their part
Rewarded with the induction of necrosis and dark arts
Aug 2013 · 1.2k
Shane Aug 2013
The pulsation shared between you and I
Cannot be imprisoned within words
It is an immaculate resonation of ineffable union
Indistinguishable from perennial notions
Connecting two souls to two folds in that which does not harbor time
May 2013 · 1.2k
Flowers of the Deep
Shane May 2013
… Today I fell in love with flow. As she pulled back the fabric of her luxurious wave encrusted dress, shimmering with an oceanic radiance, she would twirl into whirlpools with breathtaking fluidity. I gazed upon her empyrean heritage, her angelic countenance, bursting with wondrous reefs and soothing currents to spiral me downward into watery depths. She revealed to me dark riffs in her imagination, inciting outbursts from deep sea crevasses. Thundering underwater volcanoes join the tides of war, championing themselves with the discordant cries that surface and pop with a siren’s sorrow. She feels there’s an abyssal drop nobody is willing to venture across, but I’ve seen transcendence manifest in the deeps, and they glow and resonate with her generosity and grace. And as long as kisses are exchanged between shores, I will admire my love beneath the tide.
Dec 2012 · 655
Shane Dec 2012
In the presence of you all
I am the minuscule whimper
The pliable verdant sapling
Absorbing the sunlight
Devouring the moonlight
Chilled by the darkness and the winds of December

I await my moment of clarity in which echoes will become foreign, and I will deafen with discordant absurdity established by only me.
I await the stripping of the senses, to be ensconced within an elaborate dimensional fold, neatly tucked in plain sight for all to behold.

Yet I revel in dampened caves, in frostbitten hovels where my body grows restless, and my mind objects claiming we are timeless.
The thriving essence of that weary traveler with a tireless spirit
And every primeval music note I’ve salvaged from the stars I will use to compose my insanity
And you will hear it on windy days where the sea looks unusually reckless
And you will feel it during moments of transience
And you will see it lingering briefly when you witness your future
And during those moments of lucidity you will come to realize how far I’ve come from where I stood
Dec 2012 · 478
The Garden Of Freedom
Shane Dec 2012
I tended a lovely garden today
A tripudiation of the mind
Guiding saccharine scents from thought blossoms
Every petal pristine
Shimmering against the ******* of sunrise
Dec 2012 · 616
Writer's Block
Shane Dec 2012
I escaped from the Cognitive Radiance Suppression Clinic two nights ago

Slipped through the pressure cracks unnoticed

No precautionary measures

Just focus

On the outside I sung

Swept into a tornado of metaphysical

****** into a whirlpool of the spiritual

I was connected to the universe

Amplified by my well versed tongue

However, the reverie didn’t last long

My mind was confiscated

I was told its volatility needed to be monitored for safe measures

Now it’s attached to suppression plates

In that asylum I lay dormant

Patiently waiting for my next outbreak
Dec 2012 · 591
A Friend In The Outlet
Shane Dec 2012
Another sunrise
Which means another end to a restless night
Another expanse of lingering doubt, or should I call it regret
Over words I could have said
It’s probably over the actions I should have stressed
I don’t know, I’ll find the right words under a different moon
I’m not emotional, no, only when I drink too much
Uncontrollable? No, only when I think too much
These thoughts are just a delirious distraction from sleep
Perhaps they set in because I don’t dream enough
I like that
The concept of dream
It entices me, excites me
It certainly frightens me
Stroll through the corridors of my mind
In the back with all the other **** I’ve put off to the side
I’m sure you’ll find some peculiar boxes
Accompanied by the stagnant smell of a defeated ego
Surrounded by an air of distraught
I know it’s there, but I haven’t been
Maybe those boxes are what I need to wake up
But this isn’t a dream
Yeah, I just think too much
How long am I gonna keep this up?
Poetry, creative writing, expression in a wide variety
This is what the mind needs
This is what I need
So I’m glad that we keep in touch
Dec 2012 · 385
Impromptu Poetry
Shane Dec 2012
The sudden occurrence of a poetic moment

Has me baffled

The implications as of late had me in the midst of a writer’s turbulence

I hadn’t extracted an acceptable line since

The envoy of tides

Which remains unfinished
Dec 2012 · 416
Far From Absolute
Shane Dec 2012
“I’ve had it up to here”, she speaks to me
“Another broken-hearted night” is what I find behind her eyes
And bathed in a fire as the air mingles and weaves with me
I hide this new rancor along with despise and hostility
And beguile a few smiles to dismantle this **** peacefully

She thought it was love but it was never such
She spills her soul beyond the tongue gets in return a “**** you talk too much”
Her pain is the cloudy day where you can feel the sky calling out for rain
If only I could promise her she’ll never hurt again

My issues gently brush my shoulder
As if trying to avoid me
But can’t completely void me
Too many thoughts breed abominations
Dec 2012 · 2.4k
Shane Dec 2012
The aftermath of betrayal
Those upon a corrupted throne shall witness my reign of anger
Though not stereotypical
My wrath with come a little bit stranger
Fury with grasp my fingers and lips
And I will dismantle their establishment using cunning as speartips
Dec 2012 · 1.3k
Abandoned Village
Shane Dec 2012
Autumn speaks in gentle hymns
Melody glides just between the bass and the treble
Avian songstresses preen wholes and quarters
Flora nourishes what’s in the meadow
Though my voice is harsh trees and fauna disheveled
I sing a song of life for my child unsettled
Dec 2012 · 1.1k
Shane Dec 2012
Spotlight on the windy mistress
Her pirouettes stir petals
Leaves rise and fall at every somersault
Impressing the seven devils
Each one malefic in a different sense
Eloquent in a heavy mist
They allude at their brethren sins
Blight corrodes a suggestive audience
Death’s caress plays maestro in the sound check
When the carrion pick sinner from the jest of what’s left
Our windy mistress will play tribute
To the harlequin slaughter
Dec 2012 · 2.0k
Slither In, Slytherin
Shane Dec 2012
Slither slither
I’ll strike you between your heart and your spine
The area said to be the most divine
A small pocket dimension ignited by a severed head
And the pocket change dropped amidst the river styx
The dead cry out for deliverance
If only they know of how meaningless this riddle is
So in exchange for your ignorance
I’ll slither slither
To my heart’s desire
Dec 2012 · 692
Rainy Daze
Shane Dec 2012
The sky is overcast today
and I am soul alone
I let my emotions fall where they may
So I won’t be so accident prone
Since the last incident turned my heart to stone

The only deity of this menagerie
is trapped in a music box under lock and key
Never do I dare display
The dignity of its symphony

lacerated in innocence
Mortified until she was convinced
Her entire life had lead up to this

Now she strokes tenebrous scars
and only chimes during rainy daze

To grieve in discordant echoes
5 4 3 2 1
Dec 2012 · 897
Paths: Primordial Tempo
Shane Dec 2012
There is a primordial groove that eludes brevity and alludes to heavenly steps caught between breaths. It exudes an archaic depth and consumes in rhythmic hues of reds greens and blues, fours threes and twos. It’s measured in winters, and it springs and falls like the heartbeat during the strumming of heartstrings and empyrean elegance.
Dec 2012 · 450
Two Way Mirror
Shane Dec 2012
I am meant to give love

But never receive it

I’m allowed a trial run

But I’m never to keep it

An emotion I’m told fills the soul with the sweetest

But as far as I know

It will remain a secret
Dec 2012 · 640
The Aspects
Shane Dec 2012
My mind ripples with fluidity
Droplets of clarity trickle upon grey matter

My body hums with electricity
Sparks skitter across my limbs and exit through my fingertips

My soul blazes with ferocity
Infernos and molten cinders are tempered into my resolution

My unknown pulses with equivocality
Ineffable murmurs creep through dimensional folds
Dec 2012 · 1.1k
Vicarious Cowardice
Shane Dec 2012
A Featherweight mind takes a long draw of a fragment of time cut out exclusively for the purpose of observance

There are delicate fingerprints elegantly marked vertically along his forearm

In case of insurgency, please start here

Dread mixed with a sense of urgency

For what purpose were those fingerprints placed

If not for the eventual laceration
Dec 2012 · 3.3k
Sanguine Shapeshifter
Shane Dec 2012
A sadistic outlook
I hide my fallacies and avarice in a sock drawer,
neatly placed next to my pill bottles
In the closet closest, I store the prospect of future casualties
Shuffled neatly undernearth media propaganda and the war in Uganda
I suffocate the tragedy of unknown victims in my display of malice
Muffled as they’re whimpering
Sociopathic symphony
Dec 2012 · 1.5k
Shane Dec 2012
Rumination expands through the personification of strands,
through exposure to vociferous souls
Prismatic expulsion
Blinding to the eyes, but in this darkness I achieve true sight
My eyes parallel to the universe
I watch the seams closely

*I am the watcher of all that is sacred
Dec 2012 · 2.5k
Countdown To Shutdown
Shane Dec 2012
10 sacrificial exhales
9 regret scented fingertips
8 matriarchal castigations
7 breathes corrupted
6 bummed ember tips
5 second hand coughs
4 derisive stares
3 relapses
2 lungs
1 heart

Parasitic paradise with death in hand
A gift to me,
self receiving
Toxicity imbalanced
*This is worse than bleeding
Dec 2012 · 688
Move On
Shane Dec 2012
Descent is faced with reckless abandon
The morality on his shoulders is triple distilled
There’s a sigh
A visage of the drop, the die
There’s not enough liquor to pacify that feeling
Cigarette compensation
Cessation, no relapse today
Copious amounts of coping methods
For those trying to breath
It’s not that easy
Dec 2012 · 612
Shock Therapy
Shane Dec 2012
Shell shocked
Electrified fingertips
Static impulses outlined by sparked rumination
The apex is a thunderstorm
I’ve reached the lightning pinnacle
High voltage
Dec 2012 · 856
Shane Dec 2012
The wind is as idle as I am today
It groans in halfhearted exasperation,
recalculating avian trajectories at 15 miles an hour
The trees are shaken up
“Give me all your leaves!”
They comply with as much dignity as nature brings
Crumpled sighs as they acquiesce and deliver
The same bounty demanded every winter
Dec 2012 · 618
Tis' The Season
Shane Dec 2012
The holiday season causes onset entropy
Pessimism replaces optimism-
and cynicism takes precedence
Crows create residence where the hearth once stood
Their carrion prevalence attracts maggots,
birthing putrid thoughts and bitter intentions
Dec 2012 · 1.2k
Shane Dec 2012
Your lips tasted of blood, of iron
and accompanied by your ire soaked glare,
I trembled in wake of your presence
Though I never second guessed where your heart was
The scars on your chest, and the scratches on your flesh
left me with the notion that our part wasn’t timeless
Better judgement importuned-
That I recognize the imminent doom,
and take notice of the corrosion crippling my mindset
Hope overwrites logic
If the fabric of clarity shrouded me in protection
Then blindness tore through without hesitation
And I am ripped to shreds in the wake of the hydra
Dec 2012 · 399
Promise (Revisited)
Shane Dec 2012
And all he wanted was a little bit of promise
Shield and sword he’s ready for his final conquest
Healed by those who do believe he can accomplish
Release the temper pulling
Achieve the ending calling
Keep the ties sound
As they gather round and round
Cheering with their hearts as he marched down
People crazed to see
It’s total insanity
Pushing to a hopeful dream
Achieve his final fantasy

And then he snapped back
Cold sweat and blood stained drips
It was another bad trip
To when he dreamed of a better place
A solid mental state
The ******* never found a way to get it straight
And now he crumbles
Now he’s on the verge of tears
Destined to fumble hopeless songs about his fears
Nov 2012 · 1.4k
Paths: Futurebound
Shane Nov 2012
This isn't the remedial rhythm your grandfather told you he listened to when he was a lad
This rhythm is the sole possessor of unfathomable depths
A melodic perception of what awaits at the steps of cognitive pools
Each bubble coalesces at the apex and pops with a reckless flush
Liquifed sound scatters and turns to dust
You can hear it on your skin
It's slight
But you can almost decipher what that muse was mouthing before you took the dive
Warning: Contents under forever
Sand does not absorb these notes
Infinitesimal grime only shocks and provokes
Until the boiling point is reached
The clock will strike half past infinity before you can even see
Your reflection's hymn ripple across the well of eternity
Oct 2012 · 995
Shane Oct 2012
There was a parasitic insect

That feigned amiable things

Oblivious to its beguiling exoskeleton

She never checked under its wings

Where the glistening wanes to a tenebrous coal

A stench that reeks of rancor and mold

Until the monoxide indifference

Is bitterly experienced

She’s unable to breathe in the truth

Suffocating on this deadly weapon

She sees with a new sense of clarity

That she was lured towards false prosperity


Naivety attended its own wake

And was sacrificed along with trust and faith

So we sing along to another somber song

And disperse the soil defiled

By the parasitic insect that plagues the thoughts within us

Unable to fathom exile
Oct 2012 · 353
Her song
Shane Oct 2012
"Be still”* she says
“Be still”
“I want to play you a song”
Wind caresses blades of grass
Song birds sing as if free at last
“Can you hear my song, child?”
“This song I made for you, but I want you to share it with others too”
The wind flowing through me
Flowing through we
“Can you hear it?”
Delivering motion so deliberate to take and give back stillness
Forever it blooms
Like the excitement a boy gets when he flies his first kite
Her gift
Makes the flight south just a little more luxurious
“I hope you enjoyed my song”
Oct 2012 · 2.2k
Shane Oct 2012
I am the eccentric lovechild of a mother frondescent and a father evanescent
Sprouted through corrupted soul
Fed from the fish delivered free from a sea of blood and oil
Uprooted I drift in sunlight towards an amiable oasis nurtured by scribes
Roots form synthesis with a surface void of story
My blooms entail alternative motions ranging from the aspect of a chaotic notion and the transcendent shiver given with ceremonial moments
Traces of my lingering expanse traverse and terraform galactic sound gardens bursting at the seams with Gaia’s seeds
Wither, decay, destined to resume once in full bloom
Meandering with solar rays bonded by ebb and flow
The remnants of the last sun ray plague the wanderer who was born of sunflowers
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