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was your heart not devoted to mine
when my melodies sung for yours
as the sun rose on my side to wake
the soul of yours you have left behind
in the life you continue to forget
that we have created together
as the sunsets on your end to her
Daniyal Nov 29
Not a single beverage can replace your warm juices
That trickled out from between your soft legs
When my tongue asked for more
And you gave me fresh supply that was as salty as ocean water
Waves were formed inside you that wanted to reach the shore
The shore being my tongue would always go in deep to drink the waves
And create a spell that would cause a Tsunami
Until you were all tired and relieved of the mighty pressure
But I stayed between your tiredness and kept on drinking
Your juices
  Nov 27 Daniyal
listen -
to your voice;
many run through your head
but don't you know how impenetrable you are?
Daniyal Nov 27
I lost the compass that often leads me to you
It beats, it shivers, it pumps and fools me at night
I miss the compass that controlled me
The one that always felt warm near you
I lost it
Or maybe I don't want it to lead me to you anymore
If it ever does, you'll leave me astray
And then I'll just keep searching for you
I lost the compass
You hear me?
Daniyal Nov 17
Stroke me the way you always do
A hundred times and more
Wrapped in sheets and the mess of us
Everytime it's new even when we've done it before
The centre of mass is below the waistline
All immersed inside your juicy pink
Everything crashes within a moment of magic
When I see you moan and wink
Daniyal Nov 11
How can I control the pressure?
How can you stop the pleasure?

Soft hands running on tingly thighs
The candle is being blown taking me to new highs
Heat is plenty, sweat even more and fluids about to rise
Therapy is given to the fatigued soul until it goes back to its original size
Your core is ****** out by her charm after the morning alarm
There you lay lifeless in the bed, so relaxed and entirely warm
Daniyal Oct 11
Feet trapped in heavy beach sand
Warm layer of waves strengthen the grip
Setting sun plays the final orchestra with colors in sky
What else do I need to see without you?
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