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Dec 2019 · 50
Shitty People
Michael Hole Dec 2019
You **** me off,
you ****** *****,
You moan, put down and gossip.

You're negative,
and your attitude is caustic.

A coincidence
you're stupid, too?
Somehow I think not.

and a low IQ
are your building blocks.
Sep 2019 · 183
A bad Blackout
Michael Hole Sep 2019
Six days of drinking,
partial insanity,
I drink ketamine,
and I slip from reality.

My eyes feel like they have sand in them,
my ears, mouth, nose, too.
oh ****...
they do.

Why am I paralysed?
Why can't I move?
I've been rolled up in a banner...
what the **** did I do?

On a beach in Cambodia,
thrown under a stage,
after I fell into a K-hole,
and emerged the next day.

The pain is too much,
I pass out willingly.
Wake up and I'm drowning...
Water is killing me.

I cling to the dive rack,
my strength starts to wane.
I try to scream help me,
Then I blackout again.

Wake up in a rowboat,
cooked by the sun,
Skin crimson and blistered,
what have I done?

My ankle's broken,
no wallet or phone,
I beg for a ride,
please just take me home.

The kind stranger helps me,
brings me to my hotel.
I swallow five ******
and escape from this hell.
Sep 2019 · 203
The Rudest Awakening
Michael Hole Sep 2019
The rudest awakening,
Alarm clock beckons.
From bliss to reality,
in two nasty seconds.

Early winter mornings,
an unnatural time.
So dark and depressing
is this great British clime.

The air is freezing.
The heating is broken.
It's to this Baltic *******,
that I am awoken.

Skin's hypersensitive
and lights are too bright.
Noises too noisy,
Take me back to the night.

Forced out of bed,
and all just for money.
But as everyone knows,
no money, no honey.
Sep 2019 · 384
Michael Hole Sep 2019
What a ******* *******,
you really ******* are.
If ***** were made from hydrogen,
you'd be a ******* star!

Fuel for ******* hatred,
Burning without end.
Ensconced by ******* vacuum,
because you've got no ******* friends.
Sep 2019 · 1.1k
The Speech Giver
Michael Hole Sep 2019
The reason I don't like you,
let me put it into words.
You're a prat, a drain and a hypocrite,
a ****** characterless ****.

You talk,  you talk, you ******* talk
But you never say a thing.
You think that you give speeches
Like Dr. Martin Luther King.

But you don't because your boring,
You bore us all to tears.
Ruining every social event,
by banging on for years.

Bla bla ******* bla bla bla,
your monotone drones on.
You're in love with the sound of your own voice,
while we just want you gone.

So pack your **** up in your soapbox,
And turn your answer machine on.
Then ******* back to snoresville,
or wherever the *******'re from.
Sep 2019 · 113
Michael Hole Sep 2019
Penguins painted pink,
peacefully practising pragmatic pebble placement.
Perfectly pointy piles, please!

Profoundly pious Pandas ponder pancreatic problems,
predict potential palsy.
Prognosis? Perilously poor.

Pale porpoises proudly plunge purple pools,
placidly pasturing petrified plankton.
Poor protozoans perish.

Portly, paunchy, plumpish, porcine, porky pigs
populate putrid puddles,
Pulverizing pumpkin pies.

Purposely Prickly porcupines pursue palatable plants,
pin-pointing precisely.
Puce petunias preferred.

Pill popping puppet people perpetuate planetary perdition,
pardon profuse pollution.
Pretentious ******.
Aug 2019 · 407
Chewed Shoe
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Like a guilty dog looking
at a chewed discarded shoe.
You amused me,
I used you.

Did I have to tear you?
Did I really have a choice?
I knew I didn't care for you
or the bla bla of your voice.

Now I drink and start to think,
I must be more than this.
Breaking hopeful hearts
with just "I'll call you" and a kiss.
Aug 2019 · 217
Dad 58th and Father's Day
Michael Hole Aug 2019
With this card, I'd like to say,
A Happy Birth and Father's Day!
To a brilliant father and a friend,
whom I must drive round the bend.

Fifty-eight years, you've been alive.
Protecting me for thirty-five.
And without you, I can easily say,
I wouldn't be the man I am today.

So live it up for a couple of days
and do things that make you smile.
Then get some flights to Chiang Mai booked,
and we'll live it up Thailand Style!
Aug 2019 · 193
Mum 58th Birthday
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Sorry, there is no poem this time.
I couldn't think of things that rhyme.
Whaddaya know, I found a way!
Happy Fifty-Eighth Birthday!!

Do something that makes you laugh.
Get drunk and try not to ****.
Dance until your feet get sore.
Then sleep and know that you're adored.
Aug 2019 · 1.1k
You Asked for a Poem...
Michael Hole Aug 2019
I said I'd write a poem for you,
Once I got to know you,
And now, I think that I do.

It took some time for your colours to shine,
But now I'm done, so here,
Let me show you.

You are light as the day,
With no hint of dark,
It's all bunnies, princesses and pink.

You bore me to tears,
Like a bar with no beers,
And you certainly can't handle your drink.

You're the arms-length kind,
A mediocre mind,
Fakeness and lies are your craft.

You flutter your eyes,
Like a sneaky tweety-pie,
And all the boys start acting daft.

It can't all be bad,
That would be sad,
Of course, there are nice things to say.

I just don't know what they are,
Not those things in your bra,
I've seen bigger **** in ballets.

You have a nice ****,
a nine, if I'm asked,
But that means that I'd have to say...

If I'm being true,
The best thing about you
Is the sight of you walking away.
I never gave it to her.
Aug 2019 · 1.1k
Michael Hole Aug 2019
The great unbreakables and unscalable walls of yore are not broken.

They just ceased to be walls.
Now just a slightly dumbfounding mist.

You pass through them like a bad smell
because they were never really there.
And those that built them
With ignorance and shame
Are long dead.

They are only an obscure memory of pain, oppression or struggle.
Aug 2019 · 83
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Visceral, my eternal shadow,
haunts my lies,
lowers my eyes.

in only one light,
insight, not bright,
the lie and the shadow dies.
Aug 2019 · 65
Utter Sadness
Michael Hole Aug 2019
I 'm a pendulum.
Swinging in and out of the light,
Wanting to come out of this mood, to smile.

In the dark now,
Heading in and getting darker,
Helpless but to stroke another depressing second.

About to strike now,
I know I'll turn back soon,
I can feel the soft light on my back assuring me.

I have turned,
Finally light is on my face,
Those frightening thoughts seem to wash away.

I burst into the light,
I know it won't last forever,
The darkness behind relentlessly tugging at my mind.
Aug 2019 · 416
Young Invincibility
Michael Hole Aug 2019
I float through life,
Ignoring the strife,
No kids and no wife,
And I’m fine.

I’ll listen or not,
I’ll like what I’ve got,
I’ll not take a lot,
I'll Not whine.

I’ll drink all the night,
I'll Fight if I like,
Then I might steal a bike,
Now it’s mine.

I’ll guzzle some whiskey,
I'll do something risky,
Then I might get frisky
And find.

A fine willing woman,
Not boring or wooden,
Lay on sheets a'woollen,

I’ll wake up tomorrow,
Some money I’ll borrow,
And then I will swallow,
Some wine.

I’ll do it all over,
A young Irish Rover,
You better move over,

I’m young and I'm clever,
And I’ll do whatever,
Whatever the weather,
I’ll shine.
Haha, twenty-something, drunk and feeling cocky.
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Serene and still, so fast asleep,
Your body, soft white gold,
Radiating morning warmth,
Wrapped up away from cold.

Your skin reflects the morning light,
sneaking through the blinds.
Your hair a thousand shades of shine,
conceals your perfect lines.
Aug 2019 · 78
Don't Waste Time
Michael Hole Aug 2019
All our days are numbered,
and no one knows how many.

One day you look and there's a pound,
the next there's just a penny.

So spare a thought for your loose change,
and how much you have left.

Because the way that life eats up our heartbeats,
is nothing short of theft.
Aug 2019 · 474
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Some people do yoga,
Some of them pray.
Some people talk
and some hide it away.

Whatever the problems,
There's always a way,
To meditate on them,
Me... I just play.
Aug 2019 · 320
If I was There
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Hugs and kisses,
for my princess,
on this Tuesday morning.

I hope your sleep,
was sweet and deep,
without my awful snoring.

If I was there,
I'd stroke your hair,
And stare with eyes adoring.

We'd lay and talk,
I'd joke, you'd squark,
both, between our yawning.
Aug 2019 · 332
Happy New Year
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Another year passes,
Not sat on our arses,
But living and loving, us all.

Good times and bad,
The happy, the sad,
Victories won, big and small.

So wherever you are,
Estranged or afar,
Party tonight ‘til you fall.

And to all of his friends,
Michael Danger Hole sends,
A Happy New Year to you all!
Aug 2019 · 127
Fucking Airports
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Lost, panicked ******* morons getting under my feet.
Twenty ******* dollars for a sausage roll to eat.
Duty-free's a ******* joke, it's cheaper on the street.
And I would rather sit on a bed of nails,
Than this ******* airport seat.

******* airports.
Aug 2019 · 55
Easy with the E's
Michael Hole Aug 2019
A lipogram I cry aloud,
My first in fact, I’m slightly proud,
To all who know of what I drawl,
I post it now upon my wall.

This task is tough and trying though,
Only using A, I, U and O.
Two-thirds of words do not apply,
And now I think you might grasp why.

I’ll stop my scrawling so you can wallow,
On how this lipogram is so hard to swallow.
And until I think of a good part two,
I’ll sanction additional scribing to you.
Aug 2019 · 281
Winter in Thailand
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Alright, England’s freezing,
But in December Thailand's cold.
The more I feel the chilly air,
The more I feel I'm old.

My nose is getting runny,
It’s glowing rosy red.
I need to find a buxom bust,
To rest my cold filled head.

But soon it will be summer,
And the sweat will start to seep.
Then, I’ll kick her out of bed
And get some ****** sleep.
Aug 2019 · 103
Don't Box Rainbows
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Boxes are good to carry things
or to keep things in.
We use them for lots of stuff,
To move, to store... for bins.

My feelings are not boxable,
they're complex, changing, free.
If you try to box up my emotions,
then, you're trying to box me.

If you could box a rainbow,
would you really want to try?
I'd rather let it live and die
its short life in the sky.
Aug 2019 · 628
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Your blue blood veins,
red, white, blue stains,
mind closed just like your borders.

Despite the wars,
the foreign and poor,
are given their marching orders.

you just don't see,
is what makes the world so great.

'The futures white, see',
'In good old Blighty',
you bleat as you close the gates.
Aug 2019 · 106
Ode to Blend 285
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Blend how I missed you,
Wished to sip you,
Whilst I was away.

In Singapore
you were no more,
and it ruined my ****** day.

But now I'm back
with you again,
In some ****** little dive.

You'll pour again,
Like falling rain,
My golden 285.
Aug 2019 · 181
Post Sex Happiness
Michael Hole Aug 2019
In those moments,
Heart pounding, body hot.
Their energy inside me,
Their scent surrounds me,
Their breath on mine,
Souls tangled,

I breathe the night air,
Fresher than an hour ago.
The gentle rain hits my skin,
tiny drops of life,
My body is alive,
I feel alive,
I am alive.
Aug 2019 · 131
After the Rain
Michael Hole Aug 2019
When the sky is on fire and puddles have dried.
The red clouds reflect from the blue of my eyes.

A soft static energy promises night...
A few Scotch and sodas?

I think I just might.
Aug 2019 · 224
The Universal Number
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Ere a bang.

A shiny something in stasis? Greys and blues fighting lightning betwixt darkening sky.

In one colossal blow, colour is entire like the sun.

Starlets fly in rainbow striation.
Aug 2019 · 71
Life in Short
Michael Hole Aug 2019
Life in short,
You're born, you try.

You smile and Laugh,
You love and cry.

You search your soul
And wonder why.

You figure it out,
And then you die.

— The End —