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Dan Santos Jun 2020
Oh... darling...
You remember me the day I've wanted to live.
hi, bel. it's me: Dan.
Dan Santos Jun 2020
Hi, Bel.
It's me: Dan.
Today I went to hospital.
I got a breath crise,
I couldn't breath.
I lost myself in my mind and
when I got into the bath,
my breathe had gone.
I started to lost my body control,
my heart beat faster
and my conscience started to be so confusing.
The first thing I thought was:
Where are you, Bel?
I need you.
I am not fine.
Please, Bel.
where are you?
Letter for Bel: III.
Dan Santos Jun 2020
Hi, Bel.
It's me: Dan.
Hope you're well.
11 months, 1 year since you're gone.
I mean: we.
I remember your smell.
It's a gentle smell and it's deep rooted into all the songs
I listen
over my days...
It's kinda crazy 'cause I am sure you don't feel the same
but I know
that day you felt.
I told you the last time we talked each other:
'If we must be together, we'll be.'
But I didn't know it would hurt so much.
How much will I have to wait?
How much lives will I take a wait?
Please, come back.
Take your sit.
There's hot coffee yet.
where are you, Bel?
Letter II.
Dan Santos Jun 2020
Hi, Bel.
It's me: Dan.
Hope you're well.
My mom said she misses
my old friend who used to like
I said
Maybe she misses me too.
Do you?
I remember the day I met you for the first time.
I could feel your legs breaking me when you
Jumped into my body.
I could swear you would never ever let me go again.
But you did.
Not that day
But the day when I came to your home
We sit on your home's floor
And we felt each other
as never before.
That day I cross your home's door  and that day
was the last.
Would it be different if we had known it was it?
Love, Dan.
Letter I.
Dan Santos Feb 2020
Your profile has being
my Netflix.

I've spent my time find for
something which could make me
I dont know...
Happy for a while?

Every post is like a kind of a movie.
a ton of things pass through my head
while I am watching it,
But anything there...
I said anything
Can make me truly happy.

I miss the time we were sitting on your
home's floor,
talking about any ****
talking about our life.
that was my netflix.
more important:
it was free.
Dan Santos Feb 2020
Remember me the day
I've never lived
But I want to.
Dan Santos Jan 2020
Where is Maria,
I asked myself last night.
I looked her up since we lost ourselves at her home corner
And everything I've found were
a ton of crying memories.

Where is Maria?
Is she okay?
Hope she's fine.

I am going crazy
I look up to the sky and I scream:
Where is Maria?

And I think god doesn even know where is

Maria is gone.

But I wanna know:
Where are you?
where is maria
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