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Damseline Feb 2019
Looking back on the days we've been through
I can say we passed it althrough.
Thinking back on the past we take
I can infer we learned it by mistake.

You are the mother who is kind,loving, and brave
Deserves to receive back the things she gave.
I am a child who grew up from you
Deserves to give everything you want to

Whatever we encounter in time,
Whoever we could meet in the future,
May teach us that our love is pure
So full and so true
Hi, this poem was made because of my teacher because she told us to write a poem letter for our loved ones and i chose her, hehehehe. And it involves with the usage of verbals, so yeah, this is it.
Damseline Jan 2019
How things go wrong
When we started night
And even planned it right?

How things go wrong
If it is alright
To do things we should fight?

How things go wrong
When we knew what we’re doing
And imagined life we’re feeling?

How things go wrong
When an instant it was fairy tale
But end up nigtmare?
Hey, I made it yesterday becuase I was having a sad day and idk but I it felt light when I wrote this one...
Damseline Jan 2019
Lost is not lost
When you discover something
That greatly cost
Damseline Jan 2019
We are afraid to wander
To cities we no wonder.
We are afraid to take risks
Of things we know we will miss.

But have we ever wonder
that in the middle of being lost
Is something we will recover
The things that surely cost

And that is finding your true identity
Damseline Jan 2019
I was a silent girl when I was in elementary
Then became the loudest classmate in highschool.
I judged people wearing piercings and tattoos
But became the person I hated during childhood.

I became a person whom I hated to be.
But it feels right and free
Being someone you don't expect to be.
Because to be that someone
Makes you feel that you are not no one.
Finding true self is hard to find

— The End —