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Damon Beckemeyer Apr 2019
**** up your ***
Bend over Red Rover
Send 6 inches over
Her threshold

All-season pass
Her ******* drips soy milk
Rub a dub dip
Her hygiene is poor
But the smell feeds your itch

It’s so **** gross

Uno dos DIE
She liked it

Her tongue ring cut your ****
You didn’t even get hard
Her ***** were droopy

Gargle her cultures
And scream

Swallow the cottage cheese
Eat your green beans
******* you stupid ****

**** the babies
She has rabies
The cat licked the ***** and DIED

Curiosity killed that stupid *****
And she died
Just like she wanted

Shut up
Eat breakfast
Swindle her stubbly nest and

Shoot up orange juice
Put oil in your eyes
Shut up
And die
Damon Beckemeyer Mar 2019
“You’re a mess
Go to bed
Eat some food get some rest
Don’t you know it’s easier that way”

Clean my mess
Go to bed
Buy more food, I’m a wreck
Who the hell would know it’s so much easier this way...

There was a voice inside my head,
But I may have misheard it
I don’t know for sure
But would if I knew ears were working
I’ve been listening to the earth my ear pressed up against her surface
But lessons that I’ve learned could all be crude and oh so worthless

I walk through valleys that are only low as mountains can be high
I walk through streets without my shoes beneath the stars and lamppost lights
But the questions that I’m asking leave me searching far and wide

It’s like I dug myself a whole
and have to see how deep it goes
But it’s only six feet under
And as an aging hand may lay a rose upon my grave

This is what happens when kids have questions I guess.
Damon Beckemeyer Mar 2019
I could compose sonatas with sentences, and not to brag, but unfortunately, I prefer language to music.
That which is on paper is most memorable.
So, when one smokes a joint once or twice a day, they have much too many memories to make and thus-as-well have many more to lose.

Albeit an unfortunate circumstance, memory loss comes along with the sheer amount of aptly iconized memories.
A large number of things are let go of when one embarks on the discovery of their own character and conscience.
Possibly so, a shedding of one’s misconceptions in regards to themselves, is quite-in-fact a reason to forget former things

We have the power of attitude.
We change what happens outward us by examining what is inward and embracing or changing whatever we may come to find.

We may not be God, but maybe we look like whatever God may be.

Certainly, a person who is not a slave to themselves is quite a divine sight to see.
Damon Beckemeyer Mar 2019
The last place you will see god is in a stained glass window/ The sky behind it is far more beautiful

The last place you will see god is holding a sign/ The first is where real work gets done

The last place you will see god is in a monastery/ Jesus was homeless, and didn’t give a **** what building had his name on it/
Buddha left a palace and found peace under a tree after a long walk

The last place you will see god is an offering plate/ For many still have plates that are empty

The last place you will see god is in doctrine/Since doctrine only changes the mind

The last place you will see god is in an argument/ Actions speak louder than words anyway
Damon Beckemeyer Oct 2018
Shamans dancing round in circles
in the corners of my thoughts
They hand me remedies for pains my past has caused
Although I look up to the holy testimony I have lost,
I have dragged it through the darkness
hoping it would soon wear off
Damon Beckemeyer Aug 2018
Did you ever think we’d make it here?
Mirror mirror, bathroom wall
Who’s suicidal but doesn’t have the *****?
Past-life glass-life
Where and when?
Who’s praying to die at the age of ten?
Then unchecked baggage of parents weighs in?!

Abusive ex-alcoholic
Taking money from Mom’s empty wallet
Bankrupting his baby momma
Child support turned child-hood trauma

Fighting the deep
Chisel off that piece of mind
Find in thine keep
A piece of mind that was me
My peaceful mind is one cried into sleep

To still be alive was my last thought and option
It feels so good to blow the dust off the coffin
Damon Beckemeyer Aug 2018
Johnny Appleseed.
****** us up good didn't you?

If you plant a tree in Eden
You're an angel
But Mom and Dad ate an apple
Cain got mad and killed Abel
With the *** he wears on his head

Now he runs around smoking herb and planting trees
Cain was just like you Mr. Appleseed
Two farmers tag teamed
He made a pretty good side kick

A seed from Johnny's Apples
Was a Johnny Apple's seed
That Seeded an Apple tree
So Johnny's baby Appleseeds
Could seed more apple trees
To eat off Johnny Apple's seeds

Choke on that Mother Earth

Johnny Appleseed's tree is long and hard
Ripe with juicy fruit
And we all know mankind has a sweet tooth

Knock on wood

Paul Bunyan is Jesus
Cutting down trees of life since day one
Just wait til he gets nailed and impaled on one
Meanwhile an angel with a fire sword chased a snake out of the garden
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