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Jun 2019 · 106
Art de War
Damaré M Jun 2019
The sun is so close

The Fahrenheit is
The energy is
The growth  between you and I both

The synergy is
The emptiness is no kin to me

I feel the space quite sensually
I appreciate the life that’s lent to me

I wasn’t giving the discipline to live a abstinence history

Without damper; look what the rain did to me.

Happy camper

Kinetic sampler

The Sol is adjacent to the soul

Is there a dome?
Is the light in or beside the body of the globe?

The opposing solstice
Where’s the sun? It’s so cold

The elements are so loud

All of my tears are in those clouds

My outbursts are disguised as thunderous sounds.

The sun is still young.
All fights starts of you.
May 2019 · 132
Jhene Draiko
Damaré M May 2019
I love me enough for the both of us, while maybe loving you too much,

apparently my feelings is strong enough to chauffeur us. But every other month you slam on the brakes like you don’t give a ****.

I guess things are normal to you only when it’s commotion huh**

Backing all of this traffic up
As I pay attention to the signs
You appear to hate me more than a *******...
but nah see...

You can’t change what God see
The future
Me and you were meant to be
I say that without humor
You remember when you told me to stay woke without the rooster.

Well our hearts used to beat the same rhythm, now it’s more like acoustic.
**** acapella if we let you tell it.

We was high speeding
What made you take your foot off the pedal?  
I guess you just needed a break
You cut me off to get into my lane
It wasn’t on accident so you didn’t need Allstate.
I guess for me slowing down was a mistake.
We shoulda just hit and run.
Oct 2018 · 123
Double Dutch
Damaré M Oct 2018
All that you’ve been through what am I suppose to do ?
Now you’re living your halftime
Seeing all these other guys trying to win the prize.
Shooting their shot.
What about mines ?
Do it **** being so fine?
      I’m stuck between being abrupt and sublime.
I know you just want a ***** to listen to you sometimes.
Hopefully I can show you something different.
But in reality I’m just like every ***** in the lunch line.
Hands out, pants down!
And hate being asked after we **** about where do we stand now.
      I aim to never bring you pain
My finger on the trigger but ima stand down.
      Bump into you months later
I see you still ****** wit a skater.
It appears to the world that I’ve found my savior.
You tell me “oh you playing now”!
Oct 2018 · 174
Damaré M Oct 2018
I want everything that is priceless. Not because I’m cheap; however, everyone genuine cannot be traded and the most special moments will not repeat.
Oct 2018 · 187
Damaré M Oct 2018
Your love life should resemble a fruitful garden brought to you by one pair of green thumbs...while that same connoisseur nurseryman who gets nourishment solely from his harvest... both of you sustain a symbiotic interconnection ... season ... after... season.

Reproduction in your flower bed night after night.
Jul 2018 · 325
Damaré M Jul 2018
My apologies Tasmanian Tiger, for the brute carelessness of the Hominid settlers. I was quite aware of you being one of the few marsupials... yes the sworn to be ascendant earthlings are out of pocket. Well I never got to meet you personally but I’m sure you was charged with great energy. Thank you for serving a purpose here on our heavenly body.
                                  P.S. maybe one day you’ll arrive again, and maybe us homosapiens will be expunged from this orb.
Jun 2018 · 344
Lets Race not Race
Damaré M Jun 2018
Our minds will continue to race evermore. Most will circuit exhaustingly around the same tract; repetitively crossing the same checkpoints. However very few are ****** with the judgement of dissatisfaction even whilst nudging at the summit of enlightenment; he who will perpetually bring enthusiastic evolution onto society.
May 2018 · 246
Damaré M May 2018
She’s bronze with a knotted crop on top

With Diamonds for vision

And a soul full of gold

Oily skin

Ivory smile

A prancing resource

That I will protect with force.
May 2018 · 527
Damaré M May 2018
I wanna have sax with you again.

You trumpet my mind away.

I miss how the tips of my fingers press every single one of your keys causing you to vibrate

Then I’d strum a handful of your strings, getting amped up for you to scream

Do you remember the way that your ***** felt due to the stroking of my trombone?

This is when your harps start to beat excessively

And mines was on the same bass

You would always turn around so I can use my drumstick

You’d think I put my foot it in.

I recall how you catch rhythm quite splendid each side clapping tambourines.

I inquired, you’d choir

****, our orchestrated erotica

Now do you understand why your name is logged into my phone as Harmonica?
May 2018 · 234
The Loathe of Love
Damaré M May 2018
How mustn’t we together overcome very cynical mindset?

Thy reluctance of engaging wherewith known to be as thē freest component in all physiology.

Oh so cognitive, turned psychosomatic, into anima at last ego.

Preposterous to constitute.
May 2018 · 207
Dear Lyric
Damaré M May 2018
I Nevada want to Mississippi you like how I am anymore. Could you please just Texas me back? I tend to feel very Illinois when we are departed. When we are together we Connecticut so well. Like all of the Colorado’s on a rainbow, we can’t just let it Washington away. Let’s try something New York Oklahoma? ... Will you Maryland me?

From: Yo Maine mans
To: Delaware Kansas Louisiana
Damaré M Feb 2017
Your beauteous archetype will never let you suffer the pain that most of us regular people face. Despite your rudeness, we will always make excuses to partake In your cuteness. You don't know how it feel to be forgotten about. Your heart never fell, in result of seeing someone who bailed holding hands with a more sightliness female. You have everyone's attention. How does pretty feel when pain is inflicted? Does pretty really hurt all along, or is that just a song? I'm venting through this poem because I can only imagine you being in my arms. The reality of you laying in my chest happily is slim to none. My confidence in myself is strong, but that only go as far as grabbing you by the arm, signaling you to come on. Utterances of "he's not where you belong". My aplomb is only dawn in comparison to his bodacious mannerism. You can't see anything wrong. But I can see it within you. Whenever I spy deeply, past your aesthetic definitive. As I forage through your lushness I stumble upon the truth. The naked truth. Fastuousness at it's best. Desolateness at it's worst. Blessed but hurt. A nest without a bird, a freeway without a curve, an intoxication without a slur, a feline with no reason to purr,  a sea otter without it's fur; basically a sentence without a word. Bleak; you worship the worthless, bargain yourself to be purchased so in result you are the first resort to a man with no purpose. How does it feel to be a self-merchant? Wholesale and your clientele being boys who are uncertain. If you were interested in men he will treat you like one with the womb in the front (womb-men), no matter how feral you were you'll b like his little ******. See you are the resultant of a posture that is too potent. When you're in motion, no guy can continue with focus. You were always told how bold that you looked without any clothes, but never reminded that your mind was the only thing you have left when everything else unfold. Hopeless; desirable but the story on how to be hereafter admirable was untold. "No matter how fine the statue is, overtime it will have to erode, it's the significance in the chronicle that we will always extoll"
Jan 2017 · 446
First Sunday
Damaré M Jan 2017
As I sit front row amongst an abundance of lushness I accompany a congregation filled with long-term friends. The holy ghost is in Canis latrans. Taxidea taxus isn't really diggin' it. Mephitis mephitis came into service smelling a bit reckless. Procyon lotor is all over Lynx rufus's shoulder. Castor canadensis just don't give a ****. Neotoma cinerea haven't said a peep and Glaucomys sabrinus is the flyest I've seen in weeks. The tunes that the Warblers are singing is sweet, with the Hawks hitting notes all the way to the peak and you know the Great Horned Owl cadence had to be deep. The gospel put all California Poppy, Star Tulip and Western Pennyroyal to sleep. Now everyone quiet down, all I hear is the river and the wind, patiently waiting for Giant Sequoia to speak. Drum roll please? Pileated Woodpecker knows the perfect beat. The deepest sermon goes unspoken. Nature is the religion and the earth is church. Praises to God for his Kingdom translating his words.
*Canis latrans* = Coyote
*Taxidea taxus* = Badger
*Mephitis mephitis* = Striped Skunk
*Procyon lotor* = Raccoon
*Lynx rufus* = Bobcat
*Castor canadensis* = ******
*Neotoma cinerea* = Bushy-tailed wood rat
*Glaucomys sabrinus* = Northern Flying Squirrel
**Scientific names of the given species**.
Dec 2016 · 547
Good Timing
Damaré M Dec 2016
Know year is knew
No year is new

Unwrap your conscious from the habit of resolving issues every 365 days.

You're practicing a maze with no escape.

We revolve around time, time doesn't revolve around us.

Flip through the pages of Life's calendar, not the world's

Ideas will tend to exist for longer.

Goals once reached will have infinite significance.

No year is new

No birth is old.

No soul is dead.

One day you won't *know the years you knew

Graduation onto a eternal diurnal

As of today you'll keep killing and reviving yourself by the end-to-start of every complete orbital cycle.

We revolve around the sun, the sun doesn't revolve around us.

Give yourself some space.

It's time son.
It's time.
Dec 2016 · 300
Damaré M Dec 2016
He can never be sorry if all he do is make his guitar cry.
My man... Don't apologize.
Nov 2016 · 730
Rolling Phone
Damaré M Nov 2016
I knew you were all ******* with him, but I doubted that the rope was sturdy. How sudden the both of you unraveled when I laced you up was music to my ears like attached strings, you know guitars and things? Ha but anyway I'm about to get dressed can yu help me with my tie? Oh you thought I was about to hang around like a noose? I'm not that type of guy... Im into assortment... Hit me on my cordless.
Hello, goodbye.
Nov 2016 · 952
What Baths Boil Down To
Damaré M Nov 2016
That 1 lengthy and detailed conversation we had as I fixed her a hot bubble bath, it was very necessary to figure out the pattern in which each of our souls orbited around one another's life. Life. It seems that in the seams of this biographical regime, we get lost in between 2 wings, steering without a true tale, leading with our beaks instead of our two feet. Finding elation through impatience. Determination to fly without defining our own matrix. At that particular time I just wanted to slowly sit your soft body down into that pool of lavender scented steamed water, but everything you had to say nearly drowned me. The invisible crown I continuously placed on your head suddenly vanished as my imagination panicked. I always thought that my mind was backed up by my heart which was backed up by your art. Oh how gentle you scribble. I have to erase line by line, direction by direction, affection by affection, disconnect on top off disconnection. Difficulties I'm having while looking at you lather but no longer seeing you in the picture. Watching you lave as you give me your take on how our relationship was shaped was a bit unfitting. In my mind "it's inevitable that she's open for bidding". I'm lounged against the sink in a bind. Bonded by your fondness, then detached by your honest responses. How blunt you are and how drunk I'm soon to be. Wasted vibrations, my mouth began to tremble. Somehow I find an idea to cause the both of us to tickle. Temporary bliss. Moreover all of my hard efforts that night turned out to be the worst shift. I went from pleased to please. Expectedly you never tried to appease by appealing to my needs. Draining water like my decaying heart. Drying off reminds me of my suffocated feelings. Lotion as I drink this 40% potion. Hoping of hydrated coping. Can you leave? So I can shower, attempting to rinse away the most beautifully devastating hour.
Oct 2016 · 1.7k
Came To My Senses
Damaré M Oct 2016
If I was blind I could still see you.
If I had no mind, my thoughts will still think of you.
Without legs I will be chasing you all over town until my arms become dead.
No lips but I will still yearn for your kiss.
Picture me without a face, yet grinning everytime you open your arms for my embrace.
What if I had no hands? I will still hold onto my every plan, to be your perfect man.
One day I will be without a heart; however, loving you like I did from the start.
Oct 2016 · 345
Damaré M Oct 2016
My dominant aura and her keen instincts was so telepathic, we disregarded words and just walked away with each other.
Oct 2016 · 616
Damaré M Oct 2016
I will let you be my peace, only if you allow me to be your beast.
Natural Loving
Oct 2016 · 371
I Succumb
Damaré M Oct 2016
Can you tell that I already told myself that I will love you to death? Well I haven't died yet, but it don't feel like I'm living neither. I need you, it's a must that you come back into my life to save me from this tranquility. The irony of how I'm still breathing surprises me. My mind misguided me and the further away you became my heart reminded me.
Oct 2016 · 708
Ruined Nation
Damaré M Oct 2016
I hate living in a society where the chaos is so cryptic and over looked by a overflow of major events and mass material. The chaotic tendencies of our nation is so systematic and crafted that most of us are able to feel unaffected. I much rather everything be ruthless and blatant so we can be aware that we're going through the stages of ruination.
Damaré M Oct 2016
It was a shiny tear that rolled down her melanated cheek as she uttered the words "maybe next lifetime". I respected it, however; it was that very moment I wished lightening struck us both dead.
Oct 2016 · 759
Extracted Pt. II
Damaré M Oct 2016
Jasmine although your embedded scent is faint, I'm still stuck here with a headache when all I want is rest. My sinuses is a mess. I don't know if I'm crying or lying. I tried cinnamon, turns out subconsciously I was looking for a synonym. I didn't get the same adrenaline. So now I'm lonely again. Wondering why did you leave, missing your semievergreen leaves, bless me with your presence as I sneeze. I want you to bloom, replant yourself back into my room.
Oct 2016 · 593
Do You Feel Me?
Damaré M Oct 2016
Try being a writer who loves to express with words, however driven by deep emotions and most times words can not quite explain to your reader the depths of how you feel. Example phrases like "I love you" are understatements.
Take everything that I say and power it by 2.
Oct 2016 · 237
Damaré M Oct 2016
My reflection has shattered. Although she is still fully put together, I cannot see myself within her anymore. Gotta get myself together, but I just don't know how I'll look without her.
I'm ugly alone.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Damaré M Oct 2016
She answered the door half naked and almost woke. As I closed the door behind me slowly, she attempted the route to her bed until I interrupted "Stop right there! Put your hands up and place them against the wall. You look dangerous and I'm about to frisk you". She surrendered.
Let's have a troublesome
Oct 2016 · 718
The Relay Pt. II
Damaré M Oct 2016
I call it 'the relay' because we take someone else's efforts and hand that energy over to another person. Someone who happens to be more ideal for your predetermined mind. However that same energy passes through that same host only to temporarily live inside someone who they're too interested in more than they are you. it's a relay that replay until one person delay the cycle with handing over a baton that only fits that other person's grip.
Relay-tionships of our young ages.
Oct 2016 · 6.9k
Damaré M Oct 2016
When she left she couldn't help but to leave that soft and sweet fragrant scent behind. You right, love is blind. There are other senses which make me miss her. Don't get me wrong, she is a enthralling flower. However I'm only reminiscing on the way she lingers, I'm drawn in by every 'come here' gesture of her finger. The openness of my nostrils, the little chill hills which coexist with my follicles. Jasmine... she is so honorable.
You could've been my body scent forever.
Oct 2016 · 568
Damaré M Oct 2016
The position I'm in is like a deserted island. A lot of time to have man to man discussions with myself. Steadily scheming on how to intercept my goal. Only two routes I can go. Cut into her directly or fade away. Im already standing in my own endzone so a interference is plausible. Thinking about how many times I let us down during this drive. I didn't tackle everything I had to, so with that being said I will run it back at any given time.
Initial Love
Oct 2016 · 815
Fall is Back
Damaré M Oct 2016
The night is here and the wind is slightly rushing at our entrances; although, inside the climate has it's differences. In between the thermostat providing warmth, dimmed vision, television illuminating our faces, cinnamon scents floating through the vents, my arms are imprinted from your sudden firm grips. It's my lap you sit as we watch continuos scenes of outburst, followed by your hysterical vocal siren. Unsure if this movie is actually getting scary or if its because the Hennessy mixed apple cider is wearing. As the fallen leaves picks up by the breeze I can hear growing alerts of "trick or treat", which happens to be the most exciting sight of your night. Seeing you so enthused by the little costumes, loving how well you are with the young; therefore, it's blissful to witness you having so much subtle fun. Temporarily able to shut ourselves back inside and it is obvious that the gusts have been having it's way with your bun. Reposition as "Netflix and chill" get back real. You get your last shivers out as you find shelter for your arctic feet. Took us a couple of tries to agree on what's comfortable, finally. Now I'm back to supporting your marshmallow like body in my tightened arms when I'm stricken by this rush of paradise. The feeling of triumph, due to being able to give you what you ultimately asks of me. You didn't know you'll be spending nights like this with your superhero dressed in a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants. The uniform that none of the candy seeking children glorifies; however, they don't know how high I jumped, how hard I stomped, how straight I punched and how fast I had to run to save you from all those jokers.
Happy Halloween
Damaré M Aug 2016
How I wish I knew you, oh im almost absolutely positive that things will be much simpler. I would no longer chase the race of these small minded women who constantly run away from their true escape. Too frightened to heighten their righteousness. A real man in 2016 is intimidating but not for you he is. You're a goddess who only should be standing aside a man with a Godly frame. The look in you're eyes explain to me how a dude with small hands cannot complete your task. I have to ask. Are you finish settling for these dull minded homosapiens? You are the idol of mankind who any ol' kind of men cannot apprehend. If you look into my eyes, press up against my forceful figure, without words witness how the heavens speak wisdom to our spirits. As we have connected eyes an exchange take place. You take my strength and I take your weaknesses. Oh how I hope to get to know you.
this one's for you.
Sep 2015 · 363
Box of Chocolates
Damaré M Sep 2015
Black women you're so assorted, makes us wonder how can we afford it? We see you doing yo thang, and how can we support it? If we on ah mission, no longer will we abort it. You have many attitudes and soar to so high of gratitudes, why would we destroy it? I see we gotta get on our job, so we're seeking for future employment. But first you gotta understand we're in love with your body already, you don't have to exploit it. The more you spill it out; you drain it, I well rather you to sustain it. I hate to be complaining, but I'm witnessing your giftedness become tainted. How can I explain this? I love your mind so I will hate to deranged it. With that said "what's so sweet if consumed in the start, have a after taste of reality that comes to the senses as being ****". That's not even the crazy part, which is... We cannot go without seeing your art.......
You're beautiful, nurturing and intelligent. We know that, and that's why we love you. But if you keep shaking it, you are disgracing it. Hard to grant you your elatedness. But at the same ***** ****** time you are so ******* artistically created
Aug 2015 · 522
Damaré M Aug 2015
OH MY GOD! You have the most thoughtful, detailing and creative mind ever known... My goodness
Life is by far the most creative and detailed concept
Damaré M Jun 2015
I ponder amongst the wonderfulness of your mind as I try to focus deep into your eyes, I hope I'm surprised by the thought of you thinking about myself, stop squinting please? Let me see the gleam, a little wider so that I can see the dream. As I look down year 2-3 from now. I see you and me, wait don't even blink, without interruptions there's nothing that can destruct us. As you lay down with me pressed on top of you, joyous tears fall to your ears. I see my assuring reflection, smile for awhile, while I swipe at the two tracks of wetness. You tell me that you adore my cleverness, I tell you that when I gaze through your frames I see the foreverness
Jun 2015 · 362
"Tell Me Something"
Damaré M Jun 2015
I vividly recollect me embracing you while we were in the shower.
The most passionate time of my life I recall.
I didn't know what possessed me to possess you in that fashion, so the only explanation I have is that you had a hold on me first; a more strong and foreseeing clutch.
My physical reaction cannot compare to the divinity of your works.

I witness how amused you were when I acted out foolishly, reminding me that I needed some kinda help.
Well the help I needed is no longer apart of my life, thanks to the complexity of my malfunctioning cerebrum. Sorry I didn't allow you to be my remedy.

I also remember dimples that are potent, just one more addition to a walking monument. He must have been thinking about someone much more appreciative than I when he walked you out of the gates and told you that you'll still be an angel of his, just accompanying a more physical spirit.

I bethink of how easy it was for me to confide in you, as if we known one another all our lives. Such strange but comforting arrangement. I was sure of continuous sustenance.

I reminisce on you specifying me as your "cupcake", since the icing is gone I don't want no other man to fill in what I already baked. You only got one cupcake! (I swear if you call anybody else that I'm whoopin yall *****, both of yall)

But I will never get the chance to commemorate me telling you the one thing that I was always so close to disclosing... That I loved you
For anyone to read but only to be understood by 2
Apr 2015 · 1.5k
Damaré M Apr 2015
I know I cannot have your sympathy
I just ask you to understand

The truth is
I understand the land
But I'm tired of standing under another man
Only to be perfectly misunderstood purposely

Inside of my ferociousness
It's hurting me
Because I know there's always a start, but never an end
Have you ever fought a continuos fight that you can never win?
You can never understand
You knew beforehand so there's no emergency to you
Apr 2015 · 316
Damaré M Apr 2015
You don't have a twin?
I hate to have only one chance to marry someone like you
Apr 2015 · 351
Why can't you love me too ?
Damaré M Apr 2015
I'm only human
Who can only have so much
Interest in a statue
Mar 2015 · 1.0k
Beautifully unhealthy
Damaré M Mar 2015
Your beauty in relation to how warm you make me feel; however, remind me of the reddish-pink sun that illustrates the skies when the air quality is terrible... I want you but I don't need you
Mar 2015 · 533
How I Cry
Damaré M Mar 2015
I can't see it coming down my eye, so I gotta let the poem cry
My head held high, but my heart is in my stomach
My stance is sturdy, but I need to take a seat
A strong man who's afraid to show signs of being weak
Holding in all this emotion, is just making my eyes even more bleak
I'm usually good with coping with commotion, but as you get older the stakes get a little more steep
The stairs get a little bit closer
My eyes are dry so the stares got a little longer
Day dreaming all night
The fight is lingering around so I'm a loner
If I let it all out i'll be more resounding then a moaner, pounding an extensive *****

I can't see it coming down my eye
It almost spilled over this morning
The image in the mirror kept it from pouring
Reminded myself that self is the only help
But if I focus too much on that notion my eyes will begin to melt
So I show my back to that reflection
I'm hunched over in the house, but when I come out I suddenly get erected

I can't see it coming down my eye
But what can hurt if I eject it?
Why do I get the feeling that I'll be lessened?
But lemme teach you a lesson, that if it hurts don't be afraid to let the water works because your feelings will be disconnected

So I gotta let the poem cry
Each word is woeful
I can't see it coming down my eye
My iris is blessed, but my fingers is in distress
All this written whimpering I'm doing my fingers are twisted signaling the west

I can't see it coming through my vision, coming through my lenses, through my ocular instruments

So I gotta let the poem whine, the poem sob, my ink pen form salinity globs
Feb 2015 · 635
Oh Amerikah!
Damaré M Feb 2015
We live in a society where lawyers defend guilty people, judges dictate someone's freedom and get paid in large amounts while earning the upmost respects by the greater population. We have teachers civilizing the young and innocent, but rewarded much less. Do you see the cycle?
Jan 2015 · 397
Love was blind
Damaré M Jan 2015
Now we are living in a new era...
When love developed eyes
All the other senses are missing
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
The Relay
Damaré M Jan 2015
The relay we tend to play, a selfish race of people who passes the baton but never get it handed back to us.
I'm running from someone, who is running from someone aswell, while I am chasing another, who is running from me and chasing someone else. The question is who will be selfless and end the functioning of this roundabout tract by turning around and giving reciprocity? My heart goes out for the anchor
Jan 2015 · 480
My question is...
Damaré M Jan 2015
Do you love me, or do you just love love?
Jan 2015 · 636
Damaré M Jan 2015
I especially love Ex's when they're in one another's presence. The chemistry is still there; just have to apply the energy
Jan 2015 · 515
Damaré M Jan 2015
Not understanding why you elect him ahead of me; he takes you for granted... Me, I take you for panic!!!
Jan 2015 · 338
Damaré M Jan 2015
If you don't see the beauty in love I don't know how/why are you still alive
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Misleading Brochure
Damaré M Jan 2015
Have you ever flown first class to heartbreak island?
As I soar overseas back to loneliness looking at the body of water so emotionless the land was welcoming but this flight through disappointment seem much more homeliness...

...I didn't know that I was just on vacation though
Dec 2014 · 284
Damaré M Dec 2014
Me: "why do you love me"?
Her: "because I love me"
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