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CJ Sep 2018
"You'll be alright"
That's what they say.
"You can do it, just fight!"
I can do this, but hey,
It's been a year, you're late.

Day by day
Night by night
I treasure every moment
Because one day I'll be gone

I don't care what happens to me
As long as I'll be happy,
I'll be happy
As happy as I could be

With you, I could smile and laugh
Even when the whole day was rough
But to say good bye?
No, I can't, I might die

People name you "self harm"
But I call you a friend or a fam
Because in this world of pain
Each day drives me insane

So please take me,
Save me,
Give me a hand,
Because you're the only one who understands, little blade.
CJ Sep 2018
Flock of birds chirping,
A gentle breeze on my face,
What a peaceful day.
CJ Sep 2018
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry if I have changed
I'm sorry if I'm not the person who you knew
I'm sorry if things aren't like before

But hey, don't worry
I'm still me
I didn't actually change,
You just saw a different part of me

May it be
Bad, good, weird or creepy
I'm still me,
But a little different

So if this part of me bothers you so much
Just tell me that you don't like it
Because I'd tell you
I am who I am.
Sorry, but I change for something good. If you don't like me it isn't my fault anymore.
CJ Sep 2018
I speak,
you reply "sml?"
I keep quiet,
you ask "why? "

Don't you get it?
Everytime I try to say something
I am afraid
And getting really conscious

Am I not allowed to speak my mind?
Am I not allowed to share something irrelevant?
Should I even say something?

I don't know anymore
I should probably consider you
As one of those "friends" i avoided.

For every "SML?"
In this country
You need to think twice before sharing now
Or rather we should say "SKL" after we SPEAK OUT OUR MIND.
Sml - share mo lng
Skl - share ko lng
CJ Sep 2018
Under the moonlight there I sit,
A lost, empty, overthinking kid
He who valued his friends more than his life
Is now just a kid with no one

Used to have many friends who are problematic
They would sometimes invite me to drink and cry
But I told them
I wouldn't cry anymore

And now that I have held back far too many tears
I want to let them out
But now,
I don't have anybody to vent out to.

— The End —