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Paul M Soto May 2015
"God", did she "knows"?
"I" used to "miss"
"That" beautiful being and his lovely "heart"
"Helplessly" and "irretrievably"

"Although" I try to die "everyday"
"Darkness" happens to "her"
"While" it "corrupts"
"Kills" the effort of the man "and"
"Destroys", that hopeful heart of "him"

"But" there's so much "pain"
"He" had "held"
"So" easily and "recklessly"
"For" the sake of the "love"

"Hard" to prove and easy to "catch"
"Was" the last thing "said"
"By" the honored "him"
"As" the fool started "fading"
"With" incoherent "words"
"Meaning" the "end"

"You" should be happy "with"
"That" obnoxious "death"
"Is" sorrow what's "there"?
"Sadness", what's "crumbling"?

"But" those ends make awful "stories"
"Like" the end of the "light"
"Inside" the shadow "of"
"A" man scratching his "soul"

"Simple" thoughts and complicated "lies"
"Nobody" but he "rages"
"Because" he wants "everything"
"Is" he compelled to be "ended"?
"Or" to be "forgiven"?
"Hopeless" monster with a shadow of  despair and "hate"?
"Hopeful" heart with a glimpse of the beautiful light of "love"?
If you read only the words with " " which are the first and the last, it makes another poem. Shorter, a little bit similar but changes in some parts... Hope you guys like it.

— The End —