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May 19 · 510
Cox May 19
My favourite thing about the sun and you is that you both hold warmth that I crave for.
May 19 · 895
Distance & Downpour
Cox May 19
Listening to the soundtrack that the rain is playing,
I want to be beside you.
Yet, here we are in two different towns,
in two different beds loving from afar.
Feb 19 · 443
Cox Feb 19
We draw and come closer on grey rainy days. There is something about the comfortability and serenity in listening to the rain, while laying with the one you love.
Feb 19 · 449
Golden Hour
Cox Feb 19
On days filled with a yellow and orange fire sky, I find comfort laying next to you in the late afternoons.
Feb 19 · 209
Cox Feb 19
I roll myself into you, cascading into your summery warmth, kissing your shoulder blade. I refuel myself on you.
Feb 8 · 519
Sun at Sunset
Cox Feb 8
My favourite colour arrives at sunset.
Warm glows of orange and yellows,
a blend of gold.
Feb 8 · 854
Woman in the Moon
Cox Feb 8
She grew into the moon, becoming the women she was destined to be.
Bright, beautiful, and independently alone up in the sky.
Cox Feb 3
Flowers and pain, a down- pour of rain.
Coffee in a cup, far too hot.
Reds and blues and greens, fields of flowers creating a colourful scene.
Feb 3 · 215
Walking Flowers
Cox Feb 3
Leave your garden, and come live in my heart.
:) :) :)
Feb 3 · 133
Cox Feb 3
Everyday I fall more and more in love with the sun.
Feb 3 · 241
Cox Feb 3
I feel like I am running the same race as the sun, living everyday.
Feb 3 · 180
"For You"
Cox Feb 3
There is love all in me everywhere...
Feb 3 · 320
Sunlight and Water
Cox Feb 3
Simply, a flower cannot blossom without sunlight and water.
So be resourceful, make decisions for yourself, and plan how and when you want to bloom.
And who you want beside you when you do.
Feb 3 · 453
Surviving the Night
Cox Feb 3
All the nights without you, is like a flower at night missing their sun.
Cox Feb 3
Radiate warmth and happiness like the sun.
Love like you have never loved, and live as if your life has just begun.
Jan 18 · 716
Still here.
Cox Jan 18
Waiting for the sun among the flowers
Jan 18 · 316
Cox Jan 18
That fierce storm inside of me is determination and strength;
not all bad things come out of a thunderstorm. Remember that.
Nov 2020 · 1.2k
Is he the one?
Cox Nov 2020
I want to plunge myself into the sun.
I just want to know what his comfort is like.
Oct 2020 · 286
Cox Oct 2020
“Your mouth tastes like raspberry”.
And yours tasted like everything I needed, that I wanted.
Every time I kiss you, I feel the same energy and power that lights up cities.
It’s pure f*ing joy and excitement.
It’s what feeds my existence.
What keeps me alive and hungry for more.
Oct 2020 · 204
Cox Oct 2020
Don’t forget about me when my flowers are shrivelled, brown and gone.
Remember my blooms.
Oct 2020 · 131
Be- Do
Cox Oct 2020
You want love? Then go and find it- be it.
You want warmth? Fly to the sky, be the Sun.
You want happiness? Then drink a tin of yellow paint.
Don’t just wait. Be who you want. Do what you must to live a life that is entirely choreographed, painted and sung by you.
Oct 2020 · 170
Small Talk
Cox Oct 2020
It’s when I talk about you to the stars that lights up the sky.
Oct 2020 · 163
Sun- Flower
Cox Oct 2020
Don’t be the flower that exists for the sun.
Live by it.
Be it.
Grow as it.
Oct 2020 · 64
Living for Love
Cox Oct 2020
I’ve heard it all before. Filling someone with love and leaving them, would be how you **** someone.
Just as it would be the same for planting a flower, but never watering it.
As humans, we live for love.
#flowers #heart #love
Cox Oct 2020
It’s like the sun is in me.
Wild energy,
feeling warm and free.
When I am with you I start living, and find the person that I need to be.
Oct 2020 · 382
Leaving with You
Cox Oct 2020
I’ve planted flowers,
and lust in you.
So please don’t leave,
for I am afraid I’d lose myself to you too.
Oct 2020 · 152
Crash and Burn
Cox Oct 2020
Let’s let our hearts crash into the sun.
Sep 2020 · 234
Germination in the Heart
Cox Sep 2020
when you’re planting yourself in someone’s heart, make sure that there is enough sun to begin with, before you start.
Sep 2020 · 258
Spring Iris
Cox Sep 2020
I love watching Spring bloom in the reflection of your eyes.
Sep 2020 · 416
At Sunset
Cox Sep 2020
And as the sun sets,
I let my mind reset,
ready for the next day.
Sep 2020 · 230
Wrong Spring Flower
Cox Sep 2020
And I am worried that I am a flower that you don’t want around for Spring.
Sep 2020 · 153
Window Box Bloom Gloom
Cox Sep 2020
And I am worried that I too will become bland and boring like your window box flowers.
Sep 2020 · 289
Alone @ Night
Cox Sep 2020
I stay up all night,
wishing to be amongst the city light.
Sep 2020 · 203
Cox Sep 2020
I never had a care for atoms,
or the ones that were made up in stars.
I only cared about the ones in you,
that built and made you the person that you are.
Sep 2020 · 161
Heart Burn
Cox Sep 2020
When the worlds on fire,
on my mind,
you’re my desire.
[Hearts on fire]
In my field.
Flowers caught alight,
complementing my hearts burning delight.
Sep 2020 · 262
Logical Pain
Cox Sep 2020
You breaking me in two was everything that I needed to rebuild myself into a better version of who I am.
Sep 2020 · 280
Alive Inside
Cox Sep 2020
The sun inside of me shines different when I am in the presence among you.
Sep 2020 · 279
Full Growth
Cox Sep 2020
Why is it that when I cause you pain,
you always come back to me?
Is that maturity?
Sep 2020 · 211
Cox Sep 2020
That breath that you take is my favourite sound.
Sep 2020 · 191
Over dramatic
Cox Sep 2020
Melodramatic sky you have a powder blue cry.
Sep 2020 · 225
Cox Sep 2020
Today flower,
know your worth.
To bloom,
to thrive,
to be beautifully alive.
Sep 2020 · 151
Cox Sep 2020
I let the sun roam,
and dive all over my body.
Aug 2020 · 250
Like a star
Cox Aug 2020
Each of us exist in our own moments,
just like a star we have one thing;
that is to shine.
Aug 2020 · 380
Grey Bloom
Cox Aug 2020
When you become old,
grey and withered;
I’d still display you in a vase.
Aug 2020 · 265
Cox Aug 2020
Can I be yellow and full of large petals and sun like you???
Aug 2020 · 207
Cox Aug 2020
Imagine yourself in the soil... that’s where you start, where you’re born.
After you must grow, blossom and bloom, then wilt.
This is your life, each day something new. First you must learn to survive before you start.
I wrote this for you. Whether you need a reminder on how to fight, or where you need and want to be in your life...
Aug 2020 · 150
Man of Nature
Cox Aug 2020
I want to kiss your lips and taste the pollen,
your care and love for nature is shown.
Aug 2020 · 663
Men, Women, Others.
Cox Aug 2020
Everyone is a flower in the rarest form.
Men, women, and my beautiful others, I love your specimen.
It’s rare.
It’s you.
Thank you.
Aug 2020 · 518
Tough Love
Cox Aug 2020
I love you, even though at times you are the **** in my garden.
Aug 2020 · 743
Camo Lilac
Cox Aug 2020
Soft iris.
Lilacs in your eyes,
You use this to your disguise.
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