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Feb 2021 · 302
what if
Chey Feb 2021
what if I had held your hand a little longer?
would you have felt the electricity I feel every time we touch?

what if I had kissed you when I had the chance?
would you have finally seen me?
What if I’m the one meant for you, would you ever even think about it?
Jan 2021 · 133
Go figure
Chey Jan 2021
You always said I would never lose you but you lied.

Even though you’re psychically here you are not mine anymore.

Days and days go by, i sit back and watch you live your happiest live with her while,

I’m drowning.

Drowning in the thought of us, the “what’s ifs” and the “should haves”

But that’s how I got myself into this right?

What if you loved me?
Should I have held on tighter when you held my hand?
What If I am the one for you but you just can’t see it?
Should I confess my feelings and see where they take me?


Because you love her and I love you.
Go figure it was her over me.

— The End —