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Anastasia May 19
As the sun begins to lower,
and the clouds turn a shade yellower,
you fret the coming evening,
but the sky burns ever bluer;
Your torment, unveiled - a dread that never settles.

The birds' laments ever drifting to your windowsill,
though fading in their regards.
Your chamber takes on yet another shade of darkness.
And yet you continue to dwell, to linger,
despite the ever-intensifying panic that you know.

It writes like a storybook of old.
The neglect, the denial, the karma, the regrets.
You continue spinning this web, digging this pit.
And who does it deceive?
None but oneself.
It only benefits you so briefly before it crashes and burns.

You revile in your benefits, yet they are piled on with guilt.
You cry for mercy when you reap what was sowed.
You promise to break the cycle,
but that has become a staple of itself.

Life is ever fleeting, dear child.
The wind bears no lies and you have remarked this.
You bore into the earth and turn up naught but pain.
Let your mind become one with mine.
free-verse is really fun to write and it should be more accepted/praised
Anastasia May 18
My blood bears no oath and
my wrists bear no scars;
My heart still beats red and
my lips still speak truth.

They buried me alive
and tore me apart;
My nails bore the dirt as
I clawed my way free.

I rose like a phoenix
from ashes of death;
The flames sealed their fates and
the screams warded ours.
slightly inspired by Harry Potter
Anastasia May 15
you are the eye
of the storm that

I watch and stare
and follow in

to live again

and I am the
wind that circles

around you I
empower you

but you don't look
or acknowledge

me you just keep
standing there and

be carried by
the hurricane.
bonne journée mes chères
Anastasia May 14
Burning, burning, treachery
Slaughtered by the flame;
Save, save our forsaken souls
'Fore the ashes carry away.

Thund'ring, thund'ring is the tide
That taunts with ev'ry wave;
The stench of salt ling'ring high
'Tis not enough today.

Stand, now, on the island shore
Smoke caught in your lungs;
The ashes swept by the sea
Are the ashes you'll remember t'day.
yeah this one was kinda weak but I'm making it public anyway
  May 14 Anastasia
Lend me your eyes.
So I could fill them
with the bursting stars.
Telling tales of the spellbinding universe,
singing songs of exploding suns...
and of splintering quasars.

Lend me your thoughts.
So that if I may,
write of them.
Fantastical scribbles of love
and praise.
Meticulously lined
and carefully stitched...
with immaculate lace at the hems.

Lend me your breaths.
I'd catch them as they fall...
between the words you would say.
Merging mine with yours...
introducing colour...
and vigour
to my monochromatic world of
black, white and grey.

Lend me your heartbeats...
for mine thumps erratic.
As if beating in silent mock.
I depend on the steadiness in yours.
So they could usurp
the ticks of worldly clocks.

Lend me your hands.
Palms up as a sign,
perhaps as an invitation...
for me to take them.
And maybe...
hopefully fill them...
with mine...
Anastasia May 14
My dove;
Pure white feathers
Pure white soul
I watch you fly.

Fly through the square
Fly through the branches
Into the woods.

Blood dripping down
Blood dripping in
You fall down far.

My dove;
Pure red feathers
Pure white soul
I watch you die.
good morning ladies
Anastasia May 13
I see stars
on everything in you;
I see stars
in everything you do.
While the world keeps spinning,
it goes too fast, forgetting
precious little gems
like you.
idk this just popped into my head enjoy
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