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Skyler Dec 2018
you’re a mess of good intentions
gone wrong.

you strike a match on yourself
to keep others warm,
and now the whole ******* world’s on fire.

you try to put it out, and you try so hard.
the dam breaks,
and the waters of your sorrow pour free.

you are sorry;
so very, very sorry—

and you will drown everyone
to prove it.
Skyler Dec 2018
maybe this is what I was meant to be:

neither here or there,
neither saved or ******,
neither good or bad,
neither dead or alive.

just broken.

just another lesson, another example.

just one more moral of one more story
that doesn’t have a happy ending.
Skyler Dec 2018
cut her open and you’d find
a graveyard of memories in her mind.
she’s a living tomb; she’s a
mausoleum of unspoken hellos
and goodbyes said too soon.

there is poison in her veins;
wings on her back that act more like chains.
she wasn’t born with them; she’s learned
how to cope, how to hide, how to use
these gifts that were meant to condemn.
Skyler Dec 2018
any man can fight,
any man can swing his fists,
or shoot a gun.
any man can fight for himself,
but a hero fights for others.

(he fights their demons, but who fights his?)

any man can defend.
any man can raise his shield,
or make a narrow escape.
any man can defend himself,
but a hero defends others.

(he is a wall of solid rock,
but rock cannot bend; only break)

any man can suffer.
any man can weather a storm,
or feel the sting of pain.
any man can suffer for himself,
but a hero suffers for others.

(he has scars that none can remember;
or is it they not care to recall?)

any man can be happy.
any man can make money,
or indulge in all his desires.
any man can bring happiness to himself,
but a hero brings happiness unto others.

(they praise his name to the sky;
but no one asks why he cries)

any man can die.
any man can be killed,
for he is still but a man.
any man can die for himself,
but a hero dies for others—

and so a hero never dies.

(but sometimes, they die inside,
and there’s no marker for that grave.)
Skyler Dec 2018
the world is crying out
for a savior

but they're all too busy
trying to save

Skyler Dec 2018
you know, in a way,
monsters are heroes too.

the world needs monsters
like a clown needs its makeup.

– like a turtle needs its shell;
like a mirror needs a reflection.

without monsters,
we’d see the ones in ourselves.
Skyler Dec 2018
bad men doing bad things
that’s common; ordinary

it’s when good men
do evil deeds
that the devil smiles.

— The End —