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DMallow Oct 22
the days have different names
but don't deserve them
each one falls again the same
my body knows what to do
so I let it ride mindless
DMallow Oct 10
Hungover on the bus home
Dropping in and out
of a pleasant nap
A faded smile on my face
Sweet memories of last night
DMallow Oct 10
all your plans are but a wish
worth making, no doubt
but hold on loosely
the wind may scatter your leaves
rain falls on a pleasant day
DMallow Sep 18
the day ahead has been lived
once before and will again
the rhythm rolls so forth
I know the play well
nothing worth a memory
DMallow Aug 29
music makes no sound
food has no flavor
the sky either shines or rains
all the time remains taken
without you I have nothing
DMallow Aug 29
Our World is burning
but underneath the cover
is my paradise
painting over this pale life
It makes misery worth it
DMallow Aug 29
Summer exists as
a daydream while I toil
the golden hours by
pure moments occur shortly
and so sweet as a orange
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