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Dagen Kipling Oct 2019
When I am with you, lo que siento?
I feel like I can drive as fast as possible,
with no desire to drive slow

When I am with you, lo que siento?
I feel as if there is no place we cannot traverse,
baby, just tell me where we should go

When I am with you, lo que siento?
I feel like a young sapling thirsty to be nurtured.
You are my water, allowing me to grow

When I am with you, lo que siento?
I feel like a child waking up in the early winter hours,
thrilled to find a lovely landscape blanketed in snow

When you are with me, love,
como te sientes?
Dagen Kipling Oct 2019
barefoot in the park,
red leaves crunch beneath her feet.
our favorite spot once its dark,
passion shrouded in deceit.

run to me, for I cannot wait.
just a touch my body aches.
please don’t be late
for time will seal all fates.

drenched in pale moonlight
illuminating every feature
you truly are such a lovely sight,
one of gods perfect creatures

autumn leaves rosy and golden,
to be blessed by your presence
I am eternally beholden.
life with you, eternally pleasant.
Dagen Kipling Sep 2019
pen slipped
ink spilled

    dripping onto a blank canvas
begging to be filled

    cover her with with words and ideas
force yourself to stop, sit still

    let the creativity flow
absence from you, I feel ill.

     my muse please don’t go
without you, I have no skill.
Dagen Kipling Jun 2018
Aren’t we all
just broken smiles
into shattered mirrors?
Dagen Kipling Jun 2018
Pride is not just a month,
Pride is a way of life.

To live a life of Pride
is to show all the people
who called you names,
that you could care less
about their ignorant opinion.

Pride is not just a month.
It is love.

Dagen Kipling Jun 2018
alarm blaring,
head pounding,
eyes dry,
heart still sore.
this is
the aftermath of
another night
of drinking alone.
I still don’t know how much whiskey it may take
to forget you.
Dagen Kipling Jun 2018
I’m stuck watching
as prose dances around my neurons.

rhymes waltzing around my frontal lobe
twirling and dipping to the occipital.

I have been betrayed by the only thing
that brought me comfort.

writing was my drug of choice
but now it’s the reason I drink.

please, God let me write again.

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