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Freedom is like
bubble that doesn’t
bounce back.
You can’t walk to Moon
Neither can you walk to Sun
Never will red, or Ring help
The second planet always mourn

Negotiate and Negotiate

27 moon in its orbit
yet an startling soul

The blue planet and
One closest to the Sun
just hems round and round

The gas giant planet just
hangs and hangs
and its Great red spot
would not let us even toll

Out of her core, Out of her heart
Day by Day Earth falls
And none can help!
red-Mars, Ring-Saturn,The second planet-Venus,   blue-Neptune, 27 moon in orbit-Uranus, Gas giant and Great red spot-Jupiter, Closest to sun-Mercury
Some have bitter look
Some with foolish tear
Some have flattering words
Some with teeth of fire
Some keep only staring
Some keep cursing
Some break the plan
Some do it with steel
Some only hold knives
Some do it with sword
Some wipe out blood
Some do not moan
Some voices come near
Some let them lie in silence
Some walk to Moon.
War! War !War Consequences
A years whose day were short,
If each could know
Men hiding  from the most evil pandemic,
But this I know, for in it cure was never possible.

Every hospital weeped ,day and night
Some lived mad, Some lived bad,
And none a word may say
Each ward is foul and dark.
And the acrid breath of death
Chokes up each life it cures
For in it things are done.

And blindly man keeps building
with loss of face Human Machine
in a year whose days were long.

Every human heart was breaking,
hospital-bed, losing to monitor beep.

Inject that man took by day
was silent by night.

Closed eyes, no weeks of life
Graves Got no name.

Since virus took Man’s life
A sad world began,

With most evil act of War.
For they thirst the frightened man.
Till they give away land and water.
Brackish water, and bitter bread
Scourge and flog
The bold and grey ,
Waste and Wither
Grow bad, Grow Mad

Sleep Walks and Eyes Talks
Nor the God, Nor the Man
have little care, all forgot
they rot, we rot.

Heart of silence watched
through the door
Degraded and Alone
Some no moans,
Some weeping
Some cursing,

Trying to pray to
pitiless and hard man
for little care.

And with tears of blood
weak in every inch
nothing heals.

For its only human who can
wipe out human.
Times are tough, Humanity please!
Searching faces
On a corner in Vancouver

I looked at new creased formed
but couldn’t find and kept comparing
everyone in wrong crowd.

I could close my eyes, and shiver to that touch
comparing to the reflection
I wanna just pretend to be in
that corner in Vancouver
to see you by chance on that street

Longing forever, I wanna tell you now.
heart so full, of dreams wanna feel all the streams

I’m so waiting , I’m so confused
And I know I would just refuse
Even if I find anyone who is
inch good as you.

Stuck in minute,
Stuck in Crease
I walked these series of poses!

Hips and thighs, Involved in deep
pure form similar to when I sleep, ******, or die.
Now look at me,

Every time I burn, On my tip toes
I could angle myself in every direction.

Falling in the right direction,
Movements those balance my core

I’m Yoging while
I’m Inside my Soul.

In silence, I’m finally loving
The Inside, The Outside -Yoging
To Reach my feet , To Catch my high.
To spread my weight, To Shed my age.
No it doesn’t
belong to know
the first fellow
on my pillow
in meadow how
he anyhow,
showed good flow
of shadow on my
window that
rainbow to outflow
reflow, to reglow and reshow
my endow
of WoW!
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