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Deedee Jan 2018
Did you forget?
Your failing to see
My powers go way beyond you
They reside in me

I am the all knowing
I hear what your thinking
I see what your dreaming
I can feel your conscious beating

Did you forget?
Your failing to see
I can see everything going on
behind the scenes

My words are extremely powerful
My love has the potential to devour you
My wrath not to be reckoned with
So Listen closely as I beckon this

Do not forget
Never fail to see
Your lies will never get past me
Deedee Dec 2017
Leave me alone
Stop asking me to talk
I don’t wanna face up to the problems  that I’ve done so well to ignore
Just let me be with the thoughts in my head
I’m still here aren’t I? I Haven’t killed myself yet
Take a step back and let me deal with this the way I know how
There is nothing you can do to help when I’m feeling this run down
The truth is I’ll never really let you know what’s lurking underneath
I’ll never spill the demons that I’ve buried deep
I am myself a haunted house built from past troubles and tribulations
All my fear and darkness make up my foundations
Deedee Nov 2017
You don't owe anyone any explanations
It's your life to live, live it with no hesitation
Follow your heart and listen to your instincts
believe in your dreams and you will go the distance
Dance to the beat of your own drum
Never need to rely on anyone
You are all that you need
to get to where you want to be
Love yourself
Set yourself free
  Nov 2017 Deedee
Jonathan Williams
You've been through so much.
Them boys lost all your trust.
Let me be your 'pick me up'.
I'll try my hardest not to rush.

Your eyes show me all your shame, your pain.
Your words show me all your pain, your shame.
Your heart wasn't there cuz its broke, so broke.
I can fix that, I will fix that, let me fix the broken pieces babe.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.

You are so strong.
But around me you get so weak.
All I see is gold.
Took a peek inside your soul.

But your eyes are filled with shame, your pain.
And your words are filled with pain, your shame.
I have found your heart, its fixed so fixed.
Told you I'd do it, yes I did it, yes I did it, did it all for you.

If I have ever gave you a reason to doubt.
Let me show you How loud my heart can honestly shout.
Cuz when im around you that's all it'll ever do.
I knew from the very first day I'd only want you.
Reaching deeper into my heart I managed to find this gem and put it to paper. Now I am sharing it with you all, another chapter in my life.
Deedee Nov 2017
I look around me and what do I see?
It's a whirlwind of emotions I pick up as I walk out the door
I feel everything you do... and more
Sometimes I confuse your emotions for mine
Sometimes days I do just fine
I can loose control and let my thoughts get to me
Then I'll act out regrettably
When your smiling to my face I hear what you are thinking
I can tell when your smile means your sinking  
It's part of who I am
And this is how I roll
I can't help it if I can see the secrets in your soul
Deedee Nov 2017
Your moods are so unpredictable
Your life is so beautifully miserable
So long as no one sees behind the closed doors
Where lies the cracks and the flaws
So long as you never look the fool
So long as your life always looks beautiful
The consequences to your actions leave a mess so critical
If only you could be truthful
If only you could see past beautiful
The pressure is mounting up
Your holding onto the strings of everything you love
There's no harm in being the fool
Let your flaws be your fuel
Give in to the idea of what is beautiful
Find the ugly truth inside your soul
Embrace it and take back control
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