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David Blaikie May 2019
I miss our chats, the endless days
It felt like time stopped still;
Our hands together, lying down
Electric pulsing thrill

Eating ice-cream, stolen moments
And laughing all the while;
Feeling happy, loved, contented
That perfect beaming smile

I miss our silly time together
Being someone new;
Learning and discovering
All the while with you

Throwing paint and stealing kisses
Crackling touch, like sparks;
Trembling lips and shaking knees
The beating of my heart
David Blaikie May 2019
A nest without a bird
A swing that isn’t swung
An empty auditorium
A song that’s never sung
A garden without flowers
A house that’s not a home
A glove without its other half
A pond without a gnome!
A smile without the twinkle
A tonic without the gin
A gear that’s missing all its teeth
A shark without its fin
A book that lost the final page
A car without a tyre
A single sock without its pair
A spark without the fire
A party no one came to
A whodunnit without a clue
A hip without a hooray
A me without my you
David Blaikie May 2019
Purple lips
take my breath away
you can have all of me
I surrender to you entirely
to be consumed and to consume
if I could only spend one more moment
with you.
One moment, one kiss
stretched to eternity
in my dreams
David Blaikie Apr 2019
the turbulent sea of my emotions
tosses my fleet mercilessly,
perilously close to the rocks of
anguish, the needles of
hopelessness and the whirlpool of
that vortex will **** joy and
life from you, ‘til all that remains
is a broken shell,
seemingly strong on the outside
but hollowed out and
empty inside.

the black many-tentacled beast
grabs, trying to pull you down
deep into the abyss,
******* you into the darkness,
feeding on the happiness within,
morsel by morsel,
until your stomach is churned empty,
save for the pebbles of loneliness
which rattle around,
frightening off your self-esteem,
self worth and pride.

set your compass to the pulsing beam,
follow the path of light to safety.
learn what it is that alters your course
and how to regain control,
how to grab the rudder and
steer your course;
use the stars and moon
in the inky darkness,
and know that after the storm
the sun will shine again.
A poem about depression, and attempting to recover from it...
David Blaikie Apr 2019
Little sparks
can ignite
Roaring fires

One drop
Can flood
A valley

Small words
Can form
Big ideas

Best friends
Can make
The difference

Tiny acts
Can start

One kiss
Can change
Your world
David Blaikie Apr 2019
a knife slipping between the bones,
the news stabs, slices, straight through
to my heart.

utter denial. it cannot be so.

how can order be restored?
where are the checks and balances?
how can the world lose such a beautiful person?

you are a whirlwind of love
the queen of silliness,
always ready to strike a pose
promising great solemnity
with newspaper in hand
whilst all around people dance

you are an excitable puppy,
forever leaping into the unknown with two feet
and, always, a smile.

you are enthusiasm personified
a metaphor for life itself.
charming and enchanting,
kind and ever-loving,
patient and loyal.

utter denial. it cannot be so.
I will miss you more than you could ever know.
Following the tragic suicide of a dear friend
David Blaikie Apr 2019
The setting sun will rise again
Green buds will start to grow
There will be one last drop of rain
All these things I know

My heart will break a hundred times
To be rebuilt anew
My will to live another day
To be alongside you

The clock will tick, the page will turn
The hourglass will fill
The river flow, the fire burn
And I will love you still
Written during a separation from my wife.

— The End —