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  Nov 2019 Cyam
They say we are made of stars.
But why does it feel like I'm made of coal?
The embers of my soul are dimming,
As my fire is soon to burn out.
Cyam Oct 2019
im sorry if i left i never thought i was your light
leaving you was my decision and it wasnt right
i shouldve stayed for you and fight
now im alone without you by my side

i was blinded when i seeked for another
i deemed myself brave but i wasnt a fighter
i didnt fight for what truly mattered
im sure it will haunt me forever

i miss your smile that u disliked
i know i shouldve tried
now i regret that i wasnt satisfied
but now i have realized

l miss your eyes that was dark as night
it was always a beautiful sight
i depicted it as a gateway to you my light
but now its all dark which i know isnt right

my light please give me another chance
i know i left you not just once
now remembering it was twice
i promise ill never leave and wont make thrice

i know you're still in the dark
i also know coming back wont just be a walk in the park
but ill do everything for you to take me back
because i dont wanna go mister stark

i wasnt beside you by the edge
but as you fall of the ledge
i gurantee im at the bottom i pledge
this is not a story thats too farfetched

darkness surrounds you as you fall
ill be here throught sunshine and rainfall
i apologize for causing your downfall
but now im here and with you im ready to face it all
Cyam Oct 2019
my greatest downfall, the woman who brought me down
moments filled with promises for the two of us
poisoned my mind with lies expecting it would happen
loving you was the easy part and now forgetting you was the challenge
Cyam Oct 2019
a friend, one of the closest to me
every secret i told you was gossiped around
i tried to ask you politely to stop
maybe i shouldnt have asked politely
Cyam Oct 2019
i was your go to friend, a temporary buddy
i remembered when u bullied me
now u act as if i was one of ure closest friends
it reminds me of how a mouse needed a dog to protect himself from the cat
Cyam Oct 2019
you antagonized my emotions everytime
trying to add fuel to the fire
and the moment i burn someone
you're there saving the day
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