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CursedIndigo Jun 8
I don't know,
how to write,
a happy poem.
So I won't.
CursedIndigo Jun 5
You're a demon in disguise.
So I'm leaving you behind.
Go and find another guy,
that will feed into your lies.
CursedIndigo May 17
They see a starving monster.
And are afraid to walk through the door.
Which just ends in me,
starving for ever more.
Beware of the dog : he might bite
CursedIndigo May 17
I'm in a daze.
Caused by pain.
Just let me be,
alone in the rain.
CursedIndigo May 15
he ar
t          h
s             h
e                g
a                 v
e                m
e          a
ro pe
CursedIndigo May 11
Quiet the mind and let the answer you seek be whispered to you from the heart.


"Go **** yourself"
Ty voice from within
CursedIndigo May 8
I know good moments can't last forever.
But couldn't they at least happen once in a while.
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