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CursedIndigo Apr 7
So I guess,
I'll never see you anymore.
People always have to leave,
which I don't understand the reason for.
Teardrops fall and evaporate,
before they even hit the floor.
And for some reason,
the light outside,
shines more bright,
then ever before.
CursedIndigo Dec 2019
They should've called you suicide.
Cause I can't get you out of my mind.
CursedIndigo Aug 2019
I always want
what I can't get.
So I'll never get,
what I want.
CursedIndigo Aug 2019
I fall down and feel so free.
All these souls belong to me.
I hit the earth, it feels so right.
Killing everything in my sight.
Even though, I will die.
Again and again, I will try.
I am the one that will survive.
Stand in my way and I'll take your life.
If you happen to **** me then
I'll just have to fall down again.
CursedIndigo Jul 2019
I never looked back.
And I had the time of my life.
CursedIndigo Jun 2019
I don't know,
how to write,
a happy poem.
So I won't.
CursedIndigo Jun 2019
You're a demon in disguise.
So I'm leaving you behind.
Go and find another guy,
that will feed into your lies.
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