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That I loved you too much.
I must have been such a bore.
I must have been too clingy.
I'm sure you hated the way
I said that I loved you
with too much desperation
In my eyes
The way I kissed you
must have annoyed you so much.
My lips were always chapped.
I bite them so often.
It must have irritated you when I hugged you.
I must have held on too tight,
like I didn't want to lose you to the wind.
I didn't.
And I-
I'm so sorry.
I knew that the zipper over my mouth was the safety pin in the grenade,
but I pulled that out when I said, in so many minced words,
"I love you."
But you didn't, and that's what hurts.
And I guess we were never anything more than star-crossed kids
that never truly learned how to love.
Perhaps in another life, we were meant to be.
  May 31 Ephemeral Oblivion
So many beautiful words
And no one to say them to
A misunderstood soul
With many complications
Walking a steady pace
Into the darkness
Why can't I be someone's forever?
I'm so tired of people ******* me over and ******* with my emotions.
Perhaps someday we could've worked.

And maybe

That day was not today.
Or maybe we couldn't have worked at all. Who's to say?
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