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 Aug 30 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Bushels of apples
Picked from the orchard this fall
Ripe, crimson, and sweet
 Aug 30 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Fireflies in a jar
A lantern to light my path
Keep bright the dark night
 Aug 23 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Cicadas singing
Crescendo in the dark wood
Summer's droning chorus
 Aug 21 Jacqueline O
Lane O
When the light begins to fade,
I have you to guide me through the darkness;
your hand in mine,
never to be led astray

- Lane O.
 Aug 18 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Every beat of my heart
sings the same sweet refrain:
Your name
 Aug 17 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Words can strike like swords,
leaving wounds that time can't heal;
They scar the heart and soul,
more so than iron or steel.
 Aug 17 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Not all storms endow us rainbows,
Albeit the clouds depart,
But the sunshine will still assuage,
With fiery rays to a gelid heart.
 Aug 16 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Love's vine stems from the heart;
it is ivy creeping through iron gates.
Wanders free through stony soil,
rushing stream, and bank.
It can loiter in the garden,
and fall victim to the spring rain.
But do not despair, my dear,
for its passion is like a flame:
Forever burning in its tendrils,
its coiled roots and leaves;
survives environs menace,
summer's blaze, and winter's freeze.
 Aug 16 Jacqueline O
Lane O
barn swallows take wing
cobalt streaks in the gray sky
over fields they fly
 Aug 12 Jacqueline O
Lane O
Lazy clouds drift by
White billows in azure sea
Pregnant with raindrops
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