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I denigrated your tears when I brought you that devilish pain;
Just to corroborate my claims of being mentally insane;
But if you explore to the cryptic depts of my ominous brain,
You will understand that my actions were committed entirely in vain.
For behind this mask that I wear daily, I am forever crying.
This malignant antipathy has me in a state of continuous agony.
I officially gave up because I'm tired of denying
These emotions from soaking into every piece of my forbidden writings
That imprisons the villainous thoughts that I try to repel
From my memories, trapping me within this demented cell
Of my very own tormented personal Hel.......
Hah! Don't I hide it so well?
Maybe I'm Madder than the Hatter;
But it took smoking on a Caterpillar
To realize that I was making it a habit
To become Alice
In order to give chase after you, my White Rabbit.

So I guess the Cheshire Cat
Was right, in fact,
Because you never know who really has your back.
And while you Tweedled with my Dee, making me go Tweedled ******* Dumb,
I really should've paid close attention
To what was the outcome.
For even as I hoped that I wasn't in this alone,
You looked down at me from the height of your throne,
The Queen of a Heart that continues to roam.

So you made deals with the Devil,
But over the phone, you claimed everything was handled.
Now, I feel trapped inside a scandal.
It's breaking me apart, corrupting my ****** soul.
You had me questioning if you were really mine's;
I really should not be so surprise.

I wish I could take back so many countless nights,
When I stayed to put up with the countless lies.
I pray you get all that you deserve,
That would be only the best, even though I'm hurt.
I can't shift gears to back uptime into reverse,
So I must find the drive to pick myself from out of the dirt.
My heart was the first thing she stole, and I let her because she kept it warm with our first love’s coal. Now she has turned cold, and her heart she sold to anyone with large enough billfolds. My love alone isn’t even enough to save her decaying soul, her body like an old story told. Everyone but me never stays like she has some infectious mold. I must be ******* bold, for no matter what the whispers from the outside say, I have to stay, and I pray that she’ll remember how she loved me yesterday. That this hell of today will go away even if my life I’ll have to pay. I’ll find a way to bring back my baby, it’s driving me crazy as I’ll do anything for this still beautiful lady, but her cold gaze makes me think I’m being too lazy. I got to push myself her harder, make myself smarter, become even stronger, and grow a little bit longer. Then maybe she’ll stop creeping behind my back like I don’t know that she’s being a *****. Letting other men **** her behind those doors, and we could go back to the time before. So, I sit, waiting patiently, as she doesn’t know that what she does makes me die. If only she can open, her eyes. If only she would stop with all her lies, for they’ve become my demise, if only she was oh so wise.

If only he can see that my soul can’t be saved, I have made too many sins that I will have to pay. I love him since that wonderful day that he began to say, “I love you”, but now my life is hanging by a thread that’s beginning to fray. It has come to the time that the bed that I made becomes the one I have to lay in. My lies are the only thing keeping me close to him, and the only thing that will make him stay. If he knew the truth, he’d drop me in a heartbeat. I desperately want to be saved from the dark heat, but I got to collect from the evil street or the devil himself will reveal what I try to keep discrete. He’s got me wrapped around his finger and I can’t escape without ending up a chalk outline on the black concrete. I’m scared to let him go but I know life without me is better for him though. I don’t have a future I got nowhere to go but he can get out there and make it on his own for his soul is as pure as the snow. I will constantly have this extreme fear of keeping him near, but I must let go even if it brings me tears. I’m tired of trying and I’m tired of him constantly dying when I come around with another round of lying. Maybe it’s best if I sell my soul to the one who rules Hell. I got to fight the demons hidden deep within the well of my heart that love seems to fail. Everyday that I’m alive I can tell that he is not well by the looks of his skin so pail. At last I must begin to set sail and hope that my absence with unravel the veil over my darlings’ eyes. I pray that he does not die but finds one who his love can multiply. That she makes it feel as he can fly through the sky, and as I lay here rotting and dry, he doesn’t wait for my reply and changes his mind so he can find someone to give all his precious time.
Once we were suckers for pain,
We were imprisoned by the chains created by our once naive, weak brains. Tortured with images of our innocent actions, all of them apparently done in vain, as special mixture that could only be explained as demonic, was then injected directly into our veins. Those of us that didn't get to enjoy Death's sweet embrace, were driven mentally insane. Now we emerge from the Ninth Circle of Hell, deep within the endless abyss down below, a horrific shell of a Man, so broken and so hollow, replacing chances of better days with deep sorrows. For this World is so, so cold that it forces us to bet our only souls in this twisted game that that aren't even allowed to fold.

Why couldn't they let us be?
Why couldn't they let us live our worthless Life without such an indivisible fee? They concocted and twisted the bounds of this, once unscathed, reality so that all creatures, including humanity, could be nothing more than measly property controlled by a trivial paper currency. We are finally pushed to our brink.

Don't you consider it quite unique?
They laugh at us for wearing our colored rags, while covered completely in beautiful mink. Can't you see that we've been hoodwinked, as they spill our blood over the lands as easily as ink, and those "Relation" ships have begun to sink. Now we must attack before they have a chance to even think.

No longer is it time for pointless words and unless advise! We should no longer be their personal sacrifices for amusement or another batch of lab mice use for testing, but let's show Them this World's heart that they turned into ice. We may have stood in last place, because we were once too nice, but it's finally our turn to roll the dice. Our vengeance will be swift, and our strikes will be precise!
Hey you there!

I hope you don't mind vouchsafing some precious time to bestow a ******* reply to all my letters asking for the reason why constantly I devise plans to commit suicide? That I only smile nowadays to hide the fact that in this life, my happiness has been fully denied, and as I am tortured just like the Grand Titan Atlas, this suffering is based solely on my pride born from this wicked strife.

These False Prophets spreading poisonous lies of really being down for the ride, but once they escape my sight, they plot my demise. No longer will these tears fall from my eyes, and I stand even stronger though my back has been stabbed so many times that I had Excalibur fully revived from the knives left within my spine.

Using the blind as my guide in search for pieces of my heart so I can fully achieve peace of mind throughout this field of mines, and in the end, what has survived of my dying might over an eternity of miserable fights is forced to work the darkest of mines. Clawing my way to reach Heaven's merciful light, just to realized, it was only Hell's fire burning oh so bright. You see, the place where Angel's fly was never somewhere I used to fantasize about going to for I knew these Demons were ready to fry this pitiful mime’s soul just to quince their appetites, therefore when you get this, it'll be the final letter that'll confines the darkness kept deep inside intertwining with the words I write.

Oh God! Don't even try mimicking the skies as it begins to cry, because the casket I choose to lie in when I finally say my last “goodbye…” was built from every single alibi you gave me when these malicious evils began to materialize. It was YOU; I had relied upon to vaporize them at the appearance of their first signs, and my begging pleas, you would just undermine for they didn’t describe the delusions not seen in plain sight.

No there is no chance to rewind cause without me, you are reminded of the life that I had simplify. Now my ghost will haunt you as you walk the line, forcing you to be satisfied for your beautiful sacrifice forever lies in the dirt buried alive. May the Gods have mer-------You know what? Never mind! You deserve this Colombian Necktie that my rotting brain decided the dead should rise to ensure that you will die dangling in the night.

What a twisted little surprise, right? **** maybe I should just let loose my “Other” side.
Your smile brighten up my day.

My demon said you were only in the way.

You can somehow tame my rage.

He began feeling trapped behind my rib cage.

The chapters in my life, you filled every page.

He couldn't stand being left backstage.

As we grew wiser and stronger with age,

We didn't know that my heart went on a rampage,

And he slowly begin setting the stage.

We should have prayed over me with sage,

Or cast some spell like some Mage,

Because we weren't ready to disengage

When He began to display the hatred he contain.

We became hopelessly chained to his domain,

As He claimed you for the target of his blade.

Now I follow everything he says without debate,

And what remained of you I'm afraid
Is lost forever I'm sad to say.
I miss her a great deal, but she doesn’t know how I truly feel.

She will only remember when I lost control, but she doesn’t know how much effort I put into keeping it all hidden away.

She will see the pain, but she doesn’t know that it’s from the constant vie within the depths of my soul.

She will gaze upon me with hate in those beautiful blueish green eyes, but she doesn’t know that I watched as they evolved from an innocent love.

She will count me as one of her greatest failures, but she doesn’t see the effort I spend to ensure that I will never fail again.

She will move on with the loss of my presence in her life, but she doesn’t know that I still hold true to my promise that she will be my last love.

She will one day see me stand on my own ground again, but what she doesn’t see is all the blood, sweat, and tears I will shed to make it out of my struggle.

She will see a smile painted on my worn face, but she doesn’t know that I would have been dead since the day she left.

She will learn from our toxicities within our passion, but she doesn’t know that I will have too.

She will change her look on Life, but she doesn’t know the animal I’ve become.

She will think everything is getting better again, but she doesn’t know that the chains finally gave way.

She will forget me, but she doesn’t know that her scent is forever embodied into my soul.

She will lay down to sleep, but she doesn’t know that I am outside her window.

She looks so peaceful in her dream state, but she doesn’t know what I have planned for us.

She will try to fight to survive, but she doesn’t know that I ensured she cannot escape.

She will disgrace her heavenly face with them ugly tears, but she doesn’t know that no matter what she offers, tonight is her last.

I miss her a great deal, but she doesn’t know how I’d truly felt.
Come midnight, the whispers crawl from the darkest depths of my head, sharing stories that hold wisdom, tragedy,  and even the secrets of the Dead. They guide me throughout life until all comes to an end. When the final word has been said, they weep for a great friend joins them as I lie down inside my dirt bed.....I awaken to teardrops forming in the corners of my eyes, questioning if there is actually a God up there in the sky. Convincing myself that it's alright to let myself silently cry, for I was the one who fool themselves into believing that I wouldn't eventually die. So I ask myself, "Didn't you already experience enough through this Life your currently partaking in? That the animal inside is constantly banging against the decomposing rib cage that forever imprisions it."; and there's Time who, just like the Devil, slowly creeps up on us dragging forcefully to our final deepest sleep; a place where we all must face that which we have reaped. So now I lay me God I hope these promises you really keep. So I vow to you on this night, my beautiful Moon, that I'll be coming to home to you soon. Even though I thought that I was completely immune, you somehow twisted my mind and twisted me into another ******* loon, under the wicked cover that you were falling for another temporary lover; and when you left me as nothing but food for the buzzer, that devilish smile would make the world shudder.
Deep within no man's land
There's ruins that still proudly stand
Of a kingdom that once was grand,
But entry is now forever banned
To this castle of the ******.

Demons echo throughout the halls,
Moonlight shining through the holes in the walls,
Pilers appearing just about ready to fall,
And hungrily waiting is a pack of wolves, ready to maul.

Vines outstretched over the skeletal remains of this castle
Is reminiscent of scars from his battles,
As animosities for his hassles
Became the weight of his shackles,

And as he sits there on the throne;
Counting seconds till this place becomes his gravestone,
And his sins might finally get atoned,
The smile of the Fool will slowly fade into the unknown.
You ran away before I got a chance to say it to you.

You hid when I tried to show it to you.

You shouted when I tried to whisper it to you.

You let it fall when I tried to give it to you.

You left me in the dark when I tried to reach for your light.

You said that I lied when I tried to get you to hear the truth,

So I don't know what I should do

Because I still love you?

You became my only source of peace in this war;

Something Heavenly while I rot inside this Hell.

For like I said, I still love you;

But the question is, do you still love this man------this Fool?.........
To the ones that I Love..........

I just want to run away from the punishment that has begun; sent from the high Heavens above. That the weight of this fallen kingdom has me succumbing to the will of my oldest of demons, but I do miss that burn when the smoke fills up my lungs. Don't worry, this time there won't be any ropes needing to be hung, knives that need to feast on blood, or any lead that needs to be swung. No, no, no for you see, I AM officially done. Most of it would have sprung from pettiness, but y'all couldn't even wait till I was completely gone before I became the topic to discussed by those that would always appear as the money used to come, y'all had me at a disgust with myself until it bashed me over the head with that which is of blunt. So I'm over with the lust that had such a possessive grip over us. If this is the animal that I am to become, I promise you, you won't enjoy the final outcome that this story seemed to have spun.

Sincerely the king of the fools,
To the ones that I've fallen in love with,

  First I would love to apologize from the furtherest depth within this bottomless abyss that is my soul about whenever I lost control of my rage. I just couldn't prevent those actions committed by that monster when he broke through my ribs, so he could escape from behind the brittle bars of His cage. I apologize for those countless days when my mind would just slip away, and the Angel that was standing in my place; yeah, he had fallen from his good grace, because his sweet whispers happened to be laced with a venom, that even up to this current date, there are still remnants of the appalling aftertaste . Maybe I deserve to be locked away behind a padded caged just like the rumors about me say; maybe I will get finally that much needed break from becoming the stress and giving power that fed the demon of hate; so now I'm tripping again over another heart I break. I know now that things will never be the same, but there is one thing that I wouldn't change, that would be the fact that no matter what came my way; I kept true to myself and remained to never to be tamed. I ensured that with you, I always have a place, or even be a thought that runs through your brain; even if that thought causes the both of us terrible pain. That me and you are somehow forever chained together, if only though, through our mistakes, and that I made it ascertained that I engraved, letter by torturous letter, every single one of my devils names since they are the reasons for my fame

From the shadows where they imprison all those that are considered a basket case, the almighty king of the foolishly greats,

Funny how all of my memories consist of how the Streets was the One that raised me. This must be why all of my people are afraid of what’s to become of me when I finally lose the rest of my Humanity.

So while looking into this broken mirror, I can see the Devil sitting on my shoulder so clear; and I understand all of His sweet whispers He constantly fills into my ear reveals the truth behind all of the pretty little fears.

For even though to Her, My Love was just another game, I got to take back control and level up my plays. I must stay focused on Me, Myself, and My **** lane if I want to stop digging around the bottom, like searching for pocket change.

And before you think of attempting to destroy all that I’ve sinned to gain, remember that it was because of my devilish twisted name that you were able to obtain everything that you try and force under your claim.

So I’m learning the right lessons, no classroom; no time for regrets, just got to be the best to prove that “Almost” only works best at hand grenades and horseshoes.

Have the World out here chasing a living shadow; appearing from thin air if they create another round of issues; so please don't test the reasons why Jester a **** fool. Have your whole crew out here piping their Navy Blues.

‘Cause even though I'm improvising from all the initial programs, please make an effort to thoroughly comprehend that out here, every day's a battle just for me to wake up or return to the being part of this land; no Heaven is waiting for me, my soul has been ******.

These events have taught me to watch out for those who you let hold your heart. Surrendered mine out to a phenomenal soul that only wanted to rip it apart. In the end, what is left of this beautiful disaster might only be the faded scars, because I forced myself to erase Her painful memories with the **** back, squeeze, “Bang!!!”, and whiplash accompanying the flash in the dark.

Because it wasn't the ones that put out the labels proclaiming that I was the actual enemy, but the ones that were insisting that once,  They were very near to me. At least, make an effort to try and remember me before I get relinquished from the sight within the rest of my memories.

Maybe we could've found a way so the voices could have stopped, but we gave up our Lives, before we ever reaching any sight of the Mountain tops. Stuck in Our dreams, every second watching the ****** clocks. Trapped in Our Mental cages, fighting with time against the **** locks.

The isolation holds me daily performing a little comedy set on this stage of how the Loner deals with the spirit when it quietly starts to break, so I hope this letter will finally get all my thoughts into jotted into one place so I can hopefull, reach out soon and, every evil deed I must have committed to deserve all of this emotional and mental pain

I would have analyzed over and over until the rest of my scared time were like whispers in the wind, flying by. So no I lay me down to sleep, but Lord can you not take me on this night, and have mercy on me, because she left me with no other options but to get my mind right.
I'm not completely stupid, that is why I killed Baby Cupid for the arrow shot that had ripped throughout the air, forcing the grandest mistakes that I ever did. ****! I wished he had missed, now my lover had silently slid passed my defenses, completely under the grid to the dying heart, that even as a kid, he was hesitant whenever he tried to get rid of the cursed sins from the Nonparticipant. Heaven forbid something cute hid something wicked deep down within.

I wasn't stupid on the date when I killed Baby Cupid, but now I am trying to right my wrongs before I join the ridiculously long list of depressive songs, that are only remember once you're gone. **** I guess this we should no longer prolong; You were the fool all along, another dead king, ain't that right Mr. Kong? Pity you're another soul counted alongside the tag-a-longs and those whose love was robbed.

Baby Cupid was who got killed for thinking I was stupid. Now I'm wandering into a mental zone: a wicked dessert of thoughts dryer than the bones that are left of both my friends and foes, reminding me that I'm completely and utterly alone. Placing reality on hold, as we try to postpone time in order to save our wary souls before we grow into someone so cold, yet we're no longer innocent as fresh snow. Let us crawl onto our fallen throne, and the peasants behold, King of the Unknown!

What had happened to Baby Cupid, you ask? He was killed for thinking I was completely stupid. Oh, don''t let the tear forming in your eye, because we know the saying "Real Men Never Cry", even when humanity words become vicious lies that they will so happily supply.  We stand our ground, ready to reply to our enemies and allies alike, that we are ready to die for Death is what we deify. We already said our goodbyes on this most beautiful of nights.

We are the Uncleaned
We are forever Unseen
Under the rule of the holy Thirteen
And in Death, we are forever Free
I'm not completely stupid, that why I killed Baby Cupid........

— The End —