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I'm not completely stupid, that is why I killed Baby Cupid for the arrow shot that had ripped throughout the air, forcing the grandest mistakes that I ever did. ****! I wished he had missed, now my lover had silently slid passed my defenses, completely under the grid to the dying heart, that even as a kid, he was hesitant whenever he tried to get rid of the cursed sins from the Nonparticipant. Heaven forbid something cute hid something wicked deep down within.

I wasn't stupid on the date when I killed Baby Cupid, but now I am trying to right my wrongs before I join the ridiculously long list of depressive songs, that are only remember once you're gone. **** I guess this we should no longer prolong; You were the fool all along, another dead king, ain't that right Mr. Kong? Pity you're another soul counted alongside the tag-a-longs and those whose love was robbed.

Baby Cupid was who got killed for thinking I was stupid. Now I'm wandering into a mental zone: a wicked dessert of thoughts dryer than the bones that are left of both my friends and foes, reminding me that I'm completely and utterly alone. Placing reality on hold, as we try to postpone time in order to save our wary souls before we grow into someone so cold, yet we're no longer innocent as fresh snow. Let us crawl onto our fallen throne, and the peasants behold, King of the Unknown!

What had happened to Baby Cupid, you ask? He was killed for thinking I was completely stupid. Oh, don''t let the tear forming in your eye, because we know the saying "Real Men Never Cry", even when humanity words become vicious lies that they will so happily supply.  We stand our ground, ready to reply to our enemies and allies alike, that we are ready to die for Death is what we deify. We already said our goodbyes on this most beautiful of nights.

We are the Uncleaned
We are forever Unseen
Under the rule of the holy Thirteen
And in Death, we are forever Free
I'm not completely stupid, that why I killed Baby Cupid........
Deep within no man's land
There's ruins that still proudly stand
Of a kingdom that once was grand,
But entry is now forever banned
To this castle of the ******.

Demons echo throughout the halls,
Moonlight shining through the holes in the walls,
Pilers appearing just about ready to fall,
And hungrily waiting is a pack of wolves, ready to maul.

Vines outstretched over the skeletal remains of this castle
Is reminiscent of scars from his battles,
As animosities for his hassles
Became the weight of his shackles,

And as he sits there on the throne;
Counting seconds till this place becomes his gravestone,
And his sins might finally get atoned,
The smile of the Fool will slowly fade into the unknown.
Once we were suckers for pain,
We were imprisoned by the chains created by our once naive, weak brains. Tortured with images of our innocent actions, all of them apparently done in vain, as special mixture that could only be explained as demonic, was then injected directly into our veins. Those of us that didn't get to enjoy Death's sweet embrace, were driven mentally insane. Now we emerge from the Ninth Circle of Hell, deep within the endless abyss down below, a horrific shell of a Man, so broken and so hollow, replacing chances of better days with deep sorrows. For this World is so, so cold that it forces us to bet our only souls in this twisted game that that aren't even allowed to fold.

Why couldn't they let us be?
Why couldn't they let us live our worthless Life without such an indivisible fee? They concocted and twisted the bounds of this, once unscathed, reality so that all creatures, including humanity, could be nothing more than measly property controlled by a trivial paper currency. We are finally pushed to our brink.

Don't you consider it quite unique?
They laugh at us for wearing our colored rags, while covered completely in beautiful mink. Can't you see that we've been hoodwinked, as they spill our blood over the lands as easily as ink, and those "Relation" ships have begun to sink. Now we must attack before they have a chance to even think.

No longer is it time for pointless words and unless advise! We should no longer be their personal sacrifices for amusement or another batch of lab mice use for testing, but let's show Them this World's heart that they turned into ice. We may have stood in last place, because we were once too nice, but it's finally our turn to roll the dice. Our vengeance will be swift, and our strikes will be precise!
Hey you there!

I hope you don't mind vouchsafing some precious time to bestow a ******* reply to all my letters asking for the reason why constantly I devise plans to commit suicide? That I only smile nowadays to hide the fact that in this life, my happiness has been fully denied, and as I am tortured just like the Grand Titan Atlas, this suffering is based solely on my pride born from this wicked strife.

These False Prophets spreading poisonous lies of really being down for the ride, but once they escape my sight, they plot my demise. No longer will these tears fall from my eyes, and I stand even stronger though my back has been stabbed so many times that I had Excalibur fully revived from the knives left within my spine.

Using the blind as my guide in search for pieces of my heart so I can fully achieve peace of mind throughout this field of mines, and in the end, what has survived of my dying might over an eternity of miserable fights is forced to work the darkest of mines. Clawing my way to reach Heaven's merciful light, just to realized, it was only Hell's fire burning oh so bright. You see, the place where Angel's fly was never somewhere I used to fantasize about going to for I knew these Demons were ready to fry this pitiful mime’s soul just to quince their appetites, therefore when you get this, it'll be the final letter that'll confines the darkness kept deep inside intertwining with the words I write.

Oh God! Don't even try mimicking the skies as it begins to cry, because the casket I choose to lie in when I finally say my last “goodbye…” was built from every single alibi you gave me when these malicious evils began to materialize. It was YOU; I had relied upon to vaporize them at the appearance of their first signs, and my begging pleas, you would just undermine for they didn’t describe the delusions not seen in plain sight.

No there is no chance to rewind cause without me, you are reminded of the life that I had simplify. Now my ghost will haunt you as you walk the line, forcing you to be satisfied for your beautiful sacrifice forever lies in the dirt buried alive. May the Gods have mer-------You know what? Never mind! You deserve this Colombian Necktie that my rotting brain decided the dead should rise to ensure that you will die dangling in the night.

What a twisted little surprise, right? **** maybe I should just let loose my “Other” side.

— The End —