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Cristina Quebral Dec 2021
An extra dose of all the good stuffs that I had yesterday
A cake with extra sprinkles on top
A coffee with a dust of cinnamon
Or a hug that is a little bit tighter.
Yup! another quick rotation around the sun. My day.
Cristina Quebral Feb 2021
My mind is like a Sunday morning in a weekend farmer’s market. Alive, chaotic and beautiful.
Cristina Quebral Jul 2020
There is no fate in love only choice
Dont’t love me from afar
Don’t be the stars
Be its light
That moves in speed
And ends in every tip of me.
Cristina Quebral Jun 2020
I remember the rain
the feels
how I love it.

I remember that many rainy
afternoons with you
how I love it.

I remember you
how I’ve loved you.
Cristina Quebral Nov 2018
new moon tonight
please hear my wishes
may my intentions fluorish

new moon tonight
i seal my wishes
may what is mine nourish
From this part of the world, it is the time of the month. It’s time to start everything again. New chance, new hope, the beginning.
Cristina Quebral May 2018
This is the scent that holds my sadness and it smells so good.
Cristina Quebral Sep 2017
That day I cut my hair I felt nothing. I stare and stare at the mirror waiting for anything, for something, but nothing's came. It was empty. I was empty. I know I've felt this before over something or someone, but whatever the case maybe, I always run out of it like a child, barefooted, carried by the wind, light as a feather. Free.
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