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Cristina May 2019
Driving at 8
Rain pounding angainst the windshield
The wipers are off
Faster and faster
Pressing the gas pedal till it reachers the floor
Pills aren’t working I’m not even tired
The bridge is just over the hill
****, roads closed
**** it
Breaking through the closed signs
Sharp curve
Crushing metal
Cristina May 2019
Dear younger me I swear it gets better
Push the dark thoughts away and try to forget her
Dear younger me don’t drink the pain away
You shouldn’t be downing shots on a school day
Dear younger me stop taking handfuls of pills
There are other ways to satisfy those thrills
Dear younger me stop sneaking out at night
Take a deep breath it will be alright

Dear younger me those scars are permanent
It’s not worth it over an argument
Dear younger me stop skipping meals
It doesn’t feel good to be hungry, we know how that feels
Dear younger me don’t sleep all day
Get your *** up and write that essay
Dear younger me don’t give up
This is our only life, we don’t have a backup
Cristina Dec 2018
Behind your soft warm brown eyes
your soul is cold and jagged
Underneath your perfect blonde hair
Your brain is cruel and unforgiving
Under your snug flannel
Your heart is rock hard and freezing
Cristina Oct 2018
Sitting slumped over in a warm pool of red
While the thought of leaving you swirls in my head
I start to feel sleepy and softly blow bubbles
I start to remember all of my troubles
My reasons to go are stronger than our love
I love you so much it kills me to go
Cristina Oct 2018
liquid courage
Burning throats
The smokey taste of cigarettes on our tounges
This summer fling has obviously flung
Drunk and filled with love
Your heart fits mine like a glove
But with your hangover tomorrow
You will start to weep with sorrow
I was a drunk mistake
And my stone cold heart that was warmed starts to break
Cristina Oct 2018
Crisp leaves under me
The smell of pumpkin candles
Autumn is now here
Cristina Oct 2018
Your soft kisses on my forehead give me butterflies
Your smile leaves me breathless
Your kisses leave me senseless
Soft traces of your fingertips
And firm hands hold on to my grip

Your scent lingers for hours
Your hugs leave me weightless
Your love leaves me ageless
Soft kisses on my neck
And firm embraces hold me tight

— The End —