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Sol Feb 20
I’m on my knees
My eyes burn
My arms are weak
And my head is low
If something would raise me up
I would worship it
But what can raise a broken spirit
A crippled stallion
A fading soul
Sol Feb 2
How sad
For the glistening eyes
To darken by the crippled mind
How tragic
For the burning spirit
To fade away
By the crumbling body
Mors vincit omnia.
Sol Jan 29
Many moons ago
My wings were clipped
So I made a home for myself on the ground
And wake up every morning
To watch my old family fly on without me
Hello metaphors, meet my depression.
Sol Jan 28
Give me your hand
And feel my pulse against your palm
My heart is beating for you
So stay with me
Make a home in my bloodstream
I’ll keep you warm
I’ll fill you up
Sol Jan 27
Love fades like the summer breeze
A seasonal happening
Grasp it if you must
But don’t cry when it liquifies
And slips through your fingers

Love fades like the summer breeze
And you are but a witness
Sol Jan 26
I’ve learned more in the dark
Than I ever did in the light
Here in the depths of my being
I’ve felt things that border on the supernatural
I’ve had epiphanies that have blinded the corridors of my mind
Making everything clear

I swim in these waters of despair
With the most gruesome manifestations of my pain
And yet
I still feel a ferocious heartbeat
With an undying love
An immortal flame
Keeping me alive
Sol Jan 25
As long as I draw breath
Love will be present in me
Boiling my blood
Piercing my eyes
Lighting my skin
And burning my heart
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