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Jana Rosinska Jun 2019
Every poet has dreamt
of this moment
since the beginning of time.
Though, unlike them,
I have not come to ponder
and pursue shadows.
Instead at the alter of the cosmos,
I’ll teach the beasts to dance
and make love to the galaxy.

All witchcraft & madness
and soft deadly kisses.
What I mean to say is;
In the cruel heart of winter
you will find me
alone on the cold balcony,
choosing the universe over man,
like Eve did before me.

It’s not only the Deities of Death
whom love apples..
I’ll sink these incisors
into anything forbidden,
anything at all.
Jana Rosinska May 2019
Lena, I promise you they’re not as sweet as you think. Sugar wouldn’t melt on my tongue.

Did you know, Poison Ivy used to **** people with her kisses?..
Don’t tell my father, but Maybe, just maybe I do the same?
I’m sorry, Lena I’m so, so sorry... I don’t mean to be icy,
but I see that my breath on your skin gives you chills. And your arresting hazel eyes, well,
they just stare at that forbidden place don’t they? Are girls even allowed to kiss?

Lena, your hands move my night gown so softly across my skin. & I let you kiss me everywhere,
just not the rose petals upon my mouth. I promise you don’t want to touch me there, please,
I destroy everyone they touch.

I see you bite your lip
and it’s the sweetest cry of rebellion.
Maybe one day when the stars aren’t so perfect,
then you & I will be.

Jana Rosinska May 2019
I lied.
I lied and said I didn’t care
I said I had no feelings for you.
I thought you had no impact.
I was cold. Chilly like a winters evening. My breath fogging as I twisted the knife.
You went to her, you did.
You said you didn’t sleep with her, but she cried that you did.

And when I met her, her eyes were blazing ambers. If they were lasers they’d tear right through me, my unsuspecting flesh searing in front of you at the dinner table.
Tonight I didn’t know why she hated me. You let me show up, and you sat next to me, and she loudly hated everything about me.

She was bad to me. A rotten core and worms burrowing through her meat.
There aren’t many situations where I feel innocent- we know the solution to all my problems is to blame myself.
But it was you. You. Let her.

I want to tie a message to your wrist saying “don’t do it”, so maybe you’ll look down and think to stop hurting everyone around you. You might read it and decide not to run to me and tell me you love me.

I want to stand in front of you and point to my chest and say “you’re not welcome here anymore”.. but I never let you in in the first place.
I should’ve admitted I loved you, and you shouldn’t have lied to me about sleeping with other women.

Smoking in the ambers from her eyes, we catch fire on the other side of the table. I bite my tongue and swallow down my screaming, you’re shaking as you try and smile through the pain.

You whisper ‘I love you’.
& We are alight, burning hair, burning clothes, burning hearts, burning lies.
I’ll turn to ash and cinders before a reply leaves my lips.
I’m dying, & I won’t say it.
Jana Rosinska Mar 2019
He pours his heart out
& I really wish I could,
but I wouldn’t know how to make love
to you
even if you asked me to,
even if I wanted to.
How do you program your own nature? How do you program your own need?
What I mean to say is,
This is impossible for me.
(I’m gay. I’m gay. It’s not a choice)
Jana Rosinska Feb 2019
Put my hair up in pastel ribbons, and give me your honey-eyed Eskimo kisses.
Baby girl, I’ll be the kitty who lets you drag her around by the tail, and lick your soft cheeks when you cry.
Make silly demands and watch me roll my eyes, and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of.
I’m a heliotrope and you are the sun, yes.
Your sugar plum lips make me bloom into you. Watch me get drunk on the air you breathe out. I love you, I love you, oh sweetness, I love.
Jana Rosinska Jan 2019
Make no mistake;
My mother wanted to raise a wolf.
And just as the bone-white moon rises,
into the possessive arms of night;
I was pulled from between her legs,
and into her screaming embrace.
First thing she taught me was to bare my teeth;
I rose to womanhood howling.

— The End —