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Scarlet A Jul 15
You and I exist in summers only
We were made for
Sunny days and long nights
Endless laughter and play fights
Not dreary mondays and monotonous nights
Or difficult decisions and big fights
We exist in road trips and little blips
In the holes of reality that don't last very long
Only in summers we belong
Scarlet A Jul 14
You and I exist in summers only
Scarlet A Jan 18
We came here as strangers
And left as friends
Only to come back
As strangers once again
  Jan 15 Scarlet A
I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
  Jan 15 Scarlet A
I can’t decide
if I’m comforted by the fact
that every thought  
I’ve ever had
has probably been had

And I don’t know
which is worse
That we are, perhaps
not special at all
Or that we incredibly,
June 21, 2019
Scarlet A Jan 15
Your single flaw
Is the embodiment of my only fear
Scarlet A Jan 15
I walked away
I turned around
And still
I keep running right back
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